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NWO vs nwo, I have an idea

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posted on Mar, 23 2004 @ 11:20 AM
What if the NWO is actually happening right now, but what you think the NWO is, is not correct.

Think about all of the worlds current events... From IMCLONE to IRAQ to Terrorism to the US presidential race. Does anyone else think they are just merely watching a real life (but scripted) drama playing out. Of which we have no control over and of which the outcomes have already be pre-planned????

Somehow I think we are now living in a world where the "events" that we are seeing have been carefully planned as a series of events that lead certain parties with no other choice then to follow the ultimate plan set forth by the NWO.

Example 1. IMCLONE- what if the FDA purposly pulled the aproval for Erbitux because some goverment group needed IMCLONE to concentrate on a "covert" project but Sam (being money greedy) insisted on focusing on Erbitux. So they made the FDA pull the approval and forced Sam into a downward spiral because he was looking at loosing a bunch of other peoples money. So he sells everyone out. Martha being the aloof arrogant witch that she is makes comments about "them not making this stick to me" and so the "goverment" gets her and makes it "stick" to prove a point to her. Meanwhile after everything is said and done, this being Sam in jail making room for a new CEO to pursue the "covert" project that the goverment wants and Martha on her way to jail. The FDA turns around its "postponed" decision and approves Erbitux, which it did not care about in the first place approved or not.

Example 2 Israel vs Palestine, the US goverement tells Israel repeatedly to show contraint while the Hamas bombers blow their citizens up. Preventing Israel from going in there and leveling Gaza. While secretly "stirring the pot" with Arafat. Now across the world other countries are on the hunt for top Terrorists ie Pakistan etc and are out to rid their nations of the terrorist's so while the world's attention is on the seige at the border, Israel is crafting its attack plan to take out the head of Hamas. As a cover for the failure to get the #2 ALQ guy in Pakistan. This way the US goverment can have specific data that the war on "terror" is working, some get away while other dont.

Example 3 this morning on Channel 5 in LA they were discussing the fact that both Bush and Kerry are members of the Skull and Bones, even going so far as bringing up the fact that the Skull and Bones are a known secret society that some people say have plans for a New World Order headed by affulent "old money" families. Amazing that this would be brought up in the news. Like it was intentionally leaked so that the public can say "oh thats nonsense, its just some college thing"

So the "New World Order" is really just the manipulation of the outcome of events and not a world wide goverment system. It the active and systematic control of the "circumstances" that result in actions that are overal favorable to the "NWO" objectives.

This verse the nwo, which is the natural world order of events ie the casual action and reaction of either individuals or groups of peoples.

The natural world order is the way the world used to be, but some "event" triggered this "new world order" to come into play where global events have been influenced by a string of pre-planned actions by a select few.

The NWO is upon us I am afraid.


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