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Obama Potentially the new Bush??

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 08:37 AM
This could be a long one so stay with me….

I have been considering what is happening in American politics for the last number of years. I have to say that I did not see or hear or know much about Obama before he fell onto the scene in a big way about a year ago. (In terms of his profile in Europe). I have a few points that I would appreciate hearing some opinions on regarding his position as the main competitor to McCain and the Republicans.

As a background:
With Bush and the Republicans struggling in the poles and there apparently being a general feeling for the need to change from the current administration, the democrats had 2 options for their primary candidate,. Clinton and in the end Obama. Clinton automatically represents baggage and things that have been done before. Obama is new and charismatic etc etc…

The republicans put a bunch of candidates together that had no discernable differences (Bar Ron Paul but I don’t know a whole lot about that lad) and McCain wins out. This is a guy who has the appearance of someone that could pop his clogs at a moments notice. Not exactly what you want leading when things look like they are going to get very tough.

To me it seems that events are being directed to engineer an Obama victory. The previous administration has been ridiculed, the Republican party seems old and short of ideas. The economy and general world environment is in turmoil. In situations such as this throughout history (Germany springs to mind) people have moved towards the new, the promises for change and the idea that things will get better if we move away from what went before.

The current political situation in America seems to play out like a very basic reinforcement of the idea that republicans are stuck in their ways, a 70 year old vet battling with illness for the last decade. While trumpeting the idea that what the current situation needs is a new perspective, Obama. It’s not an elaborate brain washing of the masses but a very basic case of negative reinforcement of the existing establishment.

Now on to the main point, Bush has been accused of being a puppet of a group of old hands in the background pulling the strings. You look at the lad and think he should not be left in charge of a club door never mind a country. It was however his personality, his ability to connect with ordinary folk (and America’s polarized political landscape) that pushed him to victory, twice.
Obama looks like he will ride on the back of a message; use his natural charisma and his ability to win undecided voters to saunter into the white house. But I can see nothing in his history to suggest that he would be able to run a country or leed a people effectively. To me he is again a vehicle to get an established set of policy makers into office for another crack at things while he takes care of PR. He, to me, will become the new Bush, rolled out for photo opps to spin rhetoric and provide a mouth piece to placate FOX news viewers and the rest.

I would be interested in what people think about this, I have no real interest in who is the better candidate, that’s been talked to death in ATS but I’m wondering if people see any parallels between Obama and Bush and wonder if this is a way of maintaining the status quo while giving the illusion of Democracy working and giving people the change they are crying out for.

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