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Can anyone define what God is?

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posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by ElectricUncleSam

I agree 101% with you on the main part, but I can Not agree with you on this part...

However, nobody will know anything about who or what God is until he reveals that to us... He did not reveal that to Jesus and will not free us until his return...[/quote]

It is Written...

Jesus said, (to His Disciples)
He who hath seen Me,
hath seen The Father...

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 07:11 AM
reply to post by angel of lightangelo

So don't look at it then.....

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 07:19 AM
Here is a geometric Representation of the Logic in humankind.

First in a normal situation.

Second in the situation of breeding with a Alien species, which produces "Double Logic" also referred to as the 666 system which was in Cain born of the wicked one!

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 07:39 AM
I have many dreams. Some of which I do not understand, and others that are very clear.

One dream that stands out is the following

I was standing before a man near face to face.
He looked at me, and said these words:

" I am the Universe "

Then the dream ended....

The concept of Universe, and what that means....

Universe by definition:

Jesus gives us insight into the Father...

On that day you will realize that I am in my Father and you are in me and I in you

In the Gospel of Thomas, there is yet another reference to ponder...

Jesus Said: I am the Light Which illumines all men. I am the All. The All came forth from me and the All ended up in me. Split some wood, I am there. Lift a stone, you will find me there.

Indeed, God is all. And Jesus is quoted to have said so also.

Jesus says: "I am the light that is over all. I am the All. The All came forth out of me. And to me the All has come."

Seen and unseen. There is nothing that is not of God.
We are all children of the Universe.

Seek him, and he will make himself known to you.


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posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 08:02 AM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
reply to post by angel of lightangelo

So don't look at it then.....

I am sorry but did you just suggest that I leave a public forum because I do not believe some of the crap on it?

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 08:39 AM
I will speak to the question, but be aware that I will talking about the one Creator, and not one of the many gods in history and culture. The First Principle, or Creator God was, I believe, a great Force of pure Energy, stronger than anything in space. When there came a time for worlds to be formed, this Force exploded, sending itself to all parts of the universe. These small parts became that which we know as "souls." So, as was said in the thread earlier, we are all God, but not just us of the human race here on Terra, but All of us in the universe, collectively.

There have been many beings that came down to Earth and tried to be a God to man, in man's earliest days, I think a higher being was necessary for man's very survival, and this is spoken of in the Bible, in the stories of the being/craft that led Moses through the wilderness, and the star that led the Magi to the place of the Messiah's birth. There are other things in the bible too, Ezekiel's vision comes to mind. One time long ago, following a High Magick Ritual, I was visited by a being that called himself "God." After questioning this being extensively, I discovered that the being was actually an Annunnaki, and after realizing that I knew, the being went away, never to return. I believe this is what a lot of people see when they claim to see "Jesus," or other Christian "Saints" such as St. Germain. The Annunnaki ran this planet for many years, and I strongly believe they wold very much like to do this again.

Recently, I became aware of a series of crystal based computers called "The Nine." These computers, for lack of the true word that describes them. collects every thought, every action, and every work spoken by mankind for later remixing to create a new reality for man to live in. There is also a device, some say it is on the Moon, that is called the "Soul Tower," which collects souls as they pass over for later incarnation into human beings. This system, built a very long time ago, is of an unknown origin. this, I believe is the Real Matrix people speak of. We of the human race are trapped in this system, with no easy escape at hand, only through our own selves can we escape. I believe that when mankind finally comes together in a state of love, that we will become ONE, and then, and only then can we join the rest of the Creator's beings. right now, this is not possible, we (humans) are still all about killing each other on a massive scale. We simply cannot stop ourselves from doing this, it is almost as if we were being controlled to do it, and I believe we are. Mind control by those who control us all is a very real thing, and if you, dear reader, doubt this for a minute, check here for the US Patent Office...
Subliminal Suggestion & Mind Control - US Patents

That is my take on the question, I know it must be "out there" for the casual reader and the fundamentalist believer, but that is my take.

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 09:03 AM
I don't believe in 'God'.
I seriously don't think this thing, could've created us all.

There's also no such thing as the Devil, but there is demons.

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 09:25 AM
What The Matrix Traveller has conveyed comes from something that is Pre-Existant!

This is called The ARCHETYPAL Structure of Creation.

You see, ONCE UPON A TIME....
There Was No Movement, Anywhere...No Motion.

How can Something Come From Nothing?

Something Is The Result of...


1 a (1): a driving force : impulse (2): incentive , stimulus b: stimulation or encouragement resulting in increased activity
2: the property possessed by a moving body in virtue of its mass and its motion —used of bodies moving suddenly or violently to indicate the origin and intensity of the motion
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Anyone that thinks can entertain this awareness!

The Forms resultant from this Initial Impetus' Movement are known as The Archetypes. Kind of like 1-2-3's...A-B-C's....In other WORDs, the Sequence of Effects, Resultant From This Original Motion.

So, adding mumbo-jumbo to it is nice, but unnecessary, as Long as it is Understood that this Substance-Force-Energy is Both Impersonal & Personal (the latter evidenced by human existence!).

Denying this, doesn't make it go away. It just means you are unable to Apprehend
the REALity Concept.

Yes, it gets more complex from there....They called it the Universe. That which is Behind the Universe(s) is the Real, the rest is the Reflected Emanation of It's Actual Being.

Too hard to understand? A,B,C's (etc),...1-2-3's (etc). You have to start at the beginning. Humanity is a mere cosmic child as yet. How could this be expected to be understood by the masses? They Will Learn, however...eventually.

Next Chapter excerpt of OAHSPE will describe how Looeamong & Emperor Constantine Chose the figurehead of christian religion's Figurehead, and named it jesu during the Council of Nicea.

OAHSPE is the origin of christianty in truth, the never-revealed truth, behind the scenes, that has been conveniently put away from the knowledge of men. More money that way, and absolute control over the susperstitious minds of mankind. Get ready for it! Thrill-a-minute Truth brought to you by the Algonquin.

Oh, I forgot, The Prime Creatoress is best known as S/He, imo.

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posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by SS,Naga

Hi SSNaga,

It is good to see you write what I write in another way.

I hope it adds in understanding for others.

Yes you are indeed correct about the S/He....

The body is.. She

And the Contents is... He

Many may look at what I have drawn and disbelieve, that "All" has come from a state of Single Consciousness.

However it is True "All" has come from "Nothing" but few can understand that "Nothing" is actually "Something"...

It is because "Nothing/Something" is a very strange condition, and exists as one Opposite of a pair in group of three states, as one Timeless condition....

"Consciousness" is the ability to contemplate these two opposites...

So the Original first State, is Nothing and Something and Awareness...

This can also be found in the "Geometric Algorithm" of the Mind or Awareness.

Notice The "Z" and "N" are Similar but The "I" is Different....

The "Z" being The Rotation of The "N" where as The "I": is The First movement To & Fro.

As the "N" has been Rotated to become The "Z" it has Said to have Moved (A Concept of Awareness) this is why in Ionic Greek The Word Zeta Omega Omega means Life that is to Move.
The Word also in Greek is spelt Zeta Alpha Omega.

And in ZIONic "Z" means Life...

The "N" is formed by the "double action" of To & Fro in both directions together. (In 2D)

The Word God in ZIONic is The "Dynamic Algorithm" that All the Holographs have been Created Through.

This Word "God" has been twisted around and Changed by humankind to suit their own imagination through the ages.

All has been created through this Algorithm of Geometry.

Some give it The Title as "The Architect of The Universe"...

But it was "The True Mind" or "Consciousness" that Created the Creation System or Machine (Living) through the "Geometric Algorithm", GOD.

Humankind have tried dismally, to humanise this Word "God",
and have placed it as a tag, on all sorts of beliefs, to the point of Insanity....

There are Many other Algorithms as well, that are used in Creation.

I need to clear up one thing here though, and that is the Soul is Not in the Universe, but Rather The Universe you see is an extremely small Holograph, that appears in the "Central Throne" of The Soul.

On the Processing "Stage" (Talking of making Animations of The Mind), is First Drawn, the Objects in Static Form.

Then the happening is relayed to the Mind in the Soul, via a Program that is in the Form of a Story or String of Geometric forms, using a Geometric code involving Circles, Octagons, Squares, Hexagons, 6 pointed Stars, five pointed Stars, Rings of Various Geometric forms such as Octagons, and many others... These are all "Colour Coded" according to their functions.

Words from the ZIONic Language are also used!

Some are in the Form of Instructions, while others are in the form of Data or Information relating to Registers...

But although I know of this knowledge of The All, I am saddened by the lack of understanding in humanity, and by there disbelief of such simple knowledge.

Hopefully when we introduce these "Optical Interfaces" in their first simple form (a child's toy), humankind will start to ask some serious questions relating to how they work, and what the True Mind is really capable of...

Thank you once again, for writing what I have written in another way, that others my be able to understand...

I will however keep writing and explain every step in Creating a Universe....

I guess it will take a while, but Time is unimportant to me.... LOL..

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posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 03:50 PM

Originally posted by angel of lightangelo

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
reply to post by angel of lightangelo

So don't look at it then.....

I am sorry but did you just suggest that I leave a public forum because I do not believe some of the crap on it?

I see it has had some effect on you...LOL

Well that is a start, I guess...

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 04:00 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller

Originally posted by angel of lightangelo

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
reply to post by angel of lightangelo

So don't look at it then.....

I am sorry but did you just suggest that I leave a public forum because I do not believe some of the crap on it?

I see it has had some effect on you...LOL

Well that is a start, I guess...


posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by HIFIGUY

Yes this is true I will agree 100% with you...

But we must realise the Interpret the Subject we Mention correctly...

The Man Child mentioned in The Revelation is The Son of Man.

You will find all the Measurements of the Man Child (Temple) in The Book of Ezekiel Chapter 40 onwards.

Some measurements are also given in The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is a State of Office and Jesu... The Carpenter.

Jesus said destroy this temple and in 3 Days I shall raise it up again.

If the Temple is Jesu who is "I" as in I shall raise it up again?

Well Jesu was murdered (crucified) and the I raised it up again...

So who is The "I" ????

Remember the 2 that were Crucified with Him???

He said to one of them Ye shall be in paradise with me today....

Death is Not Paradise, being buried in a Tomb is Not Paradise!!!

So the "I" "Jesus Christ "The Man Child" (Not Human) a state of Office Went to His Father (The Outer True Mind) while Jesu was Murdered and buried then Raised up by the "I" on the Third Day...

You see A'Dam is Not Man and Man is Not A'Dam!

They are Two different Entities mixed together in the writings of The Genesis.

The Original Genesis was written in ZIONic Not Hebrew as you know it today.

The bible is a Roman collection of Greek and Hebrew Writings and has been bastardised by Roman Doctrine!!!

Jesus Said,


39. Jesus said,
"The Pharisees and the scribes
have taken The Keys of Knowledge
and Hidden Them.

They themselves have NOT entered,
nor have they allowed to enter
those who wish to."


"Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees and Hypocrites..."

I am Not referring to you being a Hypocrite though But I am only referring to the Scribes and Pharisees.

Your Modern Day priests, and ministers, have taken on the Identity of the Pharisees in Roman form !!!

Remember The bible (Roman collection of stolen Books both Hebrew and Greek) has been Written by Scribes...
And Translated by Scribes!!!!

posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 06:01 AM
Matrix Traveler, with respect, I do not agree with the way this thread is heading. It starts off using the Bible to show that the nature of reality as different and mysterious/mystical. It then goes on to explore the nature of reality as a type of Pantheism which means that God is in everything. So we all are a drop of the true reality - God. However, it then crosses this Stygian bridge of logic to the point where God or Gods are a creation of collective consciousness. Both God and Gods are acceptable because the word God (logos) will lead to a triangular geometrical bases, whilst Gods can lead to a square as a fundamental geomettric shape for exploring reality.

In short, it uses the Bible to show that God/Gods are themselves created by the collective human experience and imagination. Religion is, therefore a control mechanism and the destruction of all religion leads to a mystical Truth which the Enlightened or Illumined claim to hold.

I can see that organised religion has a lot of faults but, even in its non-original form, it inspires people to overcome the evil that speaks to them from their souls. It provides a social milieu that can be used as a powerful force for good, if used in the correct way. It forces people to expand their knowledge - to have a thirst for knowledge- if you will. It makes people have compassion for others and uplift their souls to a new level.

However, in your reality Matrix Traveler, you and your fellow Kabbalists and Hindu mysticism followers are claiming a new priesthood which frees men from the shackles of a limited religious experience.

At this point, we must part company.



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posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by Heronumber0


However, in your reality Matrix Traveler, you and your fellow Kabbalists and Hindu mysticism followers are claiming a new priesthood which frees men from the shackles of a limited religious experience

Look I am very sorry if it appears this way to you....

I have absolutely no intentions of creating any priesthood or religion. as this is simply not the case at all.

What I have tried to explain or expose is the fact that religions have been created, to attempt to destroy knowledge and to enslave humans to an order or system of sorts to be manipulated by a given human power so called.

I certainly do not belong to any religious group including Hindu mysticism or even practice any religion at all.

The knowledge that myself and some other non-religious people are reintroducing, is Not a new technology, but has in fact existed from the beginning of the all and was used to create All things.

It is purely Technical Knowledge Only!

This technology is used throughout your Universe and other Universes and other world unlike any universe.

The reason why this is the case is because it is the base workings of both yourself and what you experience.

The biggest crime that could be committed against ourselves, would be to turn it into a religion again as it had been done in the past.

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posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

Thank you for your intellectual honesty. I have been exploring what reality is well away from any priesthood for a long time now. I have not been inside Church for a long time. I intend to follow my logic wherever it takes me. Currently I am open minded enough to be able to believe that A'dam refers to the first cell that divided to give its partner Eve and hence gave us the tree of life and knowledge in the form of millions of species. However, I still believe in a prime mover that guided the cell and then humanity by way of Revelation. I also believe in other things which I cannot mention fo rthe sake of brevity.

I thought that a person who had been brain dead for 30 minutes (a miracle on its own) may have seen some insight into a reality beyond our senses. I applaud your honesty and wish you and yours well over the holiday season.

posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 08:00 PM
The True Origins of the christain faith, proving that jesu is Not God.

(Continued...part IV)
OAHSPE (Published 1884, author John Ballou Newborough)
24. The earth was now clear of evil Gods, whose chief labor had been for thousands of years to capture the spirits of the recent dead, and make slaves of them for the glory of the hadan kingdoms.
25. Thus had Looeamong done a good service; for the earth and lower heavens had now nothing to suffer from any Gods, save the Triunes.
26.Looeamong inspired Hatuas, the mortal emperor, to call together a council of wise men from all the kingdoms of Arabin'ys, Heleste, Par'si'e and Uropa, to select from all the religious doctrines in the world, that which was the wisest and best, that it might be established by kings, emperors and govenors by the sword and spear, so there should never more be but one religion.
27. And, in course of time, there assembled a council of seventeen hundred and eighty-six learned men from all the regions named, and they placed themselves under the rules and presence of Hatuas. And he selected from them one hundred and forty-four speakers.
28. As for the others, they were divided into groups of twelves, besides a goodly number being appointed scribes and translators. But many, having the appearance of Jews, were rejected altogether.
29. Now, the council had brought with them, in all, two thousand two hundred and thirty-one books and legendary tales of Gods and Saviors and great men, together with a record of the doctrines taught by them.
30. Hatuas, beings under the inspiration of Looeamong, through Gabrial, alias Thoth, thus spake:
31. Search ye these books, and whatsoever is good in them, that retain; but, whatsoever is evil, cast away. What is good in one book, unite ye with that which is good in another book. And whatsoever is thus brought together shall be called, The Book of Books. And it shall be the doctrine of my people, which I will recommend unto all nations, that there shall be no more war for religion's sake.
32. Thoth (Gabriel) and his angel hosts formed a circle around about the mortal council, a thousand angels deep on every side, and thence, by a line of light, extending to Looeamong's throne, in Hapsendi, his heavenly kingdom.
33. By day and by night, Thoth and his hosts watched over the mortal council, overshadowing their every thought and word.
34. For four years and seven months the council thus deliberated, and selected from the two thousand and two hundred and thirty-one books and legendary tales.
35. And, at the end of that time, there had been selected and combined much that was good, and great, and worded so as to be well remembered by mortals.
36. As yet, no God had been selected by the council, and so they balloted, in order, in order to determine that matter. And the first ballot gave prominence to the following Gods: Jove, Jupiter, Salenus, Baal, Thor, Gade, Apollo, Juno, Aries, Taurus, Minerva, Rhets, Mithra, Theo, Fragapatti, Atys, Durga, Indra, Neptune, Vulcan, Kriste, Agni, Croesus, Pelides, Huit, Hermes, Thulis, Thammus, Eguptus, Iao, Aph, Saturn, Gitchens, Minos, Maximo, Hecla, and Phernes.
37. Besides these, there were twenty-two other Gods and Godesses, that received a small number of votes each.
38. In seven days thereafter, another ballot was taken, and the number of Gods was reduced to twenty-seven.
39. In seven days thereafter, another ballot was taken, and the number of Gods was reduced to twenty-one.
40. Thus was the number reduced each ballot, but slower and slower. Six days in the week were allotted to discuss the merits and demerits of the Gods. But many weeks elapsed toward the last, when the number was not reduced.
41. For one year and five months the balloting lasted, and at that time the ballot rested nearlly equal on five Gods, namely: Jove, Kriste, Mars, Crite and Siva. And here the ballot changed not for yet seven times more, which was seven weeks.
42. Hatuas spake befor ethe council, saying: Ours is a labor for all nations of the earth, and for all time. I know the angels of heaven are with us in this matter. We have found five Gods, good and acceptable before the world. What say the council that the angels give us a sign? For we all do know the angel's signs of these Gods.
43. The council said: Well said, thou wisest of men! Such a God shall be ours, now and forever.
44. And immediately, there and then, Looeamong and his angels hgave a sign in Fire, of a Corss Smeared with Blood, and it rested on a Bull's Horns, even as a cloud of fire on a cloud of fire!
45. Whereupon Kriste was declared God, and Lord of All the Nations of the Earth.
46. And the council agreed thereto, unanimously, and, moreover, to reject all the other Gods.
47. The next question was, what mortal representative should be chosen?
48. The first ballot brought out the following men: Zarathustra, Thothma, Abraham, Brahma, Atys, Thammus, Joshu, Sakaya, Habron, Bali, Crite, Chrisna, Thulis, Wittoba and Speio. Besides these, there were included in the ballot, forty-six other men, who received a small number of ballots each.
49. //God, Son of Jehovih, said: Behold, the Council of Nice balloted for a twelve-month, as to what man heard the Voice? Sayest thou, Jehovih sendeth His matters to a council of men?//
50. Hatuas said: The Gods will not let us choose any man. Now, therefore, hear me: All the law-givers chosen by the other Gods have been iesu. Now, since we cannot make preference as to a man, let us say: The Man, Iesu.
51. Thereupon, the name, Iesu, was adopted, and the sacred books were written accordingly.
52. God, Son of Jehovih, said: The Council of Nice sinned not, for the doctrines set forth, as Iesu's, were for Jehovih.
53. But, wherein their words made worshipful the names of Kriste and the Holy Ghost, behold, that matter was with Looeamong.
(IESU: "Signifying without evil.")

And Finis.

Proving that the false savior-prophet of christianity is Not God, but a mere contrived manipulation, a composite of many legendary men, and holding no more truth than any everyday fairy tale.

Let those who seek hada, and follow false prophets they call "God," be prepared to inhabit the very region they swear they are not going to.

For God is no Man, nor made in the image of a man.

S/He has no need of man's pretenses.

Truth is Not a Crutch.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 01:08 AM

Originally posted by Cassidy WolfPaw
I don't believe in 'God'.
I seriously don't think this thing, could've created us all.

There's also no such thing as the Devil, but there is demons.

When one says they believe or don't believe in God what is their Definition of what God is.

I see the "Word" God as a Geometric Algorithm ????

Others see god/gods as beings...

There are so man different interpretations of God.

It is however a Fact that every person has their own god according to their own Invention.

My understanding is that the Word God is a Geometric Algorithm.

I found this by going back into a Language Called Zionic.
Ionic Greek was a created by taking half and quarter fonts from the Zionic Language that disappeared in about BC 800...

According to the Ancient books of Era The Bones of The Scribes and Priests were burnt on that Altars causing the Ancient Zionic Written Language being Lost or Destroyed !

But then I may be completely wrong ?????

In the R&D I have been involved with, Optical Interactive Interfaces with the Mind. We found a Function in the early days that was a 6 pointed star the same as shown above.

There is a very easy device you can make, to see the Geometric Workings of the Language of The Mind !

I have written about this in past posts.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 05:24 AM
Who is God or what is God.
I think there are as many ways to define a God as there are people.

In science they would probably use a term source to explain what the rot to everything is. They would never call that source for God. They would probably name it by what it looks like and who found it. Science would make a artistic picture of the source that they see or observe.And it would look like something that common people probably wouldn't relate to as been God. Because it doesn't relate to the image they have made them selves of who God is.

Then you have the scholar's who read the Bible and all of the other text relating to all religions and our history. They look for the meaning and authenticity of Books and texts, by trying to interpret old text and language to get a better understanding. These people probably dont believe before they can find some written proof that they can see or relate to.

Common people who hasn't thought to much about who God is or what he is. Would just see God as a spirit in the form of a being in a spiritual dimension. These people probably dont think to much about God in their daily lives. And these people are probably the weakest believer among us.

Then you have the once who seek God by going to church or some other form for religious meeting. These people need other people to help them make up their mind.In other words people seek out people who have common grounds. These people probably have the same imagination of God as the common people. They imagine God as a spirit in a spiritual world beyond our own world. And their understanding would only be as good as the preacher who teaches.

Well my point is that we all have our own little though and vision of who and what God is. I look at God as a infinite source. Because i know that nothing cant ever be made out of nothing.
Something must have come from something very intelligent.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 01:01 PM
So if reality was a 3d fractal wouldnt that mean that it all comes from something intellignet? I belive that this is what all of this was ment to explain. It just makes to much sense that causality IS the fundamental structure of the universe, whos 3d geometrical pattern defines all of reality at every resolution into infinty.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by spy66


Now you are definitely onto it.

Then you have the once who seek God by going to church or some other form for religious meeting. These people need other people to help them make up their mind.In other words people seek out people who have common grounds. These people probably have the same imagination of God as the common people.

This is very well put and is true....

It's a bit like seeing a certain colour.
We say you refer to a particular colour as green.
But another may identify the same colour as green, but see something totally different but still refer in both peoples cases as Green...
It is impossible to see what others see, (or is it) it is indeed a very personal and individual experience we all have.

Again it is like reading a book say story about someone we all experience the writing in a different way but we can all relate to the author or the subject written about.

They imagine God as a spirit in a spiritual world beyond our own world. And their understanding would only be as good as the preacher who teaches.

Beautifully put...

Example my interpretation of spirit is in the nature of something.

Example what many may say... "That is Not in the spirit of the Game !" or "Now that is in the True Spirit of the game !"

Well my point is that we all have our own little though and vision of who and what God is. I look at God as a infinite source.

Perfectly understandable and True...

Some see God as a personal identity, others in other ways.
For example as I have shown with The "Word" God, as there are two parts as written in the ancient text.

The other part is Consciousness or Life and as the Greeks referred to as....

The Life of God (Word G O D) is the Light of Man."

The word used in Greek for Light is "Phos" which is any Light such as 'The Light of The Sun', Star, or meteor...

Because i know that nothing cant ever be made out of nothing.

This is however debatable as a result of informed knowledge or know how....

"Nothing" is in Fact "something", being "Nothing".

Often the use of the Word "Nothing" as in saying "There is nothing there !" So we can recognise the Component of "Nothing"...

If we present an empty cup or glass to someone and ask...
"What is in the Cup ????"
They usually answer....

They very really say...
" Air ! " .... LOL

Again we use the words....

"It Contains Nothing !"

"Nothing" has to be "Something" for it to be Contained, or even be recognised as Nothing....

This Component or Identity of Nothing is very Strange in deed as it is Both Nothing and Someting at the Same Time.... LOL...

Something must have come from something very intelligent.

No truer words ever spoken.....

All is made from opposites there are underlying Algorithms that are Intelligent in nature.

One of them is given as I N Z...

The "I" is "To & Fro" in one Dimension.
The "N" is "To & Fro" in Two Dimensions.
The "Z" is the Rotation of The "N".

These are the First Two Building Blocks in Creation/Creations....

See if it is possible to find just one thing in your Universe or any other world that is either Not, "Curved", "Straight" or of "the combination of these Two" ???

Another Algorithm is G O D...

This is a Constructional Algorithm and is used for two purposes...
(I say this as We have Identified this Algorithm through a project involving R&D connected to Optical Interfaces with The Mind or Collectively as One True Mind...) (This was found by Back Engineering)

1/. To search in Libraries of the Mind or Conscious State...
2/. Used in part of the Manifesting of a Concept.

I think Your description is the most accurate to date...

Good Post...

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