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The Logical Possibilities of UFO Scenarios

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:53 AM
Alright, the following is a culmination of thoughts I've had on this subject for awhile now. And, as usual, these thoughts have been finalized, in my mind at least, through reading some of the thoughts of others on this website (gotta love ATS
)... I see two options. A and B, although A appears to have a couple of sub-possibilities (there ARE other options POSSIBLY conceivable, but I won't go into those as I have ruled them out in my mind due to evidence for A and B.)
Option A is that the UFO phenomenon is an extraterrestrial experience and we are witnessing non-earthly, intelligently operated aeronautical/submarinal transportational vehicles. With that being said, the obvious questions come to mind - are they just watching? Are they good or bad? What potential business do they have here?
Option B is that the UFO phenomenon is a governmental program whose purpose MUST BE warfare technology.

If the phenomenon is extraterrestrial I think it can be concluded that they are NOT simply watching us because any species intelligent enough to travel the galaxy would realize that their observations are being observed by us. Therefore, they are influencing our development even at this MOST BASIC level. At that point, they might as well go ahead and influence us even moreso, lest we become advanced enough to possibly challenge them with a mindset potentially different than their own.
Which brings me to the question of their morality. I would argue that morality is subjective to cultural conditions during a specific time-frame so that question is moot. As an example I would use the analogy of stealing a loaf of bread - In America the punishment for stealing a loaf of bread varies from NOTHING to a misdemeanor citation while in some Middle Eastern cultures, it can result in the loss of a hand. This is because in America, people are blessed with abundance and a loaf of bread is trivial. However, in some other parts of the world, you steal a loaf of bread, a family starves for the week. So it really depends on the "visitors" cultural conditions as to what THEIR intentions would be and ours to how WE would perceive them. In the long run it renders the question meaningless and trivial next to the fact that it would be the most significant discovery in human history.
As to the question of their potential business this is the main question that cannot be answered until we have some sort of contact and diplomatic relations with them. However, I believe that if any or all of the above is true then we are dealing with more than one force. If we weren't then we would know very well their intentions. This also means that the forces are working against one another in some shape or form.
One thing seems certain in my mind. Any race visiting this planet is a race that is peaceful on their home front. Two ways that they can be that way. Liberty or Slavery. Either way, the beings are incredibly advanced but the difference is whether the beings are ADVANCED ENOUGH to be able to self-govern to the point of total peace and spacefaring technology vs. advanced enough to recognize that they need a communistic society ran through a central computer system that optimizes peaceful lives and efficient societal involvement.

Option B is actually outlawed through option A but I put it in anyhow because there seems to be a lot of support for it. I think that the support is narrow-sighted. Option B can only exist legitimately in conjuction with ONE of the aspects of A because without it the UFOs are nothing more than weapons systems. Why would that follow? Because if the UFOs were indeed weapons systems, you would have the government using them as soon as they possibly could to exert their will over their foes. This simply isn't the case. The phenomenon has existed for too long. It however IS possible that more than one government has them, but this makes the likelihood of outside influence even more great due to the same secrecy already mentioned. This brings me back to square one. If the military gained them from an outside entity that was merely watching and not engaged, they ARE engaged now.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 08:09 AM
Those are not the only options by far. There are some options we have not even the presence of mind to think of because of our limited ability to understand all that exists in reality...not just out universe.

Option C is manmade but not from our timeline here in the present.

Option D is earthmade.. not extra terrestrial but made in fact by a species indiginous to our world that we remain ignorant of, as they wish it to be.

Option E is Dimensional travelers..

Option F is all the inifinate number of options that we cannot even conceive of as yet.

We certainly have more than just A and B to consider.

BTW .. hi Jay.. nice thread.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 05:25 PM
Thanks Neph and hello to you as well.

Well, for the sake of discussion, I am considering ANYTHING out of this world, extraterrestrial even including interdimensional beings that could possibly share the same space as us. The reason I would consider such a thing extraterrestrial is because we have, as yet, no ability to measure their existence on this particular planet. This would even include biblical angels and demons.

I did mention in the first paragraph that there are other options, but that I have excluded them from this particular discussion because I don't think there is enough evidence to comment on them.

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