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I smell Karl Rove

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 07:14 AM
I'm admittedly cynical and jaded. More lately than ever before. This whole bailout fiasco is an outrage. But if the very survival of the country would steel 'our' politicians to action think again.

Out-f-the-blue John McCain announces he is suspending his campaign and ads (which is BS... the ads are still running) in order to rush back to Washington and solve the economic crisis. That's swell. Except what exactly is John McCain going to do? He isn't on any of the key economic committees hammering this out.

Yesterday we all hear that they've hammered-out a compromise on the Traesury plan (which GWB refers to as HIS plan... what a joke). Frank, Dodd, et al have a news converence to say Congress has agreed on a plan and they'd be sending it to Treasury and the President.

Suddenly, at the 11th hour, there's NO plan. No agreement. Republicans come forward with another plan (which has in its basic form already been rejected). The entire situation, which the Administration and Treasury have told us is time-critical, is suddenly thrown into disarray. Contention. Polarization. The country's financial systems hang in the balance.

So WHY did John McCain need to rush back to Washington? Is a situation being contrived where it will be made to look like he stepped in and resolved this stand-off? Will he be made to look like the champion who rushes in to save the economy? Keep in mind, the same people that hold the leashes of the Republicans that created this stand-off also hold McCains leash.

It's like a bad movie.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 08:44 AM
Personally, I suspect that McCain, being a bit drugged out as he is, is not in the best of shape, the sharpest of mind, and he didn't want to debate because Obama would run rings around him.

The "crisis" was a very convenient excuse to cancel and not show the Universe how ill-equipped he is to handle thinking on his feet.

Besides, I think he has Diebold on his side, so debates are really more of the bread'n'circuses (sans bread) that they are putting on for the unwashed masses. Why go through the stress?

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