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2 very real dreams

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:40 PM
Hello again ^_^. I thought i would put up my own thread on this, since i did not post the second dream in the first thread i made about dream 1, a while back.

Dream 1. I was lying on my bed falling asleep when a red flash image popped in my mind, with the outline of a grey in it. This freaked me out to no end, and i ran downstairs, then collapsed on the floor. My mom came to my side, and asked what was wrong, she was very concerned. Then i sayd im fine (a lie), and got up to walk back upstairs. This is when i noticed a probe, coming from my livingroom and going upstairs. I decided to follow it in the hopes of finding out what was going on. That is when i saw them as i came up the stairs. 2 greys , one old, one young, standing there, looking directly at me. One reached out for me, and at first i yanked my hand away, but the second time i let him, and he simply shook my hand. Then i stood there, talking to them. I do not remember what we talked about, but i guess it was important since they don't just come visit you for random chatting ^_^. That is when i woke up, and felt warm inside, and also very relaxed.

Dream 2. I was asleep this time, and then i woke up, in the middle of the night very suddenly. I decided to look around and stretch, when i saw a light out my window, behind my bed. I decided to check through my blinds what it was, and a probe was there, with a bright light pointing at me. Then the probe stretched it's "arm" i think, towards me and surprisingly it went right through my window, and got a hold of one of my fingers. Then i heard a snap sound, and i guess it felt sort of like being stamped. After that I layed back down on my bed, still looking at the probe, when a humanoid alien came inside. I couldn't tell which race, since it was dark in my room, but it was humanoid, that much i know. The humanoid told me it needed to stick something up my "behind". I am not joking, and i was in no mood to laugh, as i was still in shock at what was happening. I asked him if there was any other place to stick whatever it was he was holding, i do not know what it was. Then he sayd that my arm was another option. So we agreed that my upper arm was a better alternative. That is when i woke up.

I have no idea if they were lucid dreams, or real encounters. But this much i know, they were dreams i have not had in a long time. They felt real in every way, and both times when i woke up, i felt relaxed, and warm inside.

I would like people to share their dreams here, and hopefully we can figure out if they were just that, dreams, or if they have more meaning to them.

Please be nice, as i am not suggesting anything, i myself do not know if it's real or just a lucid dream.

To the people that replied to this the first time around, please come and share your experiences again ^_^.


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