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Reinhardt Thread - "Suggestions and Predictions"

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posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 09:40 AM

Note To Wise Investors:

There is an extraordinary amount of..

military traffic (cargo) in the skies of North Atlanta today.

Google this..

“Buy To The Sound Of Cannons.”

perhaps he is tellings us that a staged military event, possibly in atlanta, will lead to a market worth buying under?

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 09:47 AM
R's site has changed again.

"think harder" is at the top of the page. Followed by "SOCIALISM ROCKS!!" and then more new info.

I like the end of the page - "Calling All Capitalist Nations!!..

Please come and save us from our Communist leaders!!!"

Are there any Capitalist Nations left to come and save us?

[edit on 14-10-2008 by Maya00a]

Reminds me of this by Martin Niemoeller:-

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me--
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

[edit on 14-10-2008 by Maya00a]

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by jdpapa3

i am listening to glen beck and he just mentioned how the day after the crash in 1929 the stock market had it's 4th largest point gain ever. that is pretty chilling.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 11:14 AM
long bit of info was posted there earlier today...

think harder
A Reader Was Interested In Mathias Baldwin


Mathias Baldwin was an industrial leader who was also a liar.

But it should be put another way.

“Leaders don’t do things.. banks do.”


1831 10000000000000000000X Skull & Bones society founded at Yale Note: Skull and Bones and other “willed” body parts? Same year as Tocqueville.
The thing of most importance here is the timing.

1831 10000X U.S. Copyright protections are expanded to include musical composition.

1831 The anti-Mason party meets in Baltimore for the first presidential nominating convention in the U.S. 116 delegates select William Wirt of Maryland
Note: This sounds like it could have been called the anti-skull & bones party

1831 The first federally financed artwork is a $400 bust of John Jay, the first chief Justice of the U.S.
Note: John Jay: Huguenot?
Maybe I am wrong but I would say Yale has something to do with the Huguenots?
I would also say Tocqueville also has something to do with Huguenots (at least a French connection)

01/01/1831 Lloyd Garrison publishes first issue of the “Liberator” a radical abolitionist periodical that demands nothing less than the immediate emancipation of all slaves
Area: New England?

03/03/1831 George Pullman, inventor of railroad sleeping car, industrialist; Pullman Palace Car Company is born
Note: He would have been the right age for recruitment into the army during the Civil War.
Note: Illinois, Lincoln, railroad lawyer, Lincoln knew Pullman?

19/03/1831 The first recorded bank robbery occurs at the City Bank in New York. Some $245,000 is stolen.
Note: Tocqueville may have seen these “bank robbers” on their Prison Tour.“First recorded bank robbery?” Doubtful.

31/03/1831 Quebec and Montreal are incorporated.The French/Tocqueville connection.

02/04/1831(?) de Tocqueville begins journeys. de Tocqueville and Beaumont leave Le Havr, France on the ship “Havre.”“Democracy in America” works, he finds.
Democracy is like England and France throughout history.
Leaders of one side pretending to be against the other side.
All the while they are sleeping together with a common goal of self-survival.
My note: Works for what? Postponing Marxism?
“Works” for free?
Removing the Indians also “works.”
Democracy didn’t seem to help the Indians much.
Democracy in America seems to be code for “Nation Building everywhere else on the “American worker’s dime.”
100000X Tocqueville once observed that it is easier for the world to accept a simple lie than a complex truth.
Note: Democracy is just a blame game.
Democracy shifts the debate to “who” rather than “why”.
The actions still happen and the wealthy and the controlling order still benefits.
“Democracy” is Latin for “Monarchy”

09/05/1831 Tocqueville and Beaumont arrive in Newport after 37 days at sea.
Note: 37 Days?
Was the “Havre” a steam vessel?

10/05/1831 Tocqueville leaves Newport for New York City

11/05/1831 Tocqueville arrives in New York, stays at a boarding house located at 66 Broadway Note: 18 days

26/05/1831 Russians defeat the Poles at Ostrolenska

29/05/1831 Tocqueville travels to Ossining, New York to visit Sing Sing Prison Note: Didn’t Tocqueville ever include the following in any of his letters to his dad: “Hey, dad how is everything going in France?”
Democracy was pretending to “work” in France until the Third Estate got shafted during a tennis “match”. hee-hee.Note: U.S. Technologies and de Tocqueville were doing the same thing. Prison labor

06/1831 E.L. Miller, the designer of South Carolina Road’s engines patents a method of transmitting part of the locomotive tender’s weight to the locomotive in order to increase traction.
Baldwin uses this technology on his eleventh locomotive in 1835

07/06/1831 Tocqueville takes a steamboat back to New York City, stopping in “Greenbough (sp) on the Hudson” along the way

30/06/1831 Tocqueville leaves New York City by sloop for Yonkers.

01/07/1831 Tocqueville leaves Yonkers by steamboat; stops in Peekskill long enough to go hike “Anthony’s Nose”; board the steamboat “North America” headed for Albany

02/07/1831 DeWitt Clinton Locomotive makes its first run on the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad during a test run.
Note: The odds that Tocqueville is on this “test-run” are good.

04/07/1831 America (“My Country Tis of Thee”) is first sung - in Boston Note: Sweet land of liberty. Liberty was a big thing with Tocqueville the prison specialist

04/07/1831 Tocqueville attends Independence Day Parade and then leaves Albany late at night by stage Note: Tocqueville notices a “road in iron” but he surely overlooks the importance of trade and commerce and the effect a railway might have on them because he is focused on an investigation into the workings of democracy.
I think I am about to throw up.

04/07/1831 James Monroe, fifth President of the United States dies in New York City at age 73, making him the third ex-President to die on Independence Day
Note: He couldn’t handle Tocqueville’s depressing stories about France?

05/07/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Utica

07/07/1831 Tocqueville leaves Syracuse on horseback; stays near Fort Brewerton

08/07/1831 Tocqueville leaves Fort Brewerton; explores Frenchmen’s Island

09/07/1831 Tocqueville travels to Auburn prison

12/07/1831 Tocqueville visits New York Governor Enos Throop at his farmhouse

14/07/1831 John Bull Number 1, or Stevens is shipped from Liverpool to Philadelphia Note: And here I thought America gained Independence from England?

16/07/1831 Tocqueville Travels by horseback to Canandaigua

17/07/1831 Tocqueville visits Ontario County’s almshouse

18/07/1831 Tocqueville travels from Canandiagua to Buffalo, stopping in Batlavia along the way

19/07/1831 Tocqueville leaves Buffalo for Detroit via Steamboat “Ohio”

20/07/1831 Tocqueville stops briefly at Erie Pennsylvania

21/07/1831 Tocqueville stops (briefly) at Cleveland

22/07/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Detroit and leaves shortly there after on horseback for Pontiac.

24/07/1831 Tocqueville leaves Pontiac in route to Saginaw

26/07/1831 Tocqueville in Saginaw

28/07/1831 Tocqueville leaves Saginaw

29/07/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Pontiac

31/07/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Detroit

01/08/1831 Tocqueville leaves Detroit on steamboat “Superior” for Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinac and Green Bay

02/08/1831 Tocqueville stops at Fort Gratiot on Lake Huron; stays anchored for two days due to inclement weather.

04/07/1831 Tocqueville leaves for Fort Gratiot

05/08/1831 Tocqueville arrives at Aalut Ste. Marie

06/08/1831 Tocqueville takes a canoe to Pointe aux Pins at the beginning of Lake Huron

07/08/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Mackinac; leaves late at night for Green Bay

09/08/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Green Bay

10/08/1831 Tocqueville leaves Green Bay and returns to Michilimackinac

13/08/1831 Tocqueville Leaves Lackinac

14/08/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Detroit on the “Superior”

17/08/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Buffalo by steamboat

18-19/08/1831 Tocqueville visits Niagra Falls

20/08/1831 Tocqueville travels on Lake Ontario aboard another steamboat, the “Great Britain”, en-route to Montreal

22/08/1831 Nat Turner assembles a band of fellow slaves on the Southhampton County, Virginia plantation of Joseph Travis and kills every white member of the Travis household then rake the countryside killing every white they encounter in the next 24 hours - 55 in all.

23/08/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Montreal

24/08/1831 Tocqueville leaves Montreal on the steamboat “John Molson” enroute to Quebec

27/08/1831 Tocqueville visits the village of Lorette, near Quebec

29/08/1831 Tocqueville visits the village of Beaufort, near Quebec

31/08/1831 Tocqueville leaves Quebec aboard the steamboat “Richelieu” for Montreal

02/09/1831 Tocqueville leaves Montreal by steamboat “Voyageur” for La Prarie, travels by carriage to St. Jean, then boards the steamboat “Phoenix for travel on Lake Champlain

04/08/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Whitehall

04-05/09/1831 Tocqueville travels by stage to Albany

07/09/1831 Tocqueville leaves Albany for Boston/Stop in Stockbridge, MA

09/09/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Boston for a three-week stay; stays at the Marlboro Motel on Washington Street before moving to the luxury Tremong Hotel

03/10/1831 Tocqueville leaves Boston by stagecoach for Hartford, CT

05/10/1831 Tocqueville visits the New Connecticut State Prison at Wethersfield Note: The prisons he visits are located very close to railway and canal work-sites

08/10/1831 Tocqueville leaves Hartford via steamboat for New York

11/10/1831 Tocqueville leaves New York City by steamboat and stage for Philadelphia

12/10/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Philadelphia for a two-week stay; during the time, Tocqueville makes eight visits to Eastern State Penitentiary in Cherry Hill
(note: as my research tells me - I think the Penitentiary was called “Cherry Hill” as a nickname) where he interviews each of the prisoners individually

28/10/1831 Tocqueville travels to Baltimore from Philadelphia

06/11/1831 Tocqueville returns to Philadelphia

22/11/1831 Tocqueville travels by stagecoach to Pittsburgh - a 72-hour journey over the Allegheny Mountain range

15/11/1831 Tocqueville leaves Pittsburgh on the steamboat “Fourth of July” en-route for Cincinnati

26/11/1831 during the night, the steamboat Tocqueville is on “Fourth of July” hits a rock on the Burlington Bar near Wheeling, VA

27/11/1831 “Fourth of July” is rescued by another steamboat the “William Parsons”

01/12/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Cincinnati

04/12/1831 Tocqueville leaves Cincinnati via steamboat

05/12/1831 The Ohio River freezes forcing the passengers to disembark in Westpoint Kentucky and walk 22 miles to Louisville

07/12/1831 Tocqueville leaves for Nashville, Tennessee, a two day journey

11/12/1831 Tocqueville leaves Nashville in an open one-horse carriage for Memphis

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by indigothefish

I would take it to mean to mean it is time to invest... as in "Buy to the sound of cannons." As well, in particular might be wise to invest in defense contractors.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 11:16 AM

12/12/1831 Tocqueville’s carriage breaks down and can barely be fixed, Tocqueville is very ill, so the two stay in Sandy Bridge

15/12/1831 Tocqueville leaves Sandy Bridge via stage coach for Memphis

17/12/1831 Tocqueville arrives in Memphis 25/12/1831 Tocqueville travels down the Mississippi on the steamboat “Louisville”. Note: Christmas Day Laundry, Buried lead

26-27/12/1831 Tocqueville’s steamboat is stranded for about two days on a sandbar
Note: Humor: Some Christmas this has turned out to be. I don’t care if its unreliable, I should have taken the stage coach.

1832 Tariff Act of 1832

1832 Cholera epidemic hits Baltimore, Maryland. 853 people are killed
Note: Between 1831 and 1833 cholera is supposedly brought from England and hits most major cities in the U.S. I think cholera is related to canal construction. It almost seems like de Tocqueville is spreading cholera.
Note: Rowan’s kids at My Old Kentucky Home (Federal Hill)

1832 (questionable; research further) William Huntington Russel and Alphonso Taft create the “Skull & Bones”, a super exclusive fraternity for the sons of the Anglo American Wall Street and banking establishment
Note: So close in time to de Tocqueville.I also have this event at 1831?

1832 Completion of waterway (canal) constructed in Sweden begun in 1810 under the direction of Telford, links Stockholm with Gothenburg via the great central lakes.
Only 54 miles had to be excavated in a total distance of 360 miles, but 58 locks are required, cut mainly in solid rock. I believe this is called the “Gotha Canal”Note: Sax-Coburg-Gotha?

01/01/1832 Tocqueville arrives in New Orleans Note: New Years Day

03/01/1832 Tocqueville travels on a steamboat en-route to Mobile, Alabama, then spends 12 days traveling by way of various stagecoaches across Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina to reach Norfolk, VA

15/01/1832 Tocqueville arrives in Norfolk Virginia 16/01/1832 Tocqueville leaves Norfolk for Washington D.C., traveling by steamboat up the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River

17/01/1832 Tocqueville arrives in Washington

18/01/1832 Humor: Just like Reagan does 130 later, de Tocqueville changes his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

19/01/1832 Tocqueville meets with President Andrew Jackson Note: Jackson, New Orleans, Treaty of Ghent steamboat.
Symbolism 1000000000000000000000X De Tocqueville assures Andrew Jackson that he was right when observed that it is easier for the world to accept a simple lie than a complex truth.
Now start planning a civil war because just like Democracy - “Civil Wars Work”Now boarding the Ebbers & Lay Railroad

20/01/1832 Tocqueville visits the U.S. Capitol - both the Senate and the House of Representatives

03/02/1832 Tocqueville leaves DC via stage for Philadelphia via stage Note: He had to have passed Baldwin’s locomotive factory.

05/02/1832 Tocqueville leaves Philadelphia for New York City

06/02/1832 Tocqueville arrives in New York City

20/02/1832 Tocqueville leaves New York City for Havre, France aboard the “Havre”

21/08/1831 Nat Turner leads slave revolt in Virginia

1832 Black Hawk War Area: Illinois and Wisconsin

1832 Boston ship carpenters 10-Hour strike.

1832 First Dynamo - H. Pixii (France)

23/11/1832 Trial run of “Old Ironsides” built by Mathias Baldwin for use on the Philadelphia, Germantown, Norristown Railroad
Note: 10000000000000X The date relationship to this locomotive test and the Nullification Crisis is unbelievable! Note: Baldwin “says this is our last locomotive” and proceeds to make eleven by May of 1835 (05/1835)
Baldwin was telling one of de Tocqueville’s “simple lies” (false securities information)

24/11/1832 “The Chronical” reports on Baldwin’s “Old Ironsides” test run

24/11/1832 Nullification Crisis of 1832-1833
South Carolina’s (Charleston) planters try to nullify federal legislation
My note: This might indicate that they have been disgruntled for about 25 years?

1833 Abortive workers’ uprising at Frankfurt, Germany; revolutionary include Karl Schapper.
Note: Marx is 15

1833 McKesson & Robbins pharmaceuticals begins business
Note: This may be hazy.
In Decades History Search it says “The McKesson Corp. began as a drug store in NYC.”
Note: “Old Southern Home” whiskey, 1895, 1934, Bardstown, Kentucky
Note: This is the same year Rowan’s children die of Cholera

1833 Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna elected president of Mexico Note: He jails those who peaceably petition to protest his violations of the 1824 constitution.

1833 A project (subsequently disregarded) for a canal across the Suez isthmus by the Saint Simonian Prosper Enfantin

1833 Lynn, Massachusetts, shoe binders protest begins

1833 Manayunk, Pennsylvania Textile strike

1833 New York City Carpenters strike

1833 Working Women’s ticket formed
Note: This would account for why prisons including some of the ones de Tocqueville visited are starting to permit women as prisoners. For instance Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.
100000X The whole prison labor thing with de Tocqueville is very similar to William Webster and his enterprise called U.S. Technologies
The fact that Webster was the head of the CIA and the FBI proves my point that institutions such as these are intended to support the perfect hens.
I wonder how many prisons in India are housing software programmers?

1834-1845 James Buchanan, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania
Note: Freemason

1834 Exiled German workers found League of the Banned in Paris

1834 Spanish Inquisition officially ends.Note: Is the phrase: “I’m almost certain I am going to heaven” a metaphor for “I’m not interested in being burnt at the stake by the Inquisitive church”?
“Don’t look at me.. I am a believer! No really I am a mutha f’in religious fanatic!!”
1000000X Isn’t it weird how the church threatens the labor force with Inquiries when ever wage increases appear?
Does this mean that the church is greedy like CEOs are when they appear in court clutching their bibles after getting caught cooking the books?
From the cooked book to the good book.
The greatest accounting story ever told. 1834 National Trades Union formed in New York City
Note: First attempt at a national labor federation. Formed by workers in 5 cities - the financial panic of 1837 puts an end to its efforts.

1834 Lowell, Massachusetts - Mill women’s strike

1834 Manayunk, Pennsylvania - textile strike

1834 Factory Girl’s Association formed. 800 Women strike in New Hampshire

1835 Patterson, New Jersey - textile strike.

1835 Railroad completed to Washington, D.C., from Baltimore.

1835 East India Squadron, a navy squadron assigned to the Pacific is established

1835 Shropshire Union main line (canal) completed
Note: Numerous embankments and a 2-mile long cutting which is the deepest in the country (England)

1835 Shoemakers tried and convicted of treason
Note: Not good to harm national security during times of war - like during the Toledo war and the Texan war, the Creek Indian war, the Indian Stream war and the Seminole war.
The shoe makers were probably thrown into prison to make shoes because the citizens want cheap products and services.

1835 Ten-Hour movement among skilled workers.
One should start getting the idea of the importance of skilled worker wages just prior to 9-11.

1835-1836 Toledo War Area: Ohio-Michigan

1835-1836 Texan War Area: Texas

1835-1836 Indian Stream War Area: New Hampshire

1835-1837 Creek Indian Area: Georgia, Alabama, Florida

1835-1842 Seminole Wars Area: Georgia, Florida, Alabama

1835-1837 Lucrative opportunities in the booming railroad business and a reluctance to serve in malarial Florida leads to the resignation of about 20 percent of the officer corps.

1835-1848 The Texas Revolution and the U.S. Mexican War

03/04/1835 New Jersey children strike silk mills
Note: Striking for 11-Hour day/6-day weekDon’t the god-fearing silk-mill owners and investors honor the Sabbath?

05/1835 Baldwin’s eleventh locomotive (the Black Hawk) is completed and delivered to the Philadelphia & Trenton Railroad.

1836-1837 Sabine or Southwest Indian War Area: Louisiana

1836 Equal rights party formed. Note: A convention of farmers, mechanics and working men meet in Utica, New York and call for legislation to guarantee labor the right to organize to increase wages. Utica.. one of de Tocqueville’s stops.

1836 Cordwainer’s union grows Note: National Cooperation of cordwainersFirst national union formed for a specific trade (in New York City?)

1836 New York Tailor’s strike

1836 Mill women’s strike in Lowell, Massachusetts

1836 Manayunk, Pennsylvania - textile strike

1836 Philadelphia Bookbinders’ strike

1836 Heatherly Disturbance (War) Missouri

1836 1000000000000X Objects of Speculation: Railroad shares (in Britain)
My note: Railway mania

1836 William Wilson Corcoran opens a note brokerage house, an early form of a bank.
Note: Riggs timeline Note: Same years as crash. Lincoln is ? old?

1836 Objects of Speculation: Import Commodities, cotton in Britain and France

1836 Objects of Speculation: Export goods (Britain)

1836 Objects of Speculation: Public lands: (United States) My note: Somebody forgot to tell the “about to be removed” Indians they were living on “Public land”.

1836 League of the Just founded by Schapper, Heinrich Baur, and Joseph Moll after split in League of the Banned.
Note: Marx is 18

25/02/1836 Santa Anna enters San Antonio 02/03/1836 Texas declares independence Note: From Mexico?

06/03/1836 (WSJ203) The Alamo For 13 days, about 200 men hold of thousands of Mexican soldiers under Santa Anna’s command.

The Alamo was first a Catholic mission. One of 5 missions built along the San Antonio river (early 1700s) more than a century before Texas’ war of independence

My note: the Alamo was probably a catholic charity trust set up for an insurance scam.

The heros: William Travis was fleeing creditors? Jim Bowie was a slave owner who defrauded the government?

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 11:16 AM

Actually odds are good that the government let Bowie “defraud the government”.

04/1836 Speculative peak (England) Textile boom, cotton, railroads, joint stock banks

21/04/1836 Battle of San Jacinto

14/05/1836 Treaty of Velasco Mexico grants the full and complete independence of Texas

11/1836 100000X Speculative peak (U.S., France) Cotton, land, building sites, wildcat banks, retention of silver Note: Wildcat banks; as in Riggs?

12/1836 100000X Market Crash; England (See 04/1836)
Note: They are extracting money from outside traders on a regular basis during these decades.I am certain the workers had been promised 401K style “nest-eggs” that seemed to evaporate after each market crash - regardless of where the crash occurred.
I guess legally, theft of nest-egg is not a crime.
This is a perk of redefining money as “nest-egg”
We are going to create some “debtors” and as every right-thinking citizen is well aware - “debtors” belong in prison where they can earn prison wages for the same labor they could actually make money doing outside of prison but because America is at war the concept of negotiating for higher wages is considered treason.
There is a difference between rich debtors such as Donald Trump and poor debtors which would be those outsiders who invested in Donald Trump.
But only the latter type of debtor is subject to transit or debtor prison.

1837 Osage Indian War Area: Missouri

31/08/1837 Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks before the Phi Beta Kappa audience.
The Title: “The American Scholar”I have a feeling Ralph would like to make historical events up till this point in time - null and void.Through culture and tricky writing techniques maybe we can pretend we are separate from Europe and England.
In other words, no Indian stuff, no talk of steamboat and other “labor saving” English inventions, etc..Sort of a “don’t go there” type of cultural revolution.
Maybe trying to escape European History or maybe avoiding European current events? After all things aren’t going so well in stogy old Europe.
Included in the new type of literature Thoreau, Whitman (Leaves of Grass), Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Oliver Wendell Holmes.
I would imagine Harvard and Wall Street are still rather interested in the European commercial goings-on?
Those who fail to respect history are doomed to repeat it?
The new and improved America would like to repeat a little history?
100000000X And by the way pay no attention to Europe’s market crash that happened last December.
1000000000000000X The time to pay less attention to England is during the same year England is installing the world’s first telegraph.

1837 American-type locomotive (4-4-0) planned and built. First sleeping car (a crudely remodeled day coach) service

1837 Fox7 (Andrew Jackson) (in his last day of office) formally recognizes the independence of Texas, paving way for future annexation.

1837 Most unions buckle in panic (which is the reason crashes are created to begin with).

Final note: Speculative markets that are predictable are no longer.. speculative.

Another final note (redundant?): I see the “gosh i just hate that darned reinhardt” threads on GLP. I can barely stop laughing. Love to mess with type-A’s.

Dude, don’t get yer panties all in a bunch. Stop following the “chemtrails,” and start following the money.

The sun will come up tomorrow.

A “Freedom Fighter” Tribute:

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 11:36 AM
If the guy has something useful to say why doesn't he just come out and say it. I think he made a lucky guess and is now milking it. He reads forum posts about himself. Just an attention hog. Probably throws a lot of of stuff at the walls under many names waiting for one to stick.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by Mainer

I think Reinhardt has clearly demonstrated his prediction are more substantive than a simple lucky guess.

I'm interested to hear what people think about his Microsoft related comments, considering their shares are currently down over 5% with a higher than average volume?

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 01:46 PM
I've been watching the Microsoft stock since R commented about it and was quite surprised, at it going down today. Well I wasn't that surprised really - I feel like I've stepped into a whole other reality, recently.

I'm beginning to question which way is up and which way is down with all the ups and downs we're having!

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 03:21 PM
What is his new password?

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 06:21 PM
My question, is he being serious about the subscription fee? If he is, I may concider him to be one of the guys like WebBots.... Just a Cash Cow!!! Nothing More!

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 08:24 PM

Originally posted by Deadace
My question, is he being serious about the subscription fee? If he is, I may concider him to be one of the guys like WebBots.... Just a Cash Cow!!! Nothing More!

The day he charges is the day I'll stop visiting his site.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by bdub85

the same goes for me as well
if he charges it makes him no better than the other hacks out there

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 10:11 PM
I must admit i question this guys motive.

The way he puts information across in cryptic puzzles, seems very arrogant and i dont see what purpose he is serving. If he truly knew what was going on behind the scenes, then why doesnt he attempt to spread the word to everyone in a clear and precise manner and that way he might get some worldwide credibility, and help to fix the problems in this world, instead of his attentione seeking, "Look At Me!" puzzles, whilst the rest of the world collapses.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 10:31 PM
"Stop following the “chemtrails,” and start following the money. "


posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 02:36 AM

Originally posted by Deadace
My question, is he being serious about the subscription fee? If he is, I may concider him to be one of the guys like WebBots.... Just a Cash Cow!!! Nothing More!

so far as i know, nobody has been asked for any money by R to view his site. so until that changes, i shall side with those that said he was just taking the p out of the cramer guy charging for his site.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 02:40 AM

Originally posted by James23
I must admit i question this guys motive.

The way he puts information across in cryptic puzzles, seems very arrogant and i dont see what purpose he is serving. If he truly knew what was going on behind the scenes, then why doesnt he attempt to spread the word to everyone in a clear and precise manner and that way he might get some worldwide credibility, and help to fix the problems in this world, instead of his attentione seeking, "Look At Me!" puzzles, whilst the rest of the world collapses.

if you want to be spoonfed and TOLD what to think, go watch fox and listen to your politicians. if you want to learn something interesting, exercise your brain a little and decide for yourself then do your own investigation into what R is saying. you might surprise yourself and learn something along the way.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:13 AM
OK today his site says

"83 it is all yours

Main Page Interim

takin the site down so the director of the movie can navigate it for a while.."

The mention of charging isn't on the site anymore and I think those questioning it can now rest assured that it was a joke.

Now I'm off to see what sense I can make of his latest cryptic message. I get the feeling some people here are bored with it now but he still has me hooked and it's definitely a nice distraction from all the direct doom and gloom messages.

His cryptic messages have led me off in all sorts of directions and to lots of information, I didn't know before. I've learned loads of new stuff and that can't be bad.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 07:21 AM

Originally posted by Maya00a
OK today his site says

"83 it is all yours

Main Page Interim

takin the site down so the director of the movie can navigate it for a while.."

i think the guy who made the short youtube vid about R is making a more in depth one (therefore he's got the site to himself for a while to get all the info he needs.

sounds like he is considering a webcast or skype or something similar type of meetup for those who aren't chicken to talk to him or don't live in the states. that should be good if it goes ahead.

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