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Bush to Make Statement on Financial Crisis in the Morning - Will He Use Executive Powers?

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 11:56 PM
I think it's just more fear mongering.

I don't think it's quite as bad as everyone is led to believe by the MSM, and the Govt'.

Actually I think alot of it is contrived for a purpose.

Everyone is being led to believe that "this plan" is the only answer.

Well, it's not, and here is one of the most sound examples offered so far.

Watch the videos and read the options offered which have already been faxed to most all in both houses.

Which by the way are backed by over 200 REAL economists.

Don't be fooled by mass manipulation.

make your voice heard.

Later,...... Ausable_Bill

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 12:15 AM
The Illuminati and Masons and other secret societies are doing this. They are lead by SATAN himself people. In the morning George Bush probably will declare marshall law. And if so, this is going to be hard on Christian soldiers every where.

The Illuminati and other societies have created this mess so they have more control over us. And they are setting up the world for the coming Anti Christ, none other than Prince William(the body that Satan will dwell in).

Why have we not heard much from the British Royal Family? Because they know what is up. Princess Diana was killed because she knew that the British Royal Family was using her to birth Prince William as the anti christ, cloned image of Jesus Christ.



The world's economic collapse and this digital signal that is coming is getting things ready for the coming anti christ(Prince William), the NAU, the AMERO, the EURO, NWO, ONE WORLD RELIGION, FALSE PROPHET.

Satan's master plan for the world's soul is being birthed right now as we speak.


posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 12:26 AM
NO pity for anyone who ignored the warnings from people, and actively attacked the people who warned you. If you got caught with your pants down, then it's because YOU weren't paying attention. It's because YOU were more interested in playing politics for your own personal gains rather than being honest about the things going on.

You are the one to blame for your current situation. And YOU have dragged the rest of the country down with you. If you were out too busy shopping and worrying about American Idol, then it's YOUR fault this is happening.

Just because you are only starting to feel it today, MANY Americans have been feeling it for years. As their wealth has been constantly been transfered from the poor to the rich.

I hope it all comes crashing down. And it has nothing to do with if you are losing your retirement or anything else. It's because it's a BAD SYSTEM we have been living under, and I am hopeful that we can get it fixed.

Meanwhile some of you continued to defend the system. Why? Because YOU were profiting from it. YOU didn't care what was right or wrong, you only cared about YOUR comfort and lifestyle.

Yeah I said it. Cry about your retirement all you want. I feel no pity for you.

Why am I not surprised that these same kind of people are now wanting to blame everyone else for their situation? Why I am not surprised that these same people FAIL to realize that everyone in this country is going through it?

Sure, the profits on my company are dropping. And the companies I get the majority of my money from are hurting bad. I get my money from the Auto Industry. The #1 Chevy dealer in the world filed Chapter 11 today. And it's going to hurt me, but GOOD.

Rather than crying and getting mad at the people WHO TOLD YOU it was going to happen, maybe you outta be a man, suck it up and say - yeah, you were right - Now what do we do in order to fix this mess. So that MAYBE we can get out of this mess with a system that doesn't operate on debt and is an honest system.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 12:58 AM
Assuming for a moment that he does make an executive order passing the bill since Congress failed to do so (and I do not believe that's what tomorrow is about... I think a "The important thing for everyone to do is remain calm, your money is safe in whatever bank you have it in, the FDIC insures... yadda, yadda, yadda" statement is far more probable) but if he did do it via an executive order, it wouldn't be overturned. There's a ridiculously huge difference between a slim margin of congressional representatives not wanting the blood on their hands and casting a "nay" vote and the same congressmen truly bloodying their hands and over-riding an executive order.

Let's be realistic here, the plan from the beginning may have been to have Bush, an already unpopular exiting president, be the "bad guy" and congress barely not pass the bill only to have Bush swoop down and take the bullet for everyone on both sides by passing it under presidential decree. If he does that, the congressional reps who voted for the bill can feign shock and shake their fists at Bush, directing the public's anger away from them and towards Bush and the reps who voted against the bill can feign outrage and both sides can basically go about their business pretending they don't believe there's enough support to override the order.

The talk of martial law, suspension of the Constitution, even shutting down the markets is ridiculous, though. If they wanted to shut down the market, they'd do it via the circuit breakers or via a direct attack on Wall Street (think crazy Wall Street banker with C4 strapped to his chest taking out half the exchange building.) If they wanted martial law, it would almost certainly be preceeded by something of far greater magnitude than an 800 point drop in the market.

It's lots of fun to speculate, but the fact of the matter is it's also a waste of time & energy at this point. The truth of the situation is this isn't anywhere close to the economic "Armageddon" that was promised by Paulson if the bill failed... if it was, Congress wouldn't have recessed for 2 days, Jewish holiday or not. In fact, if martial law, market collapse, or even suspension of the Constitution was planned, I don't believe Congress would be anywhere other than safely inside bunkers underneath the District.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 01:33 AM
(as I don't see anything this nailed down on this event anywhere in the thread yet) 20Make%20Statement%20On%20Econ%20Rescue%20Plan%20Tuesday%207:45%20AM%20EDT

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- U.S. President George W. Bush will make a statement Tuesday morning on his administration's response to the crisis in financial markets.

The statement will come a day after the House dealt a blow to the White House's hopes to implement a $700 billion rescue package. The plan was rejected in a bipartisan vote, sending stock markets plummeting and forcing the administration to resume negotiations on a way forward.

The White House said the statement will be at 7:45 a.m. EDT (1145 GMT).

After the House vote Monday, the administration said it will continue working to ensure the market crisis doesn't provoke further damage to the broader economy.

So... by the time I get up for work at 5 AM Pacific time, hopefully he'll have made whatever statement he's planning and I can see the gist of it on the news. If I get up and he's still talking after 15 minutes, I may worry a little more than I'm letting on here. If I oversleep by an hour and discover he's still talking when I get up, then I'll start fasting, praying, and of course, repenting.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 01:42 AM
reply to post by badmedia

Wow, spoken with such 'passion'. I'll be the guy walking on the 'other' side of the boardwalk.

We all feel the pain and are expecting much worse.

Even my oil stocks are down....but not for long cause good ole Rothschild gonna swing another false flag operation or create another supply crisis right on time. I always try to follow da man...what he do...I jump too only you all technically work for him since that income tax goes straight into HIS and his stooges didn't really think it went to fixing roads, healthcare and maybe some toys for tots? I'm so sorry to disappoint all of you media darlings....we're so happy to oblige...well it was fun to dream wasn't it.

Dream another dream on me...people do it all the time....only they never realized how miserable it is to be talked about all the time by the Jones' walk in hear everything everyone sais about you with my hidden cameras and audio devices....James Bond was the hero I gave you only we never expected you to really win in the end...its fun to watch the slaves work and trifle makes me feel important in my empty world of marble and gold....its all drab....and sometimes I need a little encouragement like another trajedy...wonder what Mossad's up to right now....hmmm CIA too much in spotlight....FBI too busy with all my other BS operations....perfect timing for another 'distraction'. Let's see....hmmm...who do I owe a favor to...oh thats it....whats his name...the guy with the funny hat...yeah that guy...he's up.

Save the new $1 dollar bills...they'll be a relic in the future monetary museum along with all the other 'retired' currencies. Banker "BIG BOY" is not satisfied till he robs the soul of every man and woman like a sucking chest wound which never heals.

Hiel to your chiefs duchebag surfs....there will be no answers....the truth is on a need to know basis and you....well....your too damn nosy....just who are YOU anyhow? You havn't ran things in over 200 years dare you question my motives....what we're up to is none of your business losers.....oh yeah they didn't teach you that the one who controls a country's currency supply unconstitutionally rules your roost?

Oh, we must have left that out of the economics 101 curricula...we'll speedily adjust for the times....your new found 'freedoms' ....well keep n dreaming people....cause when you signed on as a citizen you signed over your sovereignty to the state. You didn't know that one?.....oh guess I must have ommitted yet another piece of history.....oh that was Daddy did that one.

Sure, we stole Trillions over the past 8 years but thats our business....we've been doing it since the late 1700's and NOW you want to complain. Sorry folks, but we literally own the supply of the worlds commodities....all categories of importance....minus the lil piggy operations....we don't like pork....pork are for pigs.....was that a lil piggy crossing the street....or was that my darling neighbor going to make a swift deposit in her protected shell account concealing her identity....she's bashful I guess....and fancy as well...she even keeps her account in exotic a silly lil gerbel before the 'frost'.

The games up banksters. You've been exposed. It's time to meet the people. I understand they won't be buying lunch but rather taking yours?
The people make the lunch just show up.

Show and tale anyone....or will it be tell? We've had the shows and their darn entertaining though we want the substance.. If you don't come clean, the ant-people are going to be all over the place...looking for their lunch....and they'll be right on time.

Nothing wrong with some humor people. Anyone feel things are going to Sh_t in a handbasket tomorrow

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 02:05 AM
Hey so the media is a little weird about this statement.
I google-newsed 'Bush Statement Tomorrow' and the 3rd entry mentions that he is going to address the nation tomorrow but upon clicking on it you get a 404/page not found error.

Weird...and probably bad.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 02:36 AM
I don't recall anyone declaring that "Bush WILL declare martial law"
I only hear people worrying about the possibility.

Secondly, I will just come right out and sayh it... YES I think it is funny that there were soooo many people who would not listen to what people were trying to tell them and now they are losing everything. Fir the people who had no warning, I find it rather sad. I have NO sympathy for those who were warned and did nothing but ridicule and defend the system.

I will feel the same when full disclosure about alien contact is made, when we find out the truth about the Kennedy assasination, when we are all in prison camps, etc. I will be the first in line laughing my A$$ off saying "I told you so"!!!!
I may be marching to the gas chambers too but I WILL have the last laugh. I will find a way to utter "I told you so" as I am inhaling the precious gas into my lungs.

Now, none of this would be necessary if the people that I and many others are trying to tell, would just wake the F**K UP!!!!!
But alas, it is much more comfy living in a fairy tale world full of lollypops,hopscotch,rainbows,candycanes,and midgets riding tri-cycles.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 02:40 AM
reply to post by cbass

little people.... little people... not midgets. sheesh

Sometimes I feel the same as you. Part of me feels that way now. Let's just pull the plug and get on with it. I would rather it all fall apart tomorrow and start living that reality than deal with this slow burn watching everything slowly crumble all the while being lied to and told that everything is hunky dorey.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 02:40 AM
bush changes continuity of government to include just this situation.

republicans nix bill that creates hysteria on wall street(create the problem)

congress announces martial law(instill the fear)

congress goes on holiday,during worst crisis since 1929(leave an opening)

bush addresses nation tomorrow morning(use the panic)

false flag comes off with no casualties except our money,election cancelled,bush stays in office with the people that nixed it.(create the solution,total control AND,nobody has to look for a job after 8 years of destroying a country.)

and a quote comes to mind..."a dictatorship would be great,as long as i am the dictator."george w bush.
after trent frank's rant about iran attacking the US,frankly(pun intended), i am a little scared
call me crazy,but i have been following this for a few years now, and i cant believe these are coincidences
what really scares me is that the only answer to this is obvious,and not one politician has uttered the words,except ron paul...
a president you may remember wrote an executive order,i believe it was 11110,that gave us the power to create our own money,backed by metal. remember silver certificates?

kennedy creates 4.7 billion in silver certificates(real US currency,not fed notes)
6 months later
kennedy assinated
6 months later
silver certificates are not redeemable for silver.
this executive order to circumvent the federal reserve,has never been repealed or changed.this means the US government has the power to fix this by issuing real ,gold or silver backed currency. so whats the holdup?

if they had passed the first draft of this bailout, it would have given the federal reserve the right to control which businesses were allowed to far will they let the fed take us?
if they bail us out with 700 billion dollars,they will own us forever. as it stands right now,not one red cent of your income tax goes back to services or the infrastructure of this country. it goes directly to the federal reserve,to pay the intrest on the money they creatd from nothing,and lent to the united states. WAKE UP AMERICA...TIME TO DEFEND YOUR CONSTITUTION OR LIVE AS SLAVES FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.
this was a no win situation for main street from the beginning.
i would sure like to see congress's trading portfolios for the last month. i'll bet that would tell a story

sell high,kill the market,buy back low, and triple your money. its an old story.

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by Gools

Hmm just when I was starting to get a little sleepy here I open this thread! haha thanks alot Gools!!

So Bush could over turn the vote then huh?

So Bush has the power to say," This would be a heck of alot easier if this where a dictatorship! Just as long as Im the dictartor!"
And then he over turns the bill and it passes.. Reguardless of what was voted upon..

This makes me sick to my stomach.. And not because I fear a crash.
But many other reasons.
Some of us out here have NOTHING to lose to begin with.
Some of us have a place to live.. A computer, and the clothes in our bags.
Times have been tuff all my life.. And now people are saying times are about to get tuff.. Please... Times have always been tuff.
But atleast we have had the the illusion of freedom!

And Bush could take that illusion away and make people see the truth to whats going on..
Maybe its about time he comes out of the closet.
"Im here and I love DICtatorship !!!" says Bush..

Come on Bush we all know it.. HE seems to be the only one who wont admit it freely that he is a Fascist!

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 04:03 AM
Hmmm, not sure what he can say, or do, really - everyone was expecting the European markets to open badly this morning and after an initial dip the FTSE is actually up 0.14%.

It isn't stopping the MSM doom squad from repeating over and over again that this credit quake is going to be bad, bad, bad. Well from out of my window everyone seems to be going about their normal business and the world didn't end whilst I slept.

Although not strictly on topic I'd like to add that our bank (in Spain) has told us that if we don't put some money in a savings account then they MAY have to cancel our credit card!? I should add that the card has to be paid off in full at the end of each month and there's never been any problem with us doing that so why try holding us to ransom on it? Anyone else's bank making unusual demands/requests or is it just us?

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 04:13 AM
Australia's economy is in NO WAY as bad a state as the US. Our interest rates are at 7%, economy is growing and is considered one of the STRONGEST ECONOMIC PERFORMERS in the developed world. Our 4 biggest banks are amongst the top 20 AA rated banks in the WORLD. An unemployment is at all time low levels. Basically you can not say that based on the share market situation in Australia that the country is going through the same as the US. Our ocnomyu is fundementally STRONGER then the US. Our "foreclosure' rates are at 1% cojpared to the US at 15%..... No worries down under here at all mate...I feel for the USA though.. Greed always does that to you

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 04:17 AM
My first though said, "wellll let's hope for the best, maybe he'll just try to urge Congress to re-vote and go for it!" buuuuuuuuuuuut then his history came to mind.

I think that it's likely the worst part will go something like, "I believe that this plan will help our failing economy. Through this decision we will, in time, find ourselves in a new light. Because of this I have decided to override Congress' decision, as Commander In Chief through an Executive Order, to pass this Economic Bail-Out Plan."

or something similar.

Which is another way of saying:

WE. ARE. F****D!

...i hope thats not a t&c........even though i censored.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 04:28 AM
I think the Bush will try to appeal to the public, especially since it was the public sentiment that stopped the bill. By now he well knows that constituent pressure stopped the bill from passing, so I expect him to be honest with the people about the ramifications of not passing a bill immediately after congress reconvenes after the Jewish Holiday.

I would not be surprised if I heard Bush order a "Bank Holiday" that closes the banks to stop any "runs" on them.

I fully expect the words, grave emergency, unprecedented, catastrophe, danger, etc. to be used frequently in his address, he knows he need to strike fear into the hearts of average Americans.

The timing is critical too, he wants to catch people before they go to work, before the markets open (which may have trading suspended for 48 hours too, but that would only hurt us and the world even more).

I also expect very empty promises that investigations will commence after the liquidity crisis is resolved and those responsible will be brought to justice (never happen).

Martial Law? not yet, we would need rioting and looting or another Reichstag fire event to justify that. SO be alert for another "terrorist" attack, I don't put it past "them".

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 04:45 AM
... and we'll all just wait until martial law IS declared and the stormtroopers come lockstepping down our streets in order to do anything whatsoever.

I didn't take into consideration that a morning address would influence financial markets, so maybe I was immediately worried for a knee jerk reason... BUT the fact still remains that people keep being completely and irrationally ignorant and in denial of the fact that they have lost all control and are now little guinea pigs in the elite game of world dominion... like nothing but figures in a "real life" Sim World game. Let's cause a collapse, and see what happens. Let's cause a flood, see what happens. Let's cause a couple of hurricanes, see what happens. Let's unleash Godzilla on Tokyo, see what happens. Let's start a nuclear war just for the pure havoc of it all... see what happens. It's just a game, after all. Why would those who are fond of making games where the objective is mass genocide give a crap about what opposition in Congress thinks? The Empire can dissolve congress when it is of no use to them anymore, thanking them for their part in the hilarious illusion of free choice which benefitted the game rigers for so long, but politely telling them that they'd better get their ticket to a D.U.M.B. real soon or suffer with the rest of the savages because they are planning on activating the "apocalypse scenario" from the disaster menu.

Bush and congress don't call the shots. The ones with the gold make the rules, and they can break and change the rules at their whim.... just pull a few strings... get the gears in motion. They can drop a country at the drop of a hat. What the people don't see can hurt them as much as the unseen like, and the "sheep" will not be able to point a finger or strike back.

Anything is possible. Do not be surprised what could happen tomorrow or a week from now or in the coming few years. It's all up in the air. Don't you dare say we're dim-witted for toying with the notions presented here.
I'm going to control myself here, because comments like that make my slapping hand very anxious to react... but I know I don't have to slap you.

Because ignorance is always rewarded with a giant karmic backhand.

GET READY, ignorant know-it-alls. Slap yoursef really hard a few times, hell maybe take a day off and just spend that day punching yourself as hard as you possibly can in the face while murdering your favorite puppies just so you can feel the pain, because if you don't see it coming, the shock will make it hurt so much more. I will hold your blessed yet misguided souls in my prayers.

If one of our beloved soldiers steps one foot in my house or on my property, I'll show my appreciation for the men in uniform by smashing their head open with my louisville slugger... trained killers have no business being used to police civilians, and I intend to show them how I feel about that if they be so misguided as to think they have any business following orders to invade my happy little slice of existence to impose orders on me or my family or my neighbors.

Peace can wait if martial law is declared. I'm so sick and tired of people "just doing their job" while the world dies around me.

Most likely no martial law tomorrow, though... I'd think they'd try to confiscate guns and the likes before they announce such a thing, come to think of it.

but get your sticks and stones ready just in case.

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 04:49 AM
We are talking about the man who calls himself "The Decider". IF he uses an executive order to overturn the vote what do we do about it? What will congress do about it? I really don't believe even Bush would be foolish enough to do this knowing full well how many Americans are opposed to it. Hopefully all we see is some whining to us about how this bill needs to be put into action immediately.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 05:37 AM
There is a precedent that would be similar to what he would be trying to do if he were to attempt the use of Executive Order on this situation (and I don't think it is unreasonable based on his addiction to the executive order).

Harry Truman tried to nationalize the steel mills with Executive Order 10340 in the 50's. The order was deemed unconstitutional because it was interpreted by the Supreme Court to be "making new law"...which of course the President can't do...he can only execute existing laws.

The decision by the Supreme Court was based on the fact President Truman's actions basically constituted a "taking" of private property. So what does this mean for us taxpayers? Well, to avoid this decision by the Supreme Court President Bush would have to move the position of a "strings free" bail-out basically. There would be no "taking"...just a hell of a lot of giving.

I'm going to see if I can find any other cases that would shine more light on whether this would be constitutional or not.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 05:42 AM
reply to post by Valhall

I'm going to see if I can find any other cases that would shine more light on whether this would be constitutional or not.

Since when does this administration care about constitutionality? I don't really see that being a roadblock on this issue.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 05:49 AM
True...I forgot that part.

BUT, even if he attempts an Executive Order the Congress still has to fund the order. And unlike his false war, he has no "powers of wartime" behind him on this one. So, his executive order has no meat until Congress allocates funds for it.

His dictatorial abuse of the executive order may have just ran into a big phat constitutional wall. He can't allocate funds.

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