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The Gravity Control Technologies Prototype Rover.

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posted on Mar, 23 2004 @ 07:37 AM
Starting in 2003, Gravity Control Technologies issues the following challenge to those who still believe in the true inquiring nature of the scientific enterprise, and would like to embark on one of the most important and historic missions of the 21st century.

We want to go to Mars. And we want GCT technology to be the instrument of the first independent mapping mission to the red planet.

There are many intriguing questions which need to be answered.

- Is there or ever been life on Mars?
- Is there easily usable water?
- Can we establish colonies?
- What would it take to live on the red planet?
- Can we mine for resources and produce life sustaining necessities?
- Are those enigmatic and highly controversial features first discovered in the 70s, the Face, the pyramids and other intriguing geographical features artificial or naturally occurring?

Many question and very few answers.

The GCT challenge is very simple. Or initial prototype was conceived to have commercial viability beyond just a test craft. And since we will build one for testing, mind as well use it for the grandest test off all: going to Mars.

We will implement the unmanned prototype to carry imaging and analytical instrumentation to the red planet in search for life, water, and to produce extreme close up, high resolution images of all relevant surface features. We even have plans to include an autonomous rover in the lower payload bay as illustrated below.


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