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Can anyone define what God is?

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posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 05:53 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
reply to post by SaintlyMic

Read the Book of The Acts...

Chapter 17. Verse 22 to 34...

All is a part of God and Thus is God!

But God has many many Components Not one or Three but many.

If we are the Offspring of God then we must be God....

Horses don't give birth to Lizards now do they????.

God gives birth to God.... Yes or No ????

But your god a "Roman god" is a much different concept than mine....

Read an ancient "Christian Writing" called....

"The Thunder Perfect Mind"

Then give me your thoughts if you desire????

I read that scripture and nowhere in that scripture does God say we are a part of Him.
Just because we are God's "offspring" does not mean that we are gods or God.

When the scriptures tell us that we are God's "offspring" the scriptures are not saying that we are God in any way.

Horses and other created things replicate themselves because God created them to be fruitful and to multiply.
All created things on the earth are made to replicate, but we who are made in God's IMAGE and LIKENESS are not replications of God.

We are NOT gods, nor are we a part of God through replication.
The created is not the Creator.
The rules that apply to creation replicating do not apply to God.

God is an individual, and God created humans to be LIKE Him.
We were not created to BE Him.
We are NOT created to be nor to become God.

A potter who makes a vessel from clay does not make the vessel to be Him.
The pot the potter makes does not become the potter.
And, there is no part of the potter which becomes the pot.

Rather, the potter makes the pot and it is formed by the use of the potter's mind.
The pot becomes created but the pot NEVER becomes a part of the potter.
The pot becomes created but it NEVER becomes the potter.

Just because we are created by God to be LIKE God does not mean we BECOME God.
Just because we are created does not mean we are a part of the One Who created us.

Being created in God's Image and Likeness does not mean we exist as parts of the Creator God.
By saying such things you are believing the lie satan told eve.
Not only are we NOT gods, we are not even the God who created us.
How can we be seeing God is the ONLY ONE who is God, and after so many people have died before us not one of these"gods" are WITH God.
I already gave sufficient scriptures which prove and explain this.
There are no other gods nor Gods being formed.
God tells us so, not me; I am only relaying His message.

Does the table become the table maker?
The table represents the creative abilities of the table maker, but the table NEVER becomes the table maker.

The same goes and holds true when one is describing God and His created humans.
We are only a mirror image and likeness of God.
We are not gods, because God will not allow any other gods to be WITH Him.
We are not God either, seeing that God will only allow Himself to be God.

So, God is not a compilation of the human self.
The human self is not God.
And, none of us are a part of the "greater community" which you say all combine to equal God.
There is NOT a community where a combination of the whole exists as God or as God's Mind.
God's Mind is NOT split up between many different beings that together complete God.

This is complete nonsense and has no warrant of TRUTH at all.
You have NEVER been in a spaceship where you went to share a marriage feast with Jesus, who then told you that we all are a part of God.

You can claim this till you are blue in the face, but I KNOW you are NOT telling the truth.
Jesus tells me PERSONALLY that He created us to be LIKE Him, but we are definitely NOT Him.
There is only ONE JESUS, and no one else is Jesus.
This ONE JESUS is UNIQUE, and He is the only one who is God Almighty.
To say anything different is to tell a lie.

I could understand you not accepting Jesus as God if you were a Muslim, or a Mormon, or a JW, but you blatantly claim you have drank wine with Jesus, and that Jesus told you to tell others that we all are a part of the one God consciousness.
I KNOW this is NOT true.
Jesus would NEVER tell you to say such a thing.
I KNOW because Jesus tells me that such a thing does NOT come from Him.

You may be able to fool others with this space craft and alien story, but I know the TRUTH, and HE Who is this TRUTH tells me that there are NOT any beings out there who are millions of years more advanced technologically than us.
As a matter of fact, the universe is not even older than maybe 30,000 to 50,000 years old!
There is actually a scientific formula that shows that the sun has shrunk so much that beyond 20,000 to 30,000 years ago that the sun would have been so large that the earth would not have existed!

So, you may think there are millions of years before us if you want, but I know there was only ETERNITY before anything was created!
Creation has only been around for a short limited amount of time.

In fact, after Jesus rules this earth for 1,000 years, He is going to destroy EVERYTHING He has made, since it is corrupted by mankind, and Jesus is going to make a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH where there is no need for stars, suns or moons.

This NEW EARTH, or NEW UNIVERSE, will be lit by the LIGHT OF GOD, and by nothing else!
There will no longer be a sun, nor a moon, nor any stars, because they will not be in the future plans of Jesus Christ.
There will only be a NEW EARTH, in a new UNIVERSE, and Jesus will light it with HIS LIGHT!

Seeing this is what Jesus plans to do ON OUR BEHALF, what do you think is going to happen to those other supposed aliens out there?
Seeing that what happens to us happens to also be the end of all things as they are NOW, how do you explain the continued existence of all these so called aliens out there?
You can't, and there is NOTHING to say about it.
When the end comes it will be the end of ALL things, not just humanity.

Human have corrupted and ruined this planet, and even when Jesus rules for 1,000 years and fixes everything we messed up, Jesus will still destroy everything to make something that is far better than that which relies on known physics and the current rules of nature.

Everything you see, and everything you know will be removed for something that is far better than that which exists now.
Imagine a world governed only by Jesus Himself!
Where suns and gravity no longer exist!

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 05:58 PM
There is only ONE WAY!
There is only ONE TRUTH!
There is only ONE LIFE!
There is only ONE LIGHT!

Jesus is all of these and more!
I see that ss likes to try to discredit the TRUTH concerning Jesus!
And ss does this by calling Jesus "jesu".

Well, Jesus is bigger than anything and anyone you can ever imagine, seeing He is GOD ALMIGHTY!

And, Matrix Traveller, I have not been to the marriage supper of the Lamb.
And neither have you.
As I said before, that feast has not happened, yet.
So, you too have not been to the mariage supper of the Lamb.
To claim to have been at this supper is to claim something that has not even happened yet.

And, I do KNOW of the Light of God, and it is NOTHING like what the cabala explains that light to be.
Jesus is THE LIGHT!
The cabala is the Jewish version of a witches' handbook!
Jesus does NOT accept it, and neither do I.

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posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 08:38 PM
The True Origin of christianity will reveal Jesu is NOT God of any sort, but a false Ruler of Man in the heavens around Earth (Atmospherea).

OAHSPE (Published 1884, author John Ballou Newborough)
1. Hear me, O thou most upright of Gods. Mine is a tale of pity and of horrors for thy people.
2. Behold, thy one-time brother Triunes have had great advantage of thee from the start.
3. They had more populous kingdoms and subjects of higher grades.
5. They also found it necessary to have a name that mortals could call unto.
6. And they took upon themselves the names, Brahma and Budha, both of which signify knowledge; no more, nor less.
8. Now, thou shalt choose the name, Kriste, which is the Ahamic word for knowledge also.
9. In this, then, thou shalt have truth on thy side in heaven before thy Holy Council, and on earth thou shalt have a personal embodiment.

1. The Lord said: Behold, it came to pass as had been foretold by God, Jehovih's Son: The Triunes will all become false Gods, because they have denied the Almighty.
2. God said: There is but One, who is All Knowledge. Whatsoever angel or God announceth himself to be All Knowledge, is false in presence of Jehovih.
3. Nevertheless, Looeamong had it proclaimed in heaven and earth that he was The Kriste, which is the Ahamic expression for All Knowledge.
4. The Lord said: Now, therefore, Looeamong was from this time forth a false God in heaven and on earth.
5. And Looeamong commanded Thoth, his angel warrior in command of his earthly domions, to raise up tribes of warriors amongst mortals.
6. And, by the inspiration of said Thoth, these warrirors were induced to call themselves Krist'yans (Christians).
9. Now, it came to pass, that from this time forth great success attended the wars of Looeamong for the glory of his heavenly kingdoms.
10. And, in the space of three hundred years, Looeamong gradually gained on Baal and his alliances, both on earth and in heaven.
11. And Looeamong captured and cast out of his dominions more than seven hundred false Gods and false Lords.
12. And he broke up six hundred and eighty oracle-houses and temples, used for consulting the spirits, who called themselves Gods, whose only service was to advise on war, conquest and destruction.
13. So, that, even in Looeamong's falsity to himself, he rendered a great service to Jehovih, against whom he was doing battle.
14. For three hundred years more, Looeamong, with upward of six thousand million angel warriors, pursued war in heaven and on earth; and he had captured mostly all the earthly strong-holds of other false Gods. Baal, however, still maintained himself in Roma, and as God of the Roman empire, but under many names.
15. God, Son of Jehovih, said: Now, behold, even Looeamong, the false Gold, bewailed the wars, and he also bewailed his own doctrines.

(Continued next post...)

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posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 08:39 PM

(continued from previous post....)
OAHSPE (Published 1884, author John Ballou Newborough)
16. Looeamong cried out in his despair, saying: To whom shall I pray, O thou Holy Ghost? Thou shadow, thou nothing, thou void?
17. Shall I say: O thou all nothing? Thou inconceivable? Thou unknowable? Thou all hidden?
18. Or shall I say: O thou nature? Thou God of nature? Thou senseless? Thou scattered?
19. Thou that hearest not? Thou that knowest not? Thou that seest not?
20. Thou essence? Thou fountain, that is dumb? Thou accident? Thou shapeless?
21. Thou imperson? Thou shortness in all? That beguileth us to come hither, to find thee? Or to go thither to find thee?
22. And find of a truth, that we find thee not? Yea, to understand that thou art the waste and desolate of all that is?
23. And, as for the Father, which we three built up, is He not dead? A divided kingdom, with three astrayed sons? And every one for himself?
24. O thou Brahma, thou hadst a peaceful division. And thou Budha, a place of great profit.
25. But I, your equal, with an unprofitable division of these western heavens. Mine are warriors in heaven and on earth. Yours, peace and profit. How can I embellish Hapsendi, my heavenly seat? And make it a place of grandeur, like unto yours?
26. Behold, my thousands of millions of angels are needed for warriors. How have I time to embellsih my throne, and my heavenly city? No wonder, ye twain point the finger of mockery at me, for the poverty of my heavenly kingdom.
27. ....Did I not find heaven, even from the first, a place of war?
28. Shall these things continue forever? Whom shall I inquire of? Have I not declared, I am one with the Father, and one with the Holy Ghost?
29. Why, then, shall I not look to myself? And is this not the sum of all? Every one for himself? Was not myself a self from the first? And to continue a self for itself forever?
30. Henceforth, I go not down to send peace on earth; I go not to send peace, but a sword.
31. I go to set man at variance against his brother and father, and woman against her sister and mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
32. I will make the foes of a man, they of is own household.
33. He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me.
34. And he that will not take up his sword and proclaim me, is not worthy of me.
35. My signs shall be a sword, a skull and cross-bones, and a bull.
36. My edicts shall be bulls; by these shall my enemies be destroyed.
37. Before me shall every knee bow down, and every tongue confess me, Lord of all.
38. Behold, I will give them a book and a guide, whereby they shall know me; in blood will I seal them to the end of the world.

The True Origin of christianity will continue, revealing Jesu is NOT God of any sort, but a false Ruler of man in the heavens around Earth (Atmospherea).

(Stay tuned! It gets extremely revealing....)

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posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by SS,Naga

It is rather evident that this John Ballou Newborough was whacked out in the head.
Or, rather, a great fictional writer claiming to know TRUTH and yet at the same time denying HE who is TRUTH, namely Jesus Christ!

For anyone to say Jesus is not the Christ is to take sides with the antichrist who will lie and claim to be the Christ.

There was another insane individual who was a great antichristian for his day.
Can you guess who?
L. Ron Hubbard was this lunatic!
He started that insane religion scientology!
He just could not accept that Jesus Christ is the Savior, much less that Jesus is God Almighty!

Denying Jesus for who He is reveals that a person is an antichristian.
Anyone who rejects that Jesus is the Christ is an antichristian.

You want to condemn those of us for trusting and believing that Jesus is the Christ?
Well, you must face what it is you are doing and saying.
Rejecting Jesus as being the Christ is the same as saying that you don't give a darn what anyone else has to say concerning Jesus being God.

That kind of behavior is spelled out in the Bible as an antichristian attitude.
If you die holding on to this belief that Jesus is not the Christ you will forever be where Christ will not be, namely the lake of fire.
You will get what you want, and that is to be where Jesus will never be.

Jesus already went down to hell and took back the keys satan thought he had stolen, namely the keys to life and death.
Jesus holds the keys to life and death, and satan no longer has that power over the Children of God.
Hell is NOT the lake of fire.
The lake of fire will be a place for anyone who does not want to retain Jesus in their minds.

It took God to give up His blood to save us from ourselves.
Any other teaching that does not support this fact is antichristian in nature.
Jesus is the only true God and Savior, and nothing you can show me will convince me otherwise.

Because Jesus Christ lives inside of me, and He is more powerful than any of your imaginary friends.

This thread was started by asking a simple question, but the op and many other people have turned this whole thread into a circus.

God is not an alien.
He may be alien to you, but He is not some alien in outer space.
God sits in a place that is outside of time and space.
He came to this earth to save us from ourselves.
He did not come here to save Himself.
His life He gave, and took back, is great and grand enough to save humanity, if only humanity would accept Him and obey Him.

I do not expect you to understand any of this, especially when you would rather believe in the fiction of others.
But I do believe you should attempt to respect Him who created you.

We are not spawned from some alien seed.
We were created using God's Spirit and by using the dust of this world.
Your denial of this shows that you created this thread to spread your dogma that we are God and that aliens are our masters.

Well, Jesus Christ is MY master, and you can deny Him all you want.
You can keep bringing forth material to try to sway a few, but you can never sway me, because Jesus directs my thoughts.

Hopefully you will see that God is Spiritual, and that we must trust Him spiritually.
By you claiming that God is somehow an alien you have made God out to be something He is not.
Calling God an alien is the same as saying that God's created humans are God.
Both approaches are far from right.

I'm praying for you, but you must come to grips with the TRUTH, and Jesus is that TRUTH.
Until you come to acknowledge that as TRUTH you will forever believe those who do nothing but lie.

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 10:56 PM
the single source of infinite energy that powers infinite possibility. that's about as simple as i can explain what God is to me.


posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by SaintlyMic

Look this is Quite simple really You are quoting a book put together my the Romans.


Jesus said,
"The Pharisees and the scribes
have taken THE KEYS of KNOWLEDGE

hey themselves have NOT entered,
nor have they allowed to enter
those who wish to."

But here you are quoting the Roman collection of Hebrew and Greek writings.

The Genesis was originally written in ZIONic and Not The Hebrew you have today.

There are Hundreds if not thousands of Christian Writings, that are Not in the Roman Book you call the bible.

2. Jesus said,
"Let him who seeks
continue seeking
until he finds.
When he finds,
he will become troubled.
When he becomes troubled,
he will be astonished
and he will rule
over THE ALL."


77. Jesus said,
It is I who Am THE LIGHT
which is above them all.
It is I who Am The All.


78. Jesus said,
"Why have you come out
into the desert?
To see a reed
shaken by the wind?
And to see a man
clothed in fine garments
like your kings
and your great men?

Upon them
are the fine garments,
and they are unable
to discern


Jesus said,
"When you SEE your likeness,
you rejoice.
But when you SEE YOUR IMAGES
which came into being
and which NEITHER DIE


87. Jesus said,
"Wretched is the body
that is dependent
upon a body,
and wretched
is the soul
that is dependent
on these two."


Jesus said,
"Woe to the PHARISEES
for they are like a dog
sleeping in the manger
of oxen,
for neither does he eat
nor does he let
the oxen eat."


108. Jesus said,
"He who will drink



May I suggest you go and get a number of different Translations and compare them with each other.

You will find them Quite Different in their meaning from each other.

Notice in The Books of Matthew , Luke and John were Not written by these Disciples but were written much later on.

Not they use the words...

"The Gospel According to St. Matthew"... ????

If we look at "The King James Version" Notice it says the Word "Version"..

You are attempting to ram Roman Doctrine down my throat.

Roman Doctrine is Not Christianity !

Look you are entitled to your beliefs which is part of what is setting you up for the end of your story on Earth

But I guess it is Yourself You are Trying to Convince, and I guess you will find out on the day you Die What Christ thinks on these matters and this is what matters to you most!

As for My self as I have already said I have sat at Jesus's Table at the Marriage supper, who also has talked to me on more than one occasion.

I can only believe Jesus in what he has said

I would Rather believe Him than yourself...

No offence intended...

Would you have me turn away From Christ and follow you????

I don't Think so!

Do Not be as those, that either Love the Tree and hate the Fruit or Love the Fruit and hate the Tree....

It is Not you or I that decide anything in this World as it is The Father that does the Works This is why there is Forgiveness.

But surely you are Not into Condemning everything except yourself...

But for now, you are free to believe anything you desire until the Day you Die.

As My Lord said to you and me,

"I give you One Commandment, that Ye shall Love one another!"

He commanded us to Watch! (or To Observe with your Mind)

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posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 11:43 PM
reply to post by Zerbst

And I would have to agree with you in this!

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 11:46 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
Every Human "Primate" has his or her own belief what God is, but can anyone give me a common Identity of God.

god - any deity invented by ignorant men to explain aspects of the universe they could not explain.

God - unimaginative name given to one of the more popular such deities.

Did I miss anything?

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 12:00 AM
reply to post by angel of lightangelo

You've covered it all.

The actual behind the seems requires great depth of Soul sight, not mere blind worship, loyal like a dog (mindless devotion).

And because people disagree, doesn't mean they should be destroyed.

reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

I had your first quote setting open to that page in my 1959 edition of "The Gospel According to Thomas!" as I knew what you were getting at...However, I decided to let you do the honors, and sure enough, you did, exactly.

However, I think you know you were dealing with stoney ground.

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posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 12:35 AM
That is depending on what you are defining as creator. Creator of Mankind as we know it then probably Religion as a whole and Power. Power reinforces something and relgion shape it. That is what has created mankind as we know it.

The creator of humans - who knows, the jury is still out there, it could even be An alien race who genetically manipulated us - Genesis?? Why again who knows, maybe it was an experiment, maybe that experiment was interupted????

Creator of the universe. There has to be one hasn't there. I hope i find out, i think we are energy and the energy is recycled throught space. I do have a really wacky theory that the universe is one big time piece the galaxies are clocks and the planets are cogs. Think magnetism is the key but dont have a clue why, ha,ha. God is the Clockmaker - she/he/it may also have a creator and so forth......i discovered years ago that if i thought about it to deep i coulds actually go insane so i will just keep an open mind and wait and see if i get to find out. I got a feeling i will, ha,ha.

I do not follow any religion but enjoy reading about different ones. You can see a common ground, you really can. I have no worries about sin, i do not go to church or temple to prove myself to God. Why? I have a conscience - It descides whether i am sinning or not, based on my own personal views, if i need a book to tel lme how to live then i haven't lived, i've walked through. You can get them foe video games, it takes all the hard work out and gets you to the end feeling like you acheived something, except you haven't. You haven't experienced the game, solved the puzzles and learned from your errrors or spurred on by your achievments. A manual is put in place so peope dont have to think - think about it (excuse the pun).

I dont like the word God - It too close to me seeing it as Dog. You know words you read wrong too quickly. I certainly do not believe i will be condemned to hell or such like for not following a religion - i follow my hear. And if like the egyptians my heart was weighed i am sure i would not be heavy. If you do stray and learn from your mistakes then you have learnt a lesson but if you do not learn that lesson your heart would become heavy, just my thought on what it meant. I think it is all about learning for yourself and knowing deep inside what is right and wrong despite what you are told. Would i be condemmed for being born in the wrong country and not knowing the right religion - i think not. As i said i think we are energy - we all came from that original atom. Do we learn the right lesson and shine or do we return again and again until we learn????

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posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 01:02 AM
Here is the MOST COMPELLING Insight to the True Nature of the Answer of What GOD IS & ISN'T. You will want to read this carefully, or miss something of great insight.

OAHSPE (Published 1884, author John Ballou Newborough)

Look at our known history, and see the clues that are clearly revealed in the words. Yes, it is spiritual and physical Nature.

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posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by SaintlyMic

And, Matrix Traveller, I have not been to the marriage supper of the Lamb.
And neither have you.

But here lays your Denial of Christ....

And neither have you.

You Hate the Fruit.

If you in fact do know Jesus Christ, which in Truth I know you obviously don't, but only your interpretation, then ask Him if He took me to the marriage supper and If I sat at his table and ate 12 fruits and drank in front of Him?

If he feels it is fitting to answer you, then you shall know the Truth!

But I must point out that you in fact Hate Jesus Christ, this is why you can Not know him but pretend to know Him.

He himself told Me, I shall remain in His Fathers House forever.

But You tell me as an Anti Christ, trying to break His word, so your Argument is With The Christ whom I believe His Words but Deny yours being of Roman Doctrine.

If you deny this then You Deny Him that told me.

The Name Jesus Christ is a State of Office. It is Not Human, or any other Creature.

This is why in the old monasteries and chapels a mosaic of Jesus in the Ceiling with the Letters IC and XC either side of his head and Sometimes a Z on his Gown.

IC is the Register used to Read The Books....

XC is The Libraries The Books Come From...

You Can Not Change This Fact!

The Roman Doctrine is Full of Lies from one End to the other.

But as I pointed out In the Book of The Acts...
Quote Chapter 17.
22. For in Him
we Live and move,
and have our being;
as certain also
of your own poets have said,
for we are also his Offspring.

If you wish to divorce yourself of God, that is Your Belief, but I am of god as All are.

If you deny any of these Little ones You Deny yourself!

You may be outside your god, But I am Inside my God and He is in me.

As He said Himself, there will be scoffers and Unbelievers in these days!

But as For me I shall Remain in The City of My Lord forever.

It does Not matter what you want to interpret any writings as The Truth is Unchangeable and You are Totally Powerless to Change The Truth...

Your Argument is with The Christ and Not Me For as he said I am in You And You in Me.

There is Only The One.

Oh by the Way The Word is the Observed!
And The Life is The Observer!

Your Flesh is The Observed and Shall return to the Ground from whence it came, you are powerless to change this fact.

But it is the Observer that has been with Him from the Beginning seeing that it is Part of Te One Consciousness.

And You Can Not Change This Fact No matter what you believe or try to convince yourself by going off at others around you...

How Can You Say you Love Christ when you Hate what has been created through Him seeing All Things were Created Through Jesus Christ.

If you rely on the Flesh you shall die as flesh.

If you will Not Know yourself You are That Poverty!

Jesus Said,

"When you come
to know yourselves,
then you will become known,
and you will realise
that it is you
who are the sons
of The Living Father.

If you will not know yourselves,
you dwell in poverty
and it is you, who are that poverty."

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by SS,Naga

I am still reading...

OAHSPE (Published 1884, author John Ballou Newbrough)

But I am sick of the Lies that Roman Doctrine has turned the ancient writings into that which they were Not.

You are right there are those that hate and desire to shut down the truth and those that know it.

Do Not be concerned as the Truth remains Eternally and No Primate can change this...

What the "Word" GOD was in ZIONic is Not what it is today...

Meanings of words change as you know by public demand through the ages because of the war that exists between human primates and Consciousness.

As you know Consciousness is The Observer and all manifestations no matter what they may be, are the Observed!

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posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 10:24 PM
The Ture Origins of the christian faith, proving that jesu is Not God.

(Continued...part III)
OAHSPE (Published 1884, author John Ballou Newborough)
1. The Lord said: Whilst Looeamong, the false God, was yet bewailing, behold, Thoth, his chief warrior God, came upon him, saying:
2. Alas, O master, thy followers have no king or queen on earth to protect them.
3. Thy mortal Kriste'yan warriors, who drew the sword to establish thee, have been slaughtered in Cardalia, Cyprus, Aitina, Thessalonica, Dalmatia, Lacaonia, Napla, Selucia, Macedon, Galati and Scythia.
4. In Thebes, six thousand Kriste'yan warriors were massacred by the armies of the emperor Maximus, inspired by Baal.
5. In Eocla, th eGods of Jupiter and Ira inspired the king Hoethus to slaughter three thousand seven hundred Kriste'yan warriors.
6. In Utica, the God Jupiter, with seven thousand angels, caused three hundred of thy soldiers to be burnt in a lime kiln. And they were soldiers battling for thee.
7. In Damascus, two thousand seven hundred of thy warriors were cut to pieces with the sword. And the only charge against them was their fighting for thee. Yea, their sacred bull was taken fromt hem and roasted alive. And their bloody corss, which thou gavest them as a sign of the battle-cry, was broken and burnt.
8. In Crete, one thousand eight hundred of thy warriors, who had served thee well in slaughtering pagans, were walled around with fire, and roasted alive.
9. On the plains of Agatha, where thy soldiers, three hundred and eighty of them, were returning with their booty, having done thee great service in destroying heathen temples, they were set upon by the Gath'yans and destroyed, and for no other cause than that they served thee.
10. Looeamong cried out: Enough! Enough O Thoth! I, too, will have a mortal emperor.
11. Descend thou again to the earth, to Hatuas (Constantine), and inspire thou him to raise a mortal army of forty thousand men, and move upon Roma.
12. Behold, I will prove myself before Hatuas, and he shall covenant with me. Through him will I drive Baal out of Roma. And, as I make myself Kriste of heaven, so will I make Hatuas (Constantine) emperor of the whole earth.
13. Thoth then descended to the earth, to Hatuas, who was a su'is, and could both see angels and hear them talk; and Thoth induced Hatuas to raise an army of forty thousand soldiers, and set out for conquest.
14. And when they had come to the plains of Agatha, even where the Kriste'yans had been massacred many years before, behold, Looeamong and his angel hosts appeared in the heavens, above Hatuas' army, so that all the soldiers thereof beheld the heavenly visitors.
15. And Looeamong showed unto Hatuas, in the air of heaven, a true cross, on which was written in letters of blood: IL'KRISTE.
16. Nevertheless, there was no man present who could read the inscription; and many were the conjectures thereon. In the evening, Looeamong descended to Hatuas, and said unto him: This is the interpretation of the sign and cross I showed thee:
17. IN THIS SHALT THOU CONQUER! And when thou ariseth in the morning thou shalt cause to be made a cross, of the most excellent workmanship; and thou shalt have it inscribed: THE KRISTE, OUR LORD, SON OF THE HOLY GHOST.

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posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 05:29 AM
The first Conceptual Movements of The One True Mind...

In order from 1 to 23 + 2 examples of The City of 9 Gates.

The first movement was to & Fro, the Second was Rotation...

In Drawing Number 3 it shows the opposite rotations...

All has been Created on two building blocks of Geometry which are To & Fro and Rotation and the combination of these Two...

Everything is either straight or curved or a combination of both these....

No other shape is present and I challenge anyone to show me any other shape other than curved or straight, or the combination of these Two....

Drawing Number 13 is the Algorithm INZ of The Mind and Drawing 18 is the Algorithm of The Word "God"

All the knowledge of the Ancient Writings was in Fact about The Geometry of The Matrix in Parable Form.

Humankind has written all sorts of writings about god or gods etc in human philosophy but none have written about the geometric knowledge of the True Mind.

Humankind has No understanding at all about The True Mind or about the Programs that form The holographs that are called Universes....

Humankind is so insecure and superstitious and write philosophy based on these phobias.

Humankind have in their DNA a Double Logic System brought about by interbreeding with species Not from the Earth.

This Double Logic Systems leaves Humans with every enquiry having two answers that are opposite.

This is why there are only theories and imagination...

The Truth is Not known because of this Double Logic in their DNA Structure...

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posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 05:50 AM
God is you and me and everyone and everything in the universe... Pure conscientiousness and energy... Which would explain why he can be everywhere and know everything and see everything and be all mighty... It might also explain why he can't present himself to any one person and why he would be Jesus Christ... Lots of religions say the Father, Son, Holy Spirit are 3 separate entities... They are not, they are all God, all one entity and we are part of the same entity... And you wonder why we have a system that keeps us out of the loop? If we ever realized our full potential who knows, but I'm sure it would be something to see or witness and be a part of...

However, nobody will know anything about who or what God is until he reveals that to us... He did not reveal that to Jesus and will not free us until his return...

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 06:01 AM
I cannot believe the amount of BS that wallows all over this entire thread. It is worse than the bigfoot suit, Billy Meiers, Jon Titor, and Haogland all put together.

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 06:24 AM
I'll never understand why people insult each other & delude themselves by claiming to know what GOD is. Maybe it's an ego thing. Everyones thoughts and opinions are valid, because the truth is, no one really knows who are what GOD is, let alone if it even exists. Someday you may be in awe after discovering GOD, but then on the next day, you'll discover that even GOD itself is nothing but an illusion. As a Zen Buddhist would say, "You don't exist, so why worry about it".

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 06:38 AM
reply to post by kindred

Because, how can I truly validate my delusions unless I mock and belittle yours? It is the godly way!

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