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Can anyone define what God is?

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posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 02:08 AM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
reply to post by mary ann nogaliza

Hi mary ann nogaliza,

Welcome to the thread...

What you have written is True.
I also feel the same way as you have mentioned, but what is your definition of the "Word" God?

I know this may seem a little strange to you, but I have my reasons for asking this Question, as I shall reveal later in the thread.
This Question has nothing to do with whether God exists or not.

I experienced death in 1973 and I mean "brain dead" as on record by doctors.
I was reported "brain dead" for more than 30 minutes, but to me I was very much alive but Not in human terms.

I have my story and will say more about this, later on in another thread, as I hope to start a number of different threads in a certain order.

But I am a Witness of The Light...

But what I am asking in this thread is What is definition of The "Word" God?

I have my own thoughts on this, but I am more Interested in other peoples thoughts at present.

Have you read a Christian writing called "The Thunder Perfect Mind"?
You may find it on the net. If you get time to read it, I know you will enjoy this writing.
It is only a very, very, short Christian Writing...

The aim of this thread is not to argue but it is intended as a thread where we can express our deepest thoughts and feelings without confrontation.

I am only another very, very, small droplet in a very big ocean.

Where The Droplet represents a portion of the True Mind.

The Ocean represents The True Mind...

I believe that we should seek, knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom, as Wisdom opens the door to Love and this paths the way to Life and to The True mind and "The Man Child" or "Son of Man" through The Christ to The Father and The Ancient of Days.

Thank you for you valued contribution, as it helps us to clarify our understanding.

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I saw what i have long believed to be the Light of God when i was a child. My experience, although similar in some ways to NDEs (note: i was in no trauma or death situation when i witnessed what i did), was from a perspective "outside" the Light and "outside" the feeling associated with being "in" the Light. I was quite young but even at the time identified the Light as God.

This has led me on a personal spiritual path with the core of all my seeking being that God is absolute and pure Love. The truth, as i understand it, is that the spark or breath of the divine is part of me, in me and with me. My path to wisdom is a personal one and i believe that personal awakening and the journey to get there is an intimate thing. We awaken to our divine purpose through an increasingly open connection with God manifest perfect perfect Love.

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by DeathTribble

I am unable to draw the God I witnessed during my experience involving what most describe as death as it did Not involve dimension.

There is an ancient writing supposedly or claimed to be a Confession by J.C., The LIGHT through the "Carpenter of Nazareth" referred to as Jesus today called...

"The Thunder Perfect Mind"

It can be found in the Gnostic Library.

Please note; I do Not belong to the Gnostic church or any other church for that matter, but this writing is still well worth reading.

It is only a couple of Pages Long.

But my understanding of what God is.....

I can't find a Word in the Dictionary that is worthy of describing what I would call God other than these.

a. Awareness.
b. Consciousness.
c. Mind
d. Spirit (by some people).

But the best description I can Give is "Awareness" or LIFE.

So how do I draw a non-dimensional entity called “Awareness” or “LIFE” ???

LIGHT or the Only begotten Is The “LIFE” of God or the LIGHT of Men....
as in the Greek word ΦΩΣ as in Sun LIGHT

So I guess you could say The only begotten could be expressed in the formula E=MC2

But I was shown that LIGHT is the result of the Activity between the Two ends of The True Mind within a Plane (Having two outer Faces hence The FACE of God also known as The Face of The Deep i.e. indiscernible depth as it is Conceptual).

However I can draw the “Soul” and all its Components.

The “Soul” is where LIFE Resides.

The LIGHT is Contained within...... or forms the Line work, of a Lattice work or Matrix of the Soul.

I have shown the base Geometric format or “Partition Map” of the Soul in many threads and Posts.

There is also a "Geometric Algorithm" which is the Paradox Algorithm.

This can be found on the covers of old bibles and hymn books.

This Algorithm can be expressed both in English and Greek as being letters or Glyphs, INZ.

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by veryinteresting

Thank you for your valued Post...

I know exactly what you describing, without guessing....

You are 100 % Correct.

In the Ancient writings J.C. is the Name given to the LIGHT.

The "LIGHT" is The "LIFE" of God as described in "The Gospel According to John".

The LIGHT spoke to people "Through" the Carpenter known as Jesus of Nazareth, today.

Sadly the writings have been "Humanized" by Religious Groups, but those who know the LIGHT recognize this.

But in Saying this, the knowledge is still contained to some extent and can be recognised by those who know The LIGHT knowing the writings to be a Parable and not understood by the Descendants of A'DAM as these writings are a reminder to the Droplets of LIFE (Little Ones) who Dwell within the Souls which are innumerable and are a part of the First Born Soul.

Since August 1973 I have had daily Instruction which lead me to seeing The Souls in August 1994 and since then (Daily) The LIFE/LIGHT has shown me The Structure of the Soul, (The First Soul being "The Son of Man" Not of human Form but involving a "Partition Map" shown in many Posts in Different threads.

As well I have been shown the Workings of the Soul and what produces this Little Universe in all of our Souls.

I have also been shown much of the Souls Language Created by The LIGHT/LIFE (God) which I have documented every detail I have been shown visually.

This Documentation involves more than 50,000 Geometric Drawings (I am Not Dreaming when I say more than fifty thousand) describing everything, from the Main "Construct", "Workings" and "Geometric Language".

These Drawings are 100% accurate...

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

I am new here and am looking forward to going back and reading some of the things you have written. I recognize truth, as i personally understand truth, in much of what i have already read.

I personally understand the "death" spoken of in the Bible to be the separation of us from our connection to the I AM I and the unawareness of our true Divine natures through our connection to this Divine Source of ALL things. The "death" results from a lack of Wisdom. The Knowledge of all things (which is available to us) in perfect concert with true Divine Love. "Life" or the Light is the state of union between the matter and the Divine. This is the choice. I feel that the obstacles are the human illusion of separation and the (human) nature it inspires. Fear being one of the most difficult to overcome. True Divine Love does not allow for these things.

The Christ, i believe, attained this and tried to lead the way but also knew that he would cause great division as per Divine plan.

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by veryinteresting

Here is an interesting verse from "The Gospel of Thomas" with regard to the World... Quote;

56. Jesus said,

“Whoever has come to understand the World
has found only a corpse,

and whoever has found a corpse
is superior to the World.”


49. Jesus said,

“Blessed are the Solitary and Elect,
for you will find The Kingdom.
For you are from it,
and to it you will return.”

50. Jesus said,

“If they say to you, “Where did you come from?”

say to them,

“We came from The Light,
the place where The Light
came into being on Its own accord

and established Itself
and became manifest through their Image.”

If they say to you,

“Is it you?”

say, “We are its children,
and we are the elect of The Living Father.”

If they ask you,

“What is the sign of your Father in you?”

say to them, “It is Movement and Repose.”

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 09:09 PM
I would say God is love and light. God is very real, he is full of love and light.

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by humbleseeker

From "The Gospel According to John"....

Chapter 1 v. 1 to 13.

The "LIFE" of God, is The "LIGHT" of Men...

Some LOVE Good.... and Some Love Evil ???

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

I really appreciate the "Voice of God" chapter in the Kolbrin. I also had a serendipitous experience that led me to the rare book "Many Wonderful Things" by Robert Huffman and Irene Specht.

I wanted to share these. They impacted me greatly. I have filters and criteria for spiritual input (like most do) and these things somehow rang true for me. They made sense.

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 09:42 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
Can anyone Identify God?

There is a remote viewing "vision" of God but God is so "complex" that the remote viewer views "part of God that he can comprehend". Read Chapter 22 of this book:

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by sphinx551

Thank you for the Link....

I read Chapter 22 The Cosmic Voyage By Courtney Brown and found it to be a very weak human interpretation... Sorry...

The Only way to access knowledge of God is through “The Man Child” or as some call “The Son of Man” (NOT Human).

The "LIFE" of God is The "LIGHT" of Men…

Any of the Living has access to this knowledge through "The Man Child" in The Soul, and do Not need to get it second hand from an Alien or any other species.

"The Man Child" is The "Inner" Soul "Construct", born Not of the will of Flesh but of God.

This is a "Partition Map" of the Soul, showing “The Man Child” in the Centre, which I have shown in the Past many times.

The Drawing below (“The Partition Map”) of The Soul is 100% accurate, shown to me by The LIFE of God through "The Man Child".

The Above is the "Base Map" used in the "Geometric Processing System", Cloned into every Soul.

This is The Man Child Partition Map in the Centre Rotated 45° with respect to The Outer Matrix.
This is also 100% Accurate.

Note; the Large Yellow Octagons, seen in "The Man Child" are the small Blue Octagons in The Outer "Partition Map" of The Soul.

All Processing of The Soul passes through "The Man Child".

J.C. said, "No One cometh unto the Father except by Me, and No One cometh unto Me, unless he is Drawn by the Father".

The Universe we See is An Interactive Program INSIDE the Boundaries of The Soul and NOT outside the Soul as many believe of the Human Species.

I can provide Information involving Geometric (more than fifty thousand) Drawings that explain the full process, how it was formed and its Processing Language etc.

Here is an interesting verse from "The Gospel of Thomas" with regard to the World... Quote;

56. Jesus said,

“Whoever has come to understand the World
has found only a corpse,

and whoever has found a corpse
is superior to the World.”

What I have shown in various threads, is to do with the "Processing System" which manifests this little universe in each Soul which has chosen to experience this program.

here are so many other Universes it is impossible to number them.

And there are more "worlds" than the total number of Stars in them, which look nothing like the Universe you experience now.

The knowledge I have been given to date does not come from within this Program i.e. this Universe or any other, but rather it comes "Direct" from that which has both Created the Souls and Operating Systems of The Soul.

LIFE is Not IN the Program, but Rather experiences through a Program Played in the Soul.

The Universe is a result of the Soul reading Interactive Program Books involving Interactive Geometry.

What the Human Species believes the Universe to be and what it actually is another Matter.

Any Soul can access this knowledge, but without the Soul no species can access it.

There are (alien) hybrids which are of the same Gene Pool as the Human Species and are only of the Program, and have No contact with The LIFE Component. These species involve more than 200 different genetic lines.

You can find evidence within many of the ancient writings esp. in The Books of E'NOCH the 7th from A'DAM...

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