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Hollywood making history

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 02:55 AM
Here are some typical disinfo made by Hollywood:

Hollywood wants you to think that G. A. Custer on his death bed wrote a letter in which he defends the rights of the native americans.
This never happened.

In this movie by Warner Brothers, Stalin is shown as a good, righteous and loving leader over a happy and healthy country. All the oppression done by the red army and the communist goverment are excused.

BATAAN (1943)
In this movie, military units with mixed ethnical members are shown. During this time no such units existed.

Errol Flynn and the american army are in this movie the ones who by themselves drove the japanese out of Burma. The effort done by the brittish, australian and new zealand military are not even mentioned. Sir Winston Churchill became outraged over this and forbade the movie in the UK until 1952 and it was then followed by an excuse.
(The brits, however, did have their revenge in the movie SINK THE BISMARCK! (1960) where the brittish navy singelhandedly finds and sinks the Bismarck. In reality, the german battle cruiser was first spotted by the american air force. In a strange twist of modesty, the film contains brittish ships being sunk that weren't even hit during this phase of the war and several torpedo planes of the type Typhoon are being shot down even though all of them returned with no casualties.)

U-571 (2000)
In this modern classic, it is told that the american navy first laid their hands on the infamous Enigma encryption machine even though it was captured by the brits as early as 1941 when the US hadn't even joined the war yet.

Here you can see how the english shoves hundereds of women and children into a church building and thereafter setting it on fire.
Such an atrocity never took place during the entire civil war. Instead, this act of extreme cruelty was taken from an occurance that was done by the nazis in the french village of Oradour-sur-Glane 1944.

Add your own observations to this list. I think it is absolutely disgusting that Hollywood takes no responsibility for this disinfo. They must be perfectly aware of that people tend to take historical movies for facts and remember them much more accurate than what they heard in some class room...

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 11:13 AM
300 is riddled with inacuracies...

Although Mayans did occasionally engage in ritual human sacrifice, they were a far more civilized and complex culture than shown in the film. In fact, the Mayan sun god Kukulkan, to whom the sacrifice is made in the movie, never asked for and was never given such a sacrifice, so whatever priest was offering Kukulkan a human heart was probably just creeping him the # out.

it was important that the 'arab' peoples were depicted in a negative way to maintain the propaganda


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