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The ATS Phenomenon Keeps Growing, And Growing...

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:24 PM
Congratulation to the owners of the site. I suspect the popularity of this site can only increase as the commercial angle is further developed by the marketeers.

It is, of course with utmost respect I offer my $.02, please don't allow commercial success to distract you from the spirit you brought to this endeavor in the beginning.

I understand that I am but a visitor/community member on this forum, in which you have graciously allowed those of my kind to exchange ideas where others, more adherent to the 'conventional' media community are generally squelched. Whoever represented your 'heart and soul' in this venture should be proud, but those who wish to piggyback on your success can add as well as detract from your success.

Good luck. And may you meet with success in the future that approaches us all.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by SkepticOverlord

Found out why there appears to be so many crazy Liberals and crazy Republicans! California leads the site in visits, followed by Texas.....

Also New York, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco are the biggest visitors... sooo

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:01 PM
We're bigger than Slashdot?


I actually have a dormant account there from when I used to (was still able to!) keep up with computer and technology issues, so I know about the Slashdot effect.

Have we crashed some poor soul's website?

I think most of the sites linked to by ATS are news sites and are used to high traffic themselves. It would be interesting to see if there is a measurable ATS effect though.

Onward and upward.


posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:02 PM

Originally posted by Rockpuck
Found out why there appears to be so many crazy Liberals and crazy Republicans! California leads the site in visits, followed by Texas.....

Also New York, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco are the biggest visitors... sooo

Los Angeles here...and just so you know, we all think that you are the crazy one...

Congrats to all of ATS on this milestone...we are the new media. Interactive news is much better than being told what to think. As communications advance, the people will finally have their say...

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:15 PM

Originally posted by MemoryShock

Interactive news is much better than being told what to think. As communications advance, the people will finally have their say...

To coin a phrase, may your words grow wings!


posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:16 PM
The three amigos have me to thank for it.

If I had not made all of those awesome posts and thread it would never have become this popular.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:57 PM
Many congratulations to everyone.

I am sure we all do our utmost to add to the traffic coming this way.

I know I do. Some of you may be aware of my recent need to up-root from where I was. Whilst i was on my travels, I had met family (from Norway) in Kuala Lumpa airport. They were on their way home and the father was waiting for me to get off the airports internet access so he could show his son some conspiracy theory related topics.

He had asked me how long I was going to be and we got chatting and so I discovered his needs. I then just had to tell him about ATS to which he immediately chjecked out before his other searches. I knopw he took home the ATS address.

Whilst in Frankfurt, I had some time to kill and got to know several people in a small cafe that does a lot for homeless and needy. Of course, I got chatting and eventually spread the news of the ATS phenomenon.

Now in the UK and I met three teenagers handing out human rights leaflets in a town centre. After an initial chat on such subjects, ATS got another plug.

well done everyone.. keep it up...

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:59 PM
Seeing this post reminds me of a dream I had on Sept 24th:

From my dream log:

The abovetopsecret website had made the front page of the paper as a top internet site. I recall thinking that there was a job opening there that It would be nice to get. I recall seeing the actual headlines on a newspaper.

While its not newspaper, it is news. Congratulations on your new benchmark!

What keeps this site strong is an intense desire to deny ignorance while promoting a healthy dialogue.

Nice work ATS.


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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:22 PM
I check this site every morning when I get up, and again at night before bed, as well as several times during the day. I have learned a lot, been able to engage in some spirited exchanges with a few, and I get alternative takes on the news, and some of the wildest conspiracy theories imaginable. What more could one man ask for? (Some good bourbon to sip on while browsing and comtemplating the end of the world maybe?)
Again, good work, guys. Keep it up.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:40 PM
I'm proud of you ATS! I've been around since 2002 (I'm member "lucky number 13" on the list) & I've seen growth here that I sometimes still have trouble believing. I sorta feel like the Uncle that visits all the time, supporting the parents in helping a growing child grow into maturity...

After all, even though I like to think of myself as a quality-producing Member, I've learned more from here than I have anywhere else on the 'net, simply because so many quality-members give me such good leads! The truism still stands: Even the best of teachers can learn as much (or more) from the students!

I'm also glad to see that SO has given up that old worn-down, burned-out avatar (probably adopted due to the political bashing that's been building up since Bush first got "selected" as President, up until this election cycle) & gone back to the square-jawed, self-determined superhero I grew to love over the past years...
Hey, guys can love each other in a purely plutonic way...It's just not considered politically correct to say it; but then I've never been too fond of being PC! ("Freedom Fries" my @$$...I've always enjoyed French Fries better!)

So I'd like to tip my hat to ATS for being the ketchup on my French Fries!

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:41 PM
Woot!! Congratulations, Time to up the advertising space price, methinks

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:50 PM
This is GREAT news for ATS!!

thats quite an honorable ranking,
But it has been a top 5 site for me for over 4 years.....I mean, THIS is where I get my news.....I guess the populace at large is beginning to see things my way......

I resemble those vocal female members to.

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:57 PM
I hope you saved me a glass of Champagne you greedy Gannets!

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 03:47 PM
Congratulations Amigos!

Congratulations fellow Comrades!

Great job!

*does the happy tinfoil dance*

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 03:56 PM
Nice to hear...
Congratulations to the site staff, you defiantly deserve this after all the hard work you have put into ATS over the years.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 04:57 PM
Yes, I forgot to say congrats

I really think the more people who stumble on this site, the more people that realize there is more to a story than we know, and ATSers are a good source of info.

Now in troubled times, when tinfoil doesn't look so much like fluffy tinsel, I really think more and more will come.

I just know back in my early days if I saw a story elsewhere on the net, I would come here to get more info.

The ATS Members deserve a good round of applause along with the Amigo's!

*claps loudly for Admin & Members alike*

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 05:13 PM
We The People

Originally posted by thehumbleone
If I had not made all of those awesome posts and thread it would never have become this popular.

While I know you're saying this with a wink, in aggregate, it's quite true.

You should be proud, as should every member of our quirky online family, because we are the reason for the growing popularity of ATS.

Granted, especially in a community where popularity holds less value than credibility, traffic statistics may not seem to be something to get excited about. Indeed, if we start "playing to the camera", I think we risk losing the very quality that makes ATS the best.

Certainly there's no shortage of concerns expressed among members about ATS "going mainstream", "selling out" and otherwise losing our way, but the truth is that none of these things can happen unless we as members allow it to.

Each time any of us posts honestly, candidly and politely on ATS, we vote against the alternatives. If enough of us do so, that will eventually become mainstream.

We The People Of ATS are offering the world a genuine, viable alternative to the kind of mass-mind, mass-marketing mindset that has been the signature and legacy of one-way, broadcast media.

We talk about what they refuse to talk about. With very few constraints (and quite reasonable ones at that), we talk about anything we want, and all opinions are welcome.

That's the formula that makes ATS what it is, and the popularity of ATS is a direct result of what all of us do.

So by all means, be proud!

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 06:03 PM
Congratulations members!!!!!

We are history in the making!!! Imagine being able to come here and get the latest news, the latest conspiracies, and get a feel for how the public at large feels about it all!!!!!

We are numero uno !!!!!!!


posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 07:46 PM

Originally posted by Frontkjemper
Wonder what the future holds...

Bill HR 1955?

[[ducking for cover....]]]

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 08:47 PM
Well I'm just glad to see we've beaten, they've been at the forefront of disinformation, and promotion of the NWO ever since Shamu took over.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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