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Origin of AIDS virus

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 03:56 AM
Hi there everyone, Ive been lurking around here for a long while, and finally decided to start posting up a couple of the interesting things I have discovered in short life span so far. Though I use TOR and such, I still dont like having to be logged in or enable cookies, but thats for another post.

Lets get on with the meat of this one shall we...

In 2000, I was a young high-school student that was known for my computer related abilities, particularly security. Well I was always sending off to companies asking for informational discs and at some point Cray supercomputers sent me some information that got me interested in supercomputers. So I was doing research on supercomputers, at the time, by ranking of the worlds fastest, one of which happened to be at The Los Alamos National Laboratory.

This is where I stumbled upon some very interesting stuff.

About this time is when, if you remember, there were A) Large fires in the area of the Los Alamos Lab that caused surrounding towns, and even the lab (minus critical personal only) to be evacuated.
This is also the same time period that the media exposure of a potential spy at Los Alamos was revealed, supposedly to have stolen and then returned two hard-drives with TS Nuclear information on them.

Now, what is interesting, is that the main supercomputer at LAL (los alamos labs in short) was researching the origin of AIDS at the time. It was said, before the fire, that it was literally expected to compute and figure out the origin of aids withing days to weeks.
Immediately before its expected date to find the origin of aids, is when the fires happened and the supposed espionage happened.
What I have not been able to track down since then, but found with ease at the time, is a article that when the scientists came back from the evacuation they found that some of the data on the supercomputer researching aids had been corrupted, or even possible tampered with. This did not makes headlines, and I have always thought of this as my first genuinely discovered "conspiracy".

This leads me to believe that the fires, and possibly even the espionage that made media headlines, were just covers for the government to do something to the computer researching the origin of aids in order to cover it up. Because the government created it, or more likely someone with funding from one of the large Families we all know about (for population and homosexual control purposes.) Of course this is very circumstantial and does not prove anything, but just thought it was interesting, and that I might share this info with ATS. Up next a post about interesting caves in 29 palms....

Keep your blade sharp and your mind sharper.

Well it looks like the links i was trying to put in arent workign quite right.., oh well if you do some simple google searches with the relative keywords youll find the appropriate articles.

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 04:34 AM
Interesting stuff
I'm gonna check out those links and do some research as well.

I am curious if they continued their research afterwards?

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 05:21 AM
Is there any evidence that suggests that the supercomputer was indeed busy calculating the origins of the aids virus just before the fires started? If not, how do you know this?

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by enlightenedgrunt

very interesting article and observations and insights and research. also note statement by high-ranking military officer confirming AIDS is manmade; also, a synthetic gene from AIDS has been identified in the the Gulf War Syndrome disease. Let me see if I can find the urls for you (you'll have to skim the following urls and their descriptions to find the ones of interest):
Emory, (part 1) Designer Genes & AIDS Vaccine; & (part 2) Mueller File. | Listen (at wfmu, 14 min, 35 seconds into play, 5/14/01: FTR 282, Designer Genes & AIDS Vaccine) ... a genetically-altered micro-organism, that appears to be causing illness known as ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ ...called mycoplasma, features addition of gene from HIV, rendering it more pathogenic. ... Dr. Horowitz (Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional, hardcover, Tetrahedron, 1996) traces probable origins of AIDS & Ebola to: 10 million dollar Pentagon project aimed at creating diseases to destroy human immune system; Richard Nixon’s ‘war on cancer’, Litton Bionetics; National Cancer Institute’s Special Virus Cancer Research Program; MERCK, Sharp & Dohme & creation, testing & marketing of vaccines. Dr. Cantwell (AIDS & Doctors of Death, Aries Rising Press, 1989) -- info dovetails w/ Dr. Horowitz’s research; focuses on cancer research & testing of experimental hepatitis B vaccine (produced by MERCK, Sharp & Dohme) on gays in New York City. NWO/NEO-NAZI/FASCIST BIOWARFARE -- (2-of-4)
Army ‘STAR 21’ REPORT: Strategic Technologies for Army of Twenty-First Century

AIDS pandemic started as direct result of genetic experimentation & military madness. most damning evidence that AIDS man-made comes from Department of Defense (DOD) Appropriations Hearings for 1969 wherein Pentagon officials, namely one Dr. MacArthur requested an AIDS-like virus, & biowarfare labs dutifully provided virus which would destroy human immune response. This genetically-engineered germ would be very different from any previous microbe known to mankind.

These experiments form basis of human genetic experiments that now utilize animal cancer viruses to replace genetic material into human cells.

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