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Response to the Feds: Revolution or Secession?

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 12:23 PM
Since there are a lot of people calling for the torch mobs right now...

What do you think is most effective to "fix" the problems of the Federal Government:

To overthrow and replace the Feds completely,

Or for individual states/regions to secede and declare independance?

I am not advocating either, or trying to start anything at all, just curious to see how other members could play it out, and whether other members in other states might have differing opinions.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by asmeone2

I think in this case it could indeed properly spelled as succession.

The soundbite arguement (repeated way too often) of it will cost the people more if we don't bail them out is the most offensive and blatently ignorant arguement I have ever heard (which says much as I have heard and admittedly had some pretty dumb ideas).

It is very clear that We the People have need of true representation. We need a larger voice than pettion and vote. Yes we still have the Second Ammendment (and it is a very powerful voice) but so far I have heard not even 1% willing to go that route. 1% is a small number percentage-wise but that would be 3 million Americans. Yep, that would be more than enough to get some serious listening to from the government.

As while a fairly brave person myself, the thought of 3 million people gunning for my butt would have me wetting my pants. So I would be very willing to listen to their opinions an perhaps act upon them unless they were too far out.

Personally, I am considering personal secession, ala Grizzly Adams eventhough in doing so I have to give up comforts that I enjoy. Of course if the economy really does completely collapse I would have to give up most of those comforts anyways.

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