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Same coin, different sides.

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 11:16 AM
Hi all, just wanted to share this thought I had.

I am starting to believe both thruthers and debunkers are actually on the same side, though both do not realize it.

And that side is the Illuminati, clever devils

I'll explain my reasoning: If the Plan is to create Ordo ab Chao, they nééd opposing forces. It's the only thing that makes sense.

Both sides are obviously well promoted and funded, through their own 'interest groups', and both belief they have 'the thruth' at their side, to allmost religious extremes.

They are counting on the Internet to provide an Underground Information Network, quite possibly even funding them and providing them with know-how and connections.

Which company owns Alex Jones' Network again ?

They are stoking the stove, counting on it to burst apart at the seams.

They need the violence, the fear, the anger.

And meanwhile, they meet once in a while and discuss the proceedings of the real Plan, and are prepared to capitalize on any actions by 'informed' citizens.

It's like a perpetuüm Mobile.. the balls keep swinging back and forth, every action causing a reaction, and every outcome benefitting their world view.. gaining momentum with every swing because every reaction is harder then the action, untill it oscillates out of control..

We shout indignation, because we assume there are moral values and rules involved, they just call it reality and business as usual. And meanwhile we're getting used.. to create the Chao

I'm not sure how to feel now, I think gaining insight and thruthfull knowledge is allways one of the highest ideals, and I deluded myself sufficiently that somehow they'd allow us to know the Thruth without it benefitting them.. don't they have this maxim that they can do whatever they want, but they need to have advertised it in some form or other supposedly?

Now I'm left without belief, shaken to the core, but still I felt compelled to share the thought..

What's your take on this ?

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