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Three Questions Concerning the BailOut

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:19 PM
What will the American people do if the bail out goes through?

What will happen to the economy if the bail out does not go through?

If the bail out is stopped, will the GOV still somehow get what they want through other means?

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:11 PM
A lot of speculation:

1) The American people will go on about their business, probably muttering things like "stupid Congress!" but not taking any action. If the American people were ones to be counted on for making their outrage known, well with Congress ' approval rating being in the toilet for so many months, you'd think they'd have done something.

2) No one knows. Bernanke says, "you no give money, everything go BOOM!" and Paulson adds, "give money! give money now!!".

A third of ATS says, "the economy will get tanked, but that will be the necessary sacrifice to purge the system". Another third says "the markets will be destroyed! the economy will plunge! it will be chaos! we can't let that happen! save the economy at all costs!". The final third says "the economy will get tanked! normal life will come to and end! there will be chaos! where do I sign up!".

Average Americans seem to be saying "well I'm not a fancy-pants economical genius-type, ya see, but I reckon them taxes are eeevil, ya hear!" and implying that they don't really understand what will happen either way. I guess there are also some saying "economic crash means no more loose credit? !@#$ #*$& !(#&$ etc.". Rich Americans aren't saying anything, they're seeing how gold, crude oil, and the Euro are trading today.

Half of the financial sector says "we receive bailout checks when?" and the other says "they were irresponsible, let the market take it's course and correct things".

3) If you're referring to Butch Bernanke and the Treasury Kid, well they've still got plenty of room to maneuver. If you're referring to Congress, well they'll decide on something eventually. If you're referring to Bush, I don't think even he knows what he wants, he has to check with Cheney.

Note: the above is purely speculative and intended to be funny. If it fails in the latter case I apologize.

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