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Is President Bush a Sociopath?

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 01:50 AM
Bush has destroyed this country in 8 short years. He borrowed more money than all the Presidents combined.

I've been reading alot lately about Bush being a sociopath and I'm starting to believe it.

He killed frogs when he was a kid by putting firecrackers in their mouth, he mocked Karla Faye Tucker begging for her life and he cheered when we bombed Iraq.

December 5, 2002 — If any of us are to have a future worth having, the world's leaders, the members of Congress, the US corporate media and people of all political persuasions who value freedom and democracy had better start seeing George W. Bush for what he is: a sociopath and a passive serial killer.

Psychiatrists tell us that all serial killers lack the emotions that make us human; that they have to learn to emulate those emotions in order to get by in society. Hence, a charming, well educated fellow like Ted Bundy who is known to have murdered 15 women and may have killed 36 before he was caught.

While Bush is no Bundy, when it comes Bundy's education and acquired charm, and to our knowledge has never personally murdered anyone, it has been evident to us that there is something missing in George W. in terms of his lack of compassion and empathy. As governor of Texas, he set a record in signing death warrants — 154 in five years. He even made fun of the way convicted killer Karla Faye Tucker begged for her life.

If we believe the psychiatrists, a sign of a future serial killer is a child who delights in torturing and killing animals. George W., as a child, did exactly that. In a May 21, 2000, New York Times' puff piece about the values Bush gained growing up in Midland, Texas, Nicholas D. Kristof quoted Bush's childhood friend Terry Throckmorton: "'We were terrible to animals,' recalled Mr. Throckmorton, laughing. A dip behind the Bush home turned into a small lake after a good rain, and thousands of frogs would come out. 'Everybody would get BB guns and shoot them,' Mr. Throckmorton said. 'Or we'd put firecrackers in the frogs and throw them and blow them up.'"

If a sociopath is in the White House then we are in BIG trouble. One psychiatrist talked about how Bush sees everyone as his father and if you disagree with him he wants to punish you.

America has been disagreeing with Bush and is his way of punishing us, is destroying this country.

I think what he does is he turns everybody who disagrees with him into his father. It doesn’t matter whether it’s actually the concrete representation of his father, like Baker, or the voters who vote against staying in Iraq. We have become his father. We are the people he is now defying. He will turn everybody, any authority, anybody who disagrees with him, into a father figure who he’d have to defy. -- Justin A. Frank, M.D.

If this guy is a sociopath, he has no empathy and he wants to see more destruction especially since the American people has defied him when it comes to many issues lately.

He has a low approval rating and in his warped mind he dissaproves of us and is doing everything he can to take us down.

I say get down on your knees and pray to the Almighty God through His Son Jesus Christ because I think this is it.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 01:52 AM
Is this a rhetorical question? I can only assume it is.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:45 AM
Another question is, is Dick Cheney a Sociopath or is he really that bad a shot?

Most elitists are mildly sociopathic at best, it's just how our current system selects for. Bankers and other major powerbrokers know and use this to their advantage. Hence the wolf in sheeps clothing logo of the Fabian society for an example, and why predators are so commenly seen on family crests. I suspect that they see themselves as better for being colder and more ruthless, a subset of the species which they think of as a species to themselves.

While I am not a bleeding heart myself, there is a diference between emotional shielding and indiference or sadism. A lot of these people are sadists, which is several degrees beyond lack of empathy, as they actually derive pleasure from other people's suffering. Empathy in reverse.

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:13 AM
Honestly? It wouldn't surprise me. There's an awful irony in that high-level politicians don't get where they are through altruism and philanthropy. Despite campaign promises, politicians generally don't actually care about the average person. Worse still, most have little or no empathy as they are genuinely removed from the average person's life with regard to finance and opportunities &c.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:14 AM
Bush is not a sociopath. He is just a man with a low IQ, which made him to an ideal puppet president that the banks and AIPAC can control (Obama will be the same.). But at least Bush had the IQ to veto the attack against Iran at the beginning of the year, which is presenting that he is not THAT silly man at all. That doesn't mean I like him at all, but it seems he still able to make difference between Israel and the U.S.

But warmongers, "I will bring peace to anywhere with weapons" Cheney and "I'm Israel's best friend" Condi however are the other side. Now THEY'RE sociopaths. Just look into their eyes.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:04 AM
Is he really? Did you see him stutter and make mystakes when he was going after the 700b bailout?

He's only a fool when it gets him off the hook...

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:23 AM
I believe Bush has outperformed Bundy in psychopathy. If you look at the conspiracies of the child sex slave rings, and the drug trafficking done by the cia, of whom his father resided, not to mention that he took office, and if you have researched Brownsville Texas, then Bush would not fit the profile for a low IQ pawn, though probably still a pawn. He actually fits a similar profile as Arizona Wilder, as a systematically abused and broken, mind controlled child abuse victims of the Babylonian occult based Illuminati. This is what I believe, and a true psychopath, a step up from a sociopath. The difference between them, to most people, is the propensity to kill. A sociopath could merely be a harmless, introspective hermit. Due to the systematic childhood abuse of this man, and probable drug and alcohol tendencies, I pray for him frequently, as I do for all children being abused with the intent to create extreme dysfunction by certain factions.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:27 AM
Bush is a man that lives in a small room all by himself. This latest so called econimic crisis is an example. "The sky is falling..." No it's not. The only thing that would happen if they don't pass the bailout is the economy will reset itself and move on. But Bush doesn't know this as all NewWorldOrder types don't.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:32 AM

Originally posted by Sheridan
Bush is not a sociopath. He is just a man with a low IQ,

I'm not sure that he has a low IQ. I think greed and cronyism gets the better of his intellect and that's why he appears to do stupid things. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little truth in 'Alzheimer's' rumour from a few years ago though. Those video comparisons seemed really strange to me.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:41 AM
At a very minimum he is neurotic. He has a God-complex. He lies. He freely shows the horns-of-the-beast handsign. He is selfish. He doesn't like other people. He wants to inherit the Earth for himself. He walks cocky (which is a sign of an unhealthy superiority complex)

It is my amateur analysis that he is indeed Sociopathic (that is no conscience). He is most likely also psychopathic (delusional).

My 2c,

Libery, A.R.M.,

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:52 AM

Originally posted by Wise Dome
Is President Bush a Sociopath?

No. He's just really stupid a lot of the time.
Stupidity does not equal sociopath.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:54 AM

Originally posted by dnbaudio
At a very minimum he is neurotic. He has a God-complex. He lies. He is selfish. He doesn't like other people. He wants to inherit the Earth for himself. He walks cocky (which is a sign of an unhealthy superiority complex) He is most likely also psychopathic (delusional).

This describes a whole lotta' people in politics. Bush43. Rummy. Cheney. Obama. Hillary. Bill Clinton. etc etc etc

As for the 'horns of the beast handsign' - that's a 'Texas thing' and unless you have ever lived there you probably wouldn't understand it. (I lived there for two years).

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 03:19 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan
As for the 'horns of the beast handsign' - that's a 'Texas thing' and unless you have ever lived there you probably wouldn't understand it.

To Texans it's a show of fan-dom of the UT Longhorns.

In metal (Ronnie James) Dio popularized it around 1979, but it was used by Gene Simmons, Frank Zappa, and John Lennon years before that.

It's been part of the occult for quite a while too, including cultural superstitions of much of southern Europe. It didn't come to have satanic connotation until the ever-opportunistic Anton LaVey decided he liked it too in the '60s.

As to the original topic, the same question can be asked of any politician of substantial power. In all fairness, every major political leader has to make decisions that will be unpopular to some group. It is really impossible to diagnose anyone with a mental/psychological/emotional disturbance without sitting down and seeing/chatting with them. It's easy to label any group as a number of things, especially politicians, as they have a very negative image among most people (whether this is deserved is irrelevant). It could be said that every US wartime president is a psychopath because they technically caused a number of deaths. Of course this is an oversimplification, but it serves to highlight the inadequacies of diagnosing people based on actions they have taken or decisions they have made as part of a group where similar actions or decisions are necessary.

I happen to believe, however, that it takes a certain kind of person to be a politician, and a very specific type of person to be a president. There are always differences, but there are always similarities. There's also a solid theory of situational pressures capable of making anyone into a psychopath with the right stimuli.

There is some extraordinary evidence in Bush's case, but it all gets extremely political extremely quickly. Others have mentioned some of the evidence. For example, committing troops to Iraq without provocation or just cause, fabricating evidence and support for the invasion, refusal to admit mistakes or accept criticism, refusal to change his course of action. These are all indicative of sociopathy, but we could argue for days about the political angles.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 04:43 AM
I dont care what he is. All i know is that its a mistake to trust this man with anything, which is kind of ironic considering his current position...

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by Wise Dome

He's a sociopath and a psychopath, a genocidal murderer. Doesn't matter how you giftwrap him -- he's the scumbag of existance, a neo-Nazi scumbag like his father and grandfather, who both financed genocide for profit. People do not get more evil than them. They are the devil's spokesmen, financing murder and torture and maiming and agony -- for profit. They sold their souls a long time ago, they sold out.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by Sheridan

Believe me when I tell you, there is nothing "dumb" about Bush. Bush just had his presidency hi-jacked by some God awful people, honestly.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:08 AM
I'm starting to agree with people who says he's a psychopath. I've been reading up on this and he really fits a psychopath.

I'm also surprised to see that quite a few people labled him these things when he first came into office based on his history.

One thing that signals a psychopath is their speech pattern. People think it's cute when Bush uses terms like is our children learning, but it's not funny. Here's what Robert Hare said about psychopaths and speech patterns in his book Without Conscience.

The odd speech of psychopaths

The psychopath makes “frequent use of contradictory and logically inconsistent statements”, says Robert Hare in ‘Without conscience.’ E.g. “A man serving time for armed robbery replied to the testimony of an eyewitness, “He’s lying. I wasn’t there. I should have blown his #ing head off.” It is as if, says Hare, they have “difficulty monitoring their own speech”.

Psychopaths may also construct strange words: ‘unconscientious’ for unconscious’, ‘antidotes’ for ‘anecdotes’. Perhaps there is something about the brain of the psychopath that contributes to his odd speech.

Here's a list of psychopathic behaviour:

Common characteristics of those with psychopathy are:

Grandiose sense of self-worth
Superficial charm
Criminal versatility
Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others
Impulse control problems
Inability to tolerate boredom
Pathological narcissism
Pathological lying
Shallow affect
Aggressive or violent tendencies, repeated physical fights or assaults on others
Lack of empathy
Lack of remorse, indifferent to or rationalizes having hurt or mistreated others
A sense of extreme entitlement
Lack of or diminished levels of anxiety/nervousness and other emotions
Promiscuous sexual behavior, sexually deviant lifestyle
Poor judgment, failure to learn from experience
Lack of personal insight
Failure to follow any life plan
Abuse of drugs including alcohol

I've felt that Bush was the anti christ or someone who would set up the system the anti christ would opreside over since he took office.

Just look what has happened these last 8 years. America has been changed because of Bush and I don't think he's done. We are in a couple of wars and on the verge of financial collapse.

He will not leave quietly and let his father say I told you so. He will destroy this country first.

He will not leave quietly being known as one of the worst Presidents in history.

If a psychopath is in the White House, it's time to get on your knees and pray to the Almighty this is just the tip of the iceburg. He started in office and we had a terrible terrorist attack and now we are on the verge of financial collapse. Dark forces are behind this guy, I can feel it.

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Know this, there's hope in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:39 AM
"Is President Bush a Sociopath?"

That's like asking if the sun is hot...

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 11:30 AM

Look at this video of Bushisms. Is it funny or is it a sign of a psychopath? Remeber, psychopaths are smart their brain is just wired differently.

Bush was smart and cunning enouugh to make it to the White House so he's not an idiot.

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:09 PM
He cremated his care at the bohemian grove party.

What else do you expect?

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