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Neo-Creationism... the "Other" Christianity

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 01:26 PM
I know it sounds weird but I've been a firm believer in this religion for quite some time. Basically Neo-Creationism teaches that certain "truths" of science were in fact influenced by God. (e.g. God did not create the universe but he did cause the 'big bang')

So here's the gist of it...

For one thing, all of the texts in the bible are still widely practiced, only now, there are other books or "gospels" that were not in the original bible. These are also added to the bible (although it is thought the original writings are locked in a safe somewhere in the Vatican). Some of these texts include gospels and teachings given by Jesus, Noah, and many other biblical characters whose stories were told from another man's point of view. The Neo-Creationist bible (although hard to find) is actually easier to understand and not so cryptic in its writing. It makes it very straight forward in knowing "God says this" from just trying to guess. The Christian bible is hard to understand because of how much writing is missing from it.

Next, there are some differences between regular Christianity and Neo- Creationism. Neo-Creationism teaches that there are several truths not being taken by the Christian faith. Many of these are so "out there" it's pretty obvious why they were left out, but I believe them nonetheless.

1. Jesus did not die on the cross. (WOW! I should be killed for saying this) He made it appear that he was dead, being that he was sent from Heaven to teach the word of God, he was immortal and simply stopped breathing to give the appearance that he was dead. As for the Ascention and the rock that supposedly closed him in his tomb there are no definite beliefs about how he escaped his temporary prison.

2. God isn't the only one hearing your prayers. 90% of the time he/she doesn't even listen. There is a council of 144,000 angels in Heaven who listen to a majority of the prayers we make. Your "thanks for this food" and watch over me when I sleep" prayers are usually never heard by the big guy. God answers prayers where miracles are needed, so if you crash your car in the middle of nowhere and you're slowly bleeding to death, he/she's got your back; but if you just want him/her to send you a little luck on your science midterm you're probably going to be heard by someone else.

3. God is an elected office in Heaven. Like being president here on Earth, you can be God when you get to Heaven. To do so you have to be part of the council of 144,000 but you still have a chance once you get there.

4. Heaven and Hell have 3 levels. In heaven you have your basic spirit world after death, when you've been a good soul but not good enough to warrant Saintship you go the the spirit world to become a Guide and earn your wings before going to Heaven. The second level is Guardian Angels, all angels must be Guardians before being eligible to join the 3rd level; which is having a seat on the council of 144,000.
The 3 levels of Hell are different, first is what you may call Purgatory (in Neo-Creationism this place has no name) you're there for a little while and then kicked back to Earth for another try at going to Heaven. Next is what is regularly considered Heaven to the Satanists, they get to help punish the spirits of the damned in the 3rd level... HELL... which is the land of fire, brimstone, and eternal punishment.

Those are the basics... you asked me to place my beliefs on the table so here they are. For you devouts, you understand why I'm so uncertain about telling everything after reading what beliefs I have and why they're so different.


posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by CrusaderOne

so how did you come by this thought?

just for starters though if the big bang made the universe but God nmade the big bang happen then surely God created it.



posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 12:20 PM
To be 100% honest it was happened upon on a web search a few years ago, before that, I practiced Neo-Creationism as a person who sought to believe in both his Christian background and the science that said that Christianity had it all wrong. It wasn't until I copied an email sent to me from an anonymous preacher in southern Florida that I happened upon Neo-Creationism the real religion. The website for this religion has since been closed down after a loss of funding caused them to close it. And as far as I know, outside of that site, there are no others which make reference to this religion. Sure maybe right now you're reading this and thinking to yourself "This wack job made it up" but I assure you that this is not true.

I have the booklet inside which I copied the entire Neo-Creationist belief system into its pages from my email from the anonymous Pastor X. Before that date I never went to church, mostly because the current Christian church denies all parts of the Neo-Creationist faith and prefers to go on the "fairy tale" like presentation of the major biblical events (a main reason why I state myself as not Christian). The booklet is not with me at this time but I will copy the main stays of the NC faith into this thread at a later date if there is interest in its system displayed by the users here on BTS.

I hope I'm helping broaden the religious horizons of all users.

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