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Greatest Hypothetical 2

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:56 AM
Yeah, part 2. Knock Mankind out the way, and lets go deep inside the world's Individual-kind. Since the individual-kind brings about, whether or not, any world come will be in any way screwed, answer me below...

If you could some point fine-tune the World's Individual for this world or another world:

1) What's the unfavorable stuff that should be disspelled out individual for a world in basic and in general? And also, what should be disspelled out in specific for a fine-tuned, female individual concept and a fine-tuned, male individual concept before actualizing a furnished individual them?

2) How would individual itself be for both female and male seperate and also together in common? Specifically, what would the called, chosen, and faithful ingredience, which make up the individual kind, be?

Note 1:

Your role is temporarily the Supreme Being under the Grand Supreme Being in this hypothetical, because like the Grand Supreme Being even the temporary Supreme Being becomes its own favorable world's individual amongst after some recieved, wise time spent for fine-tuning individual itself how felt such should go. Basically, a Supreme Being makes it's own bed for Itself to lay in in long periods rather than always stand cowardly outside and far away from what It made.

Note 2:

Saying how laws in your world would be just to keep individuals in check, is robbery. What makes the world best then? Well, it starts with the individual, not with some external rules. When many individuals go against external rules, and you adjust the rules, it still remains that some will not like the rules nor play by those rules, and reveal your rules didnt actually bring world peace and happiness and neither world conforming nor solve the world's problems. So, if you want a better world, then understand you have to fine-tune the individual not by external robbery. Then will the world be working with a sure according, which means there doesnt have to be external rules since individuals would be acting how you prefer from the get-go without external tought love or external deterrents or external rewards even having to be in any way, shape, or form. External rewards cause individuals to sell themselves out or another just for a benefit. That is also robbery since it acts to put you from being you, is it not?

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 07:15 PM
The perfect individual...


blonde hair...
blue eyes...
big breasts.


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