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Reinhardt Thread - "Suggestions and Predictions"

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 10:55 PM
here's something i find "out of line" with his current "ww3-ish" prediction:

scroll to oct. 2nd post; see the video clip screencap? he lists 4 reasons why he thinks the world WON'T come to an end:

rich people want to live
they want to live well
cancer is not cured (lol)
..and they want booty (hey i'm taking it literally)

so he thinks things won't get so horrific they disturb the wealthy lifestyles but it will end in world war? somewhere his reasoning got derailed. world war in our modern age = nuclear exchange by someone no matter how you slice it. that = lots of suffering never experienced by humankind.

oh, btw, i highly suggest the video. yoga 4 dudes 4 evr

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 10:59 PM
what he is saying is there will be many smaller wars all over the world, with economically unsound countries making war on their favourite enemies...

the elite will profit from these they always do. not only that. they will start the wars..

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 10:59 PM
I think many people misunderstand the term "end of the World". In my humble interpretation, when someone says or writes the "end of the World" it means our end, my end, not the end for our "Overlords".

Our "Overlords" are the ones instrumenting the "end of the World", they are holding all the keys to all the doors and they know what, when, who and how. I strongly suspect that they will be the only ones prepared for it so it wouldn't be the "end of the World" for them, just for us.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:18 PM
this dude has got to be a laywer or something. as i was going to look at the lotus notes screencap on page 2 i ran across:

"my quote: the primary function of a lawyer, is to protect the profession of a lawyer"

oh, and GOOD EYE. our offices run lotus notes as well. there was only an "Fo" so i went to google and started typing in "MGM Grand at Fo " and all that was available was MGM @ Foxwoods in Connecticut. awesome work! maybe he wanted us to find that? i'm looking for email addresses for foxwood employees. maybe R will pop up.

edit - scroll down to legal services:

so there could be a laywer working for the foxwoods casinos. it would be right up their alley (financials).

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:26 PM
I live near Waleska, I could stop by and say hi if he is a professor at Reinhardt.
Wasnt there supposed to be a meet up?
Anyone get a name yet?

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by Night Watchman

your right but at the same time your wrong about there wasn't a crash. Your right in there was no outright crash of the market in Sept. but your wrong in that in sept the market began its crash. i'd say a 777 point drop and the following drops the start of the crash wouldn't you? yes the market did reclaim some of the losses but it hasn't reclaimed all the losses and looks to continue with the wild ride of up and down until the bottom finally gives out and comes crashing down.

So since R said Crash in Sept. i give him half credit since the start of the crash was in Sept. History will tell if the crash started in sept or not. but i give him full credit for his Oct 3 prediction to sell because he was right on the money with it. could it be luck? Even i could have predicted that the market was going to go down after the house vote to pass the bailout, it was just wall streets way of screwing main street one more time before they get their hands on the money.

the way you are going about in this thread you are acting like a troll. I have no problem with people voicing their opinion But back it up with something factual. You say he is a fraud prove it. You say you have a problem with "ANYONE who tries to make himself seem important by claiming to be able to predict the future."

But honestly doesn't your actions in this thread show that you are trying to make yourself seem important by claiming he's a fraud, without showing people facts to help them see why you think he is a fraud? your actions IMO scream your trying to make yourself important and your trying to derail the thread. and it does make it look like you have a personal grudge against the person.

You want people that believe R is genuine to take a step back and think more critically. Ok i can agree with that people should take everything they read in a forum on the net with a grain of salt and should do their own research so they can make an informed decision about what they want to believe.

And your assessment of me earlier was so far off base i don't know where to begin. i am on the fence on where this guy is a fraud or not if he is eventually he will hang himself or just disappear. then we will know. I like his style because of the way he goes about telling his predictions with cryptic riddles that make people use their brains. I like a good challenge.

I haven't seen anywhere were he has asked for 1 penny. usually frauds ask for the money towards the beginning of the scheme. the longer they go setting the story more than likely people will figure out its a fraud. that's why most schemes want the money up front and they give you some BS and run.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:30 PM
yea, what happened to that meeting? did anyone come back

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:34 PM
I am guessing he likes jazz music , Max Reinhardt
someone as well researched as him would not come by his user name ? by chance , IMHO

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:48 PM
For those just joining and missing some fundamentals:

His nick seems to be related the Reinhardt College in Waleska Ga.
He also posts elswhere using Waleska as his nick. Speculation is that his choice of the Ga meetup is scheduled to coincide with a return to that area.

He has stated he has published a book about the 1993 World Trade bombings in which he states that the towers were supposed to fall at that time. No one has found which book this is that I know of.

He has made several references to "representing" people, leading to the conclusion he is a lawyer.

He is in direct communication with several people on Democratic Underground and Godlike Productions.

He has shown that he reads those two threads, however hasnt shown any evidence he watches this thread.

The overall summery of his thrust is that a consortium of financial and political heaveyweights under a Catholic flag ( currently named Legaus ) operate a continuous cycle of financial market booms and busts, with the resulting debasement of currencies causing calculated social and sociological change. Geographic and cultural change also plays into the pattern, with the buildup of new cultures using speculation and infrastructure to create an outsourced labor market to create the next boom to bust cycle.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:49 PM
Ok this is probably nothing at all but in one of his comments from his most recent post he had suggested " A wise investor will be on a sharp lookout for Reichstag fires " So I did a google search using "investor Reichstag fires" and found something of interest
I also found a name in one of the haiku's Mark Robinowitz .

Anyway as I said it's most likely nothing but perhaps interesting ?

Edit to add , you may find some of the writing style from the linked site to be similar to the writing of our friend Reinhardt .

Edit I did a search using the name Mark Robinowitz and found more things of intreats .
Well enough from me as I am very likely beating a dead horse but thought I would put it out there for you all to see for yourselves .
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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:29 AM
I don't think his latest predictions are so cryptic. He is likening our current situation to 1933.

I have been trying to figure out: Is 2008 more equivalent to 1929 or 1933? Answer: 1933

and says basically to understand 1933...

The Page Below Is Open For A While Read the 51st and 52nd Enron

If you read 51st and 52nd Enron I think the main things to consider are this.
1. We are in the aftermath of the "Great Depression"
2. Roosevelt uses "The New Deal" to incite the public works programs. (ie. the crash of the of the economy in this case, is ultimately "how sh** got paid for" such as the Hoover Damn)
3. When the public works programs were about over we entered the era of the Nazi's brought about by the burning of the Reichstag as well at the same time, new companies were there to took advantage of the crash and begin cooking their books and finance both sides of the upcoming war as has been going on for quite a long time.
4. We entered WWII after the big public works programs were finished and lots of companies and the banking families made lots of money and power from playing both sides.

Hence... 1933 is about to repeat itself as R says...

100% Guaranteed Prediction: When these “public works” programmes are.. nearly completed there will be.. world war (or to be more technically correct every nation with economic problems will wage war with their favorite enemies). There has never been a period in history when “public works” programs ended in “peace”. Never.

My view is this... guess what two countries were in deep economic turmoil before WWII? Both the US and Germany's economies were in shambles.

So our economy is about to tank, we already have our Reichstag fire, known as 9/11 which was supposed to happen in 1993.

The buildings were supposed to collapse in 1993. (I have written a book on this reality) It is all about timing.

When the 1993 bombing failed we got distracted by Waco.

Now Think About That February 27th 1993 date a bit more. This is an old third-branch trick known as “shifting the public’s attention” to here:

Is there is a lot more information to be had in R's latest prediction and certainly A LOT more detail down to a much more micro scale.

Oh ya, and while our economy is about to tank, we will be distracted by our normal loud of garbage like OJ. Or to more glaringly obvious why does an article about Museums make front page news? I guess there is nothing better to report on. Just like in 1993.

I am still pondering on the slaves being freed by Lincon thing. I am curious to see what happens to tomorrow and I going to have to research some more on the hidden reasons of the civil war. For some reason I just keep think about what Aaron Russo said that Nick Rockefeller told him about why they had the Women's Rights movement. That is because they had half the population who weren't working and paying taxes. Essentially they doubled their working population, income taxes, and consumer spending when women went to work. That is when "women got equal rights."

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:40 AM
Thankyou for that Avatar. I don't know anything about American history but taking a shot: does any one see some sort of a parallel

Lincoln was in some ways a short-sighted man, who neither foresaw nor intended the ultimate results of the Civil War. But “preserving the Union” turned out to mean inverting its federal structure and creating a central government so strong that no countervailing forces can stop it from monopolizing power.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:47 AM
Anonymous Avatar, great work.... Really makes alot of sense... WTC bombings, then they screw up.... figure out what to do... boom, we go WACO... This leads for further knowledge down the road of how to really show up the WTC...9/11. they already had one attempt on the building, now they know how to do it properly.

And.... the answer to Lincoln.... He didn't free the slaves ?

BTW... if anyone knows how to get on an email list with him or something... He used to have a NJ meet up on new years and now it is gone... What gives?

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:24 AM
From the GLP thread:

"Reinhardt" admits on his website that he's military -- I always suspected this when he posted meetup times like this (13:00) instead of like this (1 p.m.)...

... And this morning, he admited his military links by telling us he has .mil frequent flyer miles to attend meetups. His admission was quickly pulled from his site.

That's why I suggest you look into the relationship between Reinhardt College and Fort Bragg.

Here's a hint:

If I were a betting man (and I'm not), I'd bet the farm that Reinhardt is controlled opposition.

Controlled opposition swoops down upon us out of no where and gives us incredible nuggets of information. We latch on to them and deem them as our new hero. After time (usually within a year), they spin us into la la land.

Alex Jones... Texe Marrs... David Ray Griffin... all controlled opposition.

Sadly, there's not a single well-known truther out there who is on our team. Not one (and trust me, I've been looking for one for years).

I'm certain most of you will reply to this and call me all sorts of names. I expect that. That's your loss.

But for those of you who have open minds and know something is wrong, but just don't know what it is, tread carefully with "Reinhardt"... take your time... do not get caught up in the quickness and his/her cryptic riddles... watch things flesh out.

Real truthers don't play games. "Reinhardt" doesn't smell right to me.

Ask yourself this: How in the world is an admitted .mil so good at detecting enterprise fraud?

The answer to me is simple... it's because s/he is being fed this smoking gun information by the big boys at the top... here's the hint again:

I think this poster may be onto something. Today will tell the truth.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:35 AM
talking of the trade centre 93 bombing, people should be wondering why it was the fbi that provided the explosives!

unbeknown to the fbi handler, informant eman salem had been taping their conversations in secret and had hundreds of hours of recordings.

the original plot was to fill the van with a harmless white powder (the 'bombers' only wanted to make a protest). it was the fbi's insistence to swap the powder for real explosives

more details here

lincoln didn't free the slaves as they were the property of men and men could not be deprived of their property without due process of law - ie a court case. what are the property laws now? what can you be deprived of??

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:39 AM

Lincoln freed the "slaves" when he eliminated debt and made the Green Back and decided to stop borrowing money using high-interest loans from Europe.

I grabbed this from the thread here on ATS

I highly recommend watching this video in its entirety but fast forward to 21:50. Slavery is explained quite well and explains how Lincoln freed the slaves.

Google Video Link

The European and American banks internal memo circulates in response to Lincoln eliminated debt...

Slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers. While the European plan... is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done, by controlling money. It will not due to allow the Greenback... as we cannot control that. - The Hazaard Circular July, 1862

However this is odd to me if that is how Lincoln freed the slaves by eliminating debt and kicking the bankers to the curb, the how does this correlate to October 6th 2008?

I find it rather inconceivable to imagine the Federal Reserve being eliminated tomorrow.

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 03:43 AM
reply to post by Anonymous Avatar

hows this idea from 'tenfly' in another reinhardt reads...

"He asks "When did Lincoln free the slaves?" The answer is, he never did. Instead of Blacks being slaves, everyone is a slave now. A slave to the dollar.


posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 03:51 AM
well it's monday morning and the european and asian stock markets have tumbled sharply

in the meantime - here's the monkey's distracting sarah palin news for

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 04:43 AM
reply to post by ModernDystopia

many people other than the military use that type of time reference as it's easier to say 21.00 than be questioned as to whether you meant 9am or 9pm.

also, most people took the mil remark to mean million rather than military but i'm sure someone in the military here can confirm if the military actually give out airmiles

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 05:29 AM

Originally posted by justyc
reply to post by ModernDystopia

many people other than the military use that type of time reference as it's easier to say 21.00 than be questioned as to whether you meant 9am or 9pm.

also, most people took the mil remark to mean million rather than military but i'm sure someone in the military here can confirm if the military actually give out airmiles

You're right.

I haven't lost all faith in Reinhardt. DOW futures are dooowwwwnnn and the world stock indexes are in turmoil right now, to say the least. Hey, but oil is down to $89.86!

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