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Credit crunch banker leaps to his death in front of express train

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 09:59 PM
This git caused no end of misery on Thurs! Trains into and out of Reading we stopped or delayed because of this "incident". As a result, traffic built up as people took their cars, resulting in a normal 20 min journey for me taking my daughter to school turning into an hour long slog, causing us to be 1/2hr late for school!

There were thousands of other people all affected by this idiot topping himself on THE main rail line from the Thames Valley, Birmingham, Wales and the South West into London. Nearly all main line routes into London pass through Reading (except the ones from the East and North) which as I said above was rammed shut after this guys stupid stunt.

I have no sympathy for this chump. Can't say I have any for the family either as they are still rich and wealthy while the rest of us struggle even more to make ends meet, whilse they got fat and rich playing with our cash. I am too scared to even check on my Pension fund to see what has happened to it. What right do these people have to litterally gamble our money away like they have done?

Where I work, the room is full of people on £40-50k+ a year engineering jobs, who are all saying that they either buy petrol OR food, that there will be no holidays this year, or that they cannot afford their mortgage anymore. hard working people on good money who are struggling. I can't bare to think what anyone who earns less than me is going through, as I'm finding it tough.

This guy probably only lost a small chunk of his money, yet the fact he might only be able to buy a Jaguar this year instead of a bentley has obviously shaken him to the core.

Prat. Coward. Scumbag.

Next time a banker decides to top himself, I hope he chooses to do it in a manner that won't ruin thousands of people's days.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:29 PM
I had to say this... I just had a dream, where a guy was beng murdered to make it look like suicide. And this is a time where a guy like this guy 'could' let a figurative cat out of a figurative bag. In any case, at the moment, im convinced this man did not commit suicide with a wife and kid. Also, the great depression was in a different time. We havent fully hit any depression and I doubt this man would kill himself over first news of bad things happening without fully knowing what things could be done to help him. This "bailout" is a new situation, we have never seen this before. He would wait to see what kind of help or not, he would get.

He was a millionaire and from the sounds of it pretty high up. People often just throw around info and consider 'people are different'. Ill tell you right now we arent all as different as you would like to beleive. This man would not just decide to commit suicide like this. I look at most of life like this: The probability of this man committing suicide by "jumping" in front of a train is far less than him being PUSHED in front of a train and witnesses manufactured to say he jumped.

This man would shoot himself with his solid gold revolver. Quickly ending it. Not jump in front of a speeding train, which also is impossible to prove that he wasn't pushed. The jumping in front of the train 'suicide' is probably one of the easiest ways to disguise a murder. A gun shot wound, you have all the trajectory and all the other forensic layers to worry about it. They would not assassanate this man with a sniper if he had threatened to release important info, they would... prehaps.. toss him in front of a moving train.

All I know is things are getting bad and are going to get worse. But this man, did NOT commit suicide. People who make impulse decisions are not millionaires, millionaires dont jump in front of trains to commit suicide. Again, all my intuition is probability based. Im saying the chances of him doing this like it is reported is far less than the "conspiracy" of him being murdered. Forget the word conspiracy about anything... What seems more probable, not official, but probable.

9/11 ring any bells? Islamic fundamentalists took their own lives for 40 virgins. Would you take your life for 40 virgins? No? Then these people must be idiot savages for beleiving such vulgar and blatantly false promises. We should kill them all...

Do we ever stop to think about what we are beleiving? These human beings are so fundamentally different and #ed up, they kill themselves to hurt us. Which ironically most of the damage done was the power we granted our executive branch. Sounds a bit like they are working together, or perhaps, if you are into the "conspiracy" stuff, the whole thing was done by us. For hundreds of reasons. Not one, not 2, not for just oil, not for just weapons contracts, or billions in gold, or personal profiting from put options and other inside info stock buying and selling. It's all of these and more we probably have no way of ever knowing about. Wake up. That is the only good that can come of 9/11. WAKE UP!

Do not fear death. Do not commit suicide. Fight to the death for what you beleive in. This will force you to KNOW you are right before acting, at least probability is in your favor. Good luck everybody. = )

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 10:26 AM

Originally posted by stumason

I have no sympathy for this chump. Can't say I have any for the family either as they are still rich and wealthy while the rest of us struggle even more to make ends meet, whilse they got fat and rich playing with our cash.

And thus speaks the black heart of socialism.


posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by seagrass
We have had two suspicious deaths and one suicide here in Bend, Oregon. All three were developers. The saddest one to me is the one who was found near some falls. He had invested in The Shire, which was a development designed after the Lord of the Rings. It was a cute if not far fetched idea. The Shire It would take a certain kind of person to want to live there.
One shot himself, and the other fell from a height.
Bend had a huge housing and estate boom. There are many new resort developments that also aren't doing as well as they had predicted.

Here is a picture of one of the tool sheds in the back of one of the houses.

That post made me think of Bugsy Segal and Las Vegas. The federal government is responsible for these deaths. They know these men and women at the low end of this mess are in danger and they are doing nothing to protect them or their families. The men behind the finacial disaster do not fear our government; they know that our government will do nothing to them. They have made the huge mistake of conning the Chicoms. The Chinese are noted for having great memories and they are creative when it comes to revenge. The people responsible for the housing bubble are willing to throw not just America but the whole world under a train to cover up their thefts.

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