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Was the holocaust a fake ?

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 04:06 PM
how can you honestly post a bulliten asking if the holocaust really happened? that must be a joke or since you posted it at like 4 in the morning im just guessing you were just completly delusional. but if you still dont believe for sure that it really happened go to google and search holocaust under the photos section and take a look at 6 million starving and tortured jewish and various other europeans.

try renting a brain next time before you ask questions that are nothing more than a waste of time...

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 02:43 PM
Hell during the time period of the Holocaust there wasn't 6 million Jews in Germany this is the greatest Hoax in world History by the Illuminati which overall goal is to use reparations from around the world to build the infrastructure of the evil empire of Israel based on a hoax.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 04:25 PM

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:07 PM

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 03:43 AM

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 03:49 PM
I have been a huge history buff over the holocaust and have always been discusted with it's events, but recently i've come to be in seriousl questioning of its actual happenings. It truely does look like a cover up for so much bigger...Yes i know there were milliions of bodies...and camps but do we honestly know the reasons for these things. Or were we told hitlers reasons. And i do believe the military were on a need to know basis as i dont think asking a vet would do more than graphicly detail his visuals. And yes i've spoken with one. Why did we bomb 2 non military cities with the deadliest known to man..and i know about pearl harbor...but it seems to cowardly of us. What was trying to be whiped out and maybe spred into europe? I know the deaths are real..theres no denying it was a holocaust but what were the actual reasons...and what it the Nazi party are were they just the fall guys? Dont hate..think about it

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 03:07 AM
Two words; 'David Cole'

He's a jewish man who researched and produced a documentary outlining some of the biggest lies perpetrated by world 'history' regarding the 'holocaust'.

The holocaust is a movie business industry, not real history. It's a very manipulative way to garner sympathy for some of the same people who have, for thousands of years, robbed there host populaces.

Look recently at Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Marty Siegel, Dennis Levine, and the insider-trading scandal. Look at Bernie Madoff. These are people who make up a tiny part of the US population yet the majority of large scale white collar crime, the kind that ruins entire nations.

Yes, people died, but in gas chambers? I think not. The supposed 'gassing chambers' were used to keep captives healthy by delousing.

Watch David Coles documentary. If you're open minded (which a lot of people in this thread obviously aren't), you'll rethink what you've been taught. While you're at it, check out orthodox jews who are against zionism.

Some of you need to stop shoving popcorn in your mouths, watching 'Shindler's List', and step back a little look at reality, that is if your attention spans can be bothered.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 02:42 PM
150.000 Jews served in the Wehrmacht.
500.000 Jews lived 1933 in Germany.
1940 1,5 Million Jews lived in the third Reich.
KZs really exists.
People died in there.
Auschwitz is existing since 1900.
In war many people escape.
I know people from this time.
Only the winners in a war writes the history.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by Lupe_101
i think you are crazy!!!
the holocaust did happen there is no way that someone could FAKe something like that!!!

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