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Ford Mustang! check this out...

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posted on Mar, 23 2004 @ 04:53 PM
I just got a 1979 Ford Mustang. It's screamin' orange, one dent in the passenger side door, 98% rust free, interior is damn near perfect. All it needs is a clutch cable & water temp guage, then the usual "just bught a used car" stuff, ie: oil change, plugs, wires, rotor, cap, & air filter.

It's a base model with the Cobra engine option ( 2.3 Liter I4 Turbo, rated at 143 Bhp, 150 Bhp if you take the belt off the fresh air pump ), 4 speed manual tranny, & Cobra suspension package. Bad thing is the cobra suspension was designed around an experimental tire that was discontinued in 81. But, no biggie, even with differant tires, the suspension works at 90% effciency.

The friend I got it off of ended up getting the title voided on him before he could get legal ownership, so basicly, the car hasn't been owned via a title in 10 years and has sat the better part of 12 - 13 years. Hence why it only has 81,000 original miles and why I got it so cheap. It's a massive headache to get a new title when the previous one was voided and the last owner on the title wont help you out in NJ. certified letter to the owner stating you are activly looking for the title, certified owner to the county sheriff stating the same, ad in a county circulated newspaper with car info stating same and contact information, etc...

But still....the car is SO worth it. not to mention, I havent had a manual tranny is so damn long, lol.

Those who know me, keep in mind, the 79' Firebird is not going to be sold or junked. I'm only getting this Stang so i have a car to drive while i save up for a new motor, suspension parts, and body panels for it....Vive Le Firebird!!!

posted on Mar, 23 2004 @ 08:36 PM
Ray: Everyone can relax, I found the car! Needs some suspension work, and shocks... uh... brakes... pads, lining, steering box, ignition, rear end...

Peter: How much?

Ray: Only $4,800. Maybe new rings... also mufflers, a little wiring...


Just kidding, of course.... good luck fixing her up, sounds like a sweet find

My friend had an excellent Chevelle in perfect condition up until a few months ago... the interior was totally destroyed in a garage fire, and as soon as he got that fixed up, some moron friend of his father's drove it through the garage wall...

It's a perpetual work in progress, I guess.

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