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Interested In Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection?

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by _Phoenix_

Yep that g-force effect is crazy. You fly so fast straight up to the stars it feels so cool on your body. I usually wake up if I get too high though too quickly. But its a breathtaking experience.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by CPYKOmega

Awesome I know that feeling exactly! It usually causes me to wake up because it is so intense.
This thread is the ish

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 04:42 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Good advice there caveman, yea watching yourself drift into the dream state is pretty strange. I was once meditating in bed with full awareness while my body went to sleep. hehe can never get used to that heavy/numb feeling, anyway one second I was in bed and the next I was sat at my PC looking at the some red screen with icons. It was like I needed glasses though as everything was out of focus.

I was totally aware of what had happened but the excitement woke me up. I know I can do it but I think the only thing stopping me is too many late nights hence very little energy.

Just one last thing: Nothing wrong with a little break from ATS, helped me get grounded a lot.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 04:51 AM

Originally posted by CPYKOmega
reply to post by _Phoenix_

Yep that g-force effect is crazy. You fly so fast straight up to the stars it feels so cool on your body. I usually wake up if I get too high though too quickly. But its a breathtaking experience.

Yeah! It's really a "feel good" feel, and it does get more extreme if you have the falling dreams or the sudden trip over feel you get before falling asleep, those are great haha.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 05:12 AM

Originally posted by Shakesbeer
reply to post by _Phoenix_

Great posts man, and thank you for sharing & answering so many of the questions. It sounds like we have had similar traveling experiences & style. Very cool. Are you like me where you try not to let yourself have too much fun out in space or you start missing it too much?

Thanks man.

I haven't explored space that much, I recall 2 times it happened, but there might have been a few times I have forgotten about. I do enjoy flying around thou, that I have done many times.

Sometimes flying over the most beautiful landscapes can be such an amazing feeling.

I do miss these experiences, if I don't have them for a long time I really do start to miss it all.

By the way great thread! This is a subject that I love, it is full of mysteries, fun, adventures, stories etc etc. It's always refreshing compared to the more "serious" threads around here.

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 05:26 AM

Originally posted by Shakesbeer
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

The void is sweet. You can get so much thinking done there as you're down to a single point of consciousness potentially 100% aligned with conscious/subconscious/super conscious(or higher self, or spirit, whatever) it is ultimately relaxing like you said

When you're in the void, you can use that to pivot literally anywhere perceivable. Just another tip for whoever... if you find yourself awake in the void, consider yourself "out of body" and do whatever you want


I read about people getting a sort of screen with a picture in front of them, a clear vivid picture, and then they can walk into it. I had several OBE's and never had that until one day it happened, just as described, there was no feeling of seperation yet, it just felt like I was in a dark room with a screen in front of me, like a cinema!

I wonder if this is related to remote viewing.

Has anyone had this happen?

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 05:35 AM

Originally posted by psycho81
reply to post by Shakesbeer

I think maybe me using the PC to log my dreams is not such a good idea, as by the time I get up and log onto my PC half of what I remembered has gone or changed when my mind wonders.

Yeah that's really true, many times I wake up quickly, knowing I had a nice dream, the feeling of the dream was there but I totally forget all the details.

Anyway I've read in some places that the best way to remember when you wake up, is to move at all, and quickly try to remember everything you can. For some reason not moving supposedly helps, and by re-remembering everything or writing it down helps make your memory of the dream more solid.
Then you can move and get up.

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 07:13 AM
One more question that I have never been able to find an answer to is:

What if I went into a lucid dream or Astral Projection and ended up in dimension where everything had a physical form just like here. e.g. I go into another dimension where I am born into a real life body and take up a physical existence there.

Question is how would I get back, and what would happen to me. Would I just pass to the other side in the night. Not that I am scared of it happening as it's got to be better than the UK

Or what if I was born into another body here, and sort of get reincarnated before my time.

Hope you get what I mean it's hard to explain.

Right I will have to catch this answer tomorrow, Speak soon peeps as it's getting very interesting

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:38 AM
Well this thread made me sign up for ATS so props to that!

I tried some relaxation exercises and attempted to lucid dream last night but failed. I guess i'll have to keep trying. I'm brand new to this field of study so it's becoming a very interesting experience already.

Do you have any books/websites/etc.. that you could recommend to me about this subject?


posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:47 AM

Originally posted by _Phoenix_
I read about people getting a sort of screen with a picture in front of them, a clear vivid picture, and then they can walk into it. I had several OBE's and never had that until one day it happened, just as described, there was no feeling of seperation yet, it just felt like I was in a dark room with a screen in front of me, like a cinema!

I wonder if this is related to remote viewing.

Has anyone had this happen?

Many wild's are sort of like that.
Though instead of walking into the picture, the picture basically moves towards them until they get engulfed into it, and suddenly enter the dream.

As for people wanting to learn more. There are various sites dedicated to this subject.

Maybe it's just me but I'd say that ATS isn't exactly the proper place to discuss this all if you truly want to go ''in-depth'' on this subject.

Aside of that I've had some pretty wicked experiences with lucid dreams that carried over to ''waking life''.

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Thanks for chiming in man. I think the more perspectives we can get on the subject the more sense we can all make of it for ourselves as well as anyone else who may be reading.

reply to post by YouAreDreaming

Yeah shared dreams are a trip. I've had quiet a few instances of communicative dreams, not very many full on "Let's go explore together" types with people though. Although I would love to try that sometime, consciously meeting up with a group to go do something fun and/or constructive. Cave and I have been kicking around the idea of using astral travel/energy to see if we can enact some positive changes on the earth. I had suggested maybe cleaning the oceans on the AP for instance as an experiment to see if that intention has any affect here in "waking life".

reply to post by _Phoenix_

Yeah man I hear ya. I rarely go to space, I mostly just run around earth really. Actually I like to just run through dimensions centered around this earthly plane. Kind of like just if you keep hitting the "infinite improbability drive" button on the movie/book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, swimming through possibility if you will

But one of my favorite things is definitely sort of "running" all over just checking things out too for sure.

Thank you for your compliments. I just think it might be time for the oneironaut of the world to "wake up" and dream again

I'm not sure if you've ever read any of Joseph McMoneagle's books, but he was one of the United States' top remote viewers and he worked with the Monroe Institute on lucid dreaming in conjunction with remote viewing with "astounding results" as he said. He remarked that the hardest thing about the method though was attaining lucidity, for him anyways.

reply to post by psycho81

That would probably result in some kind of temporal variant or "paradox" as some would say(just theorizing here). But since this collective consciousness can identify you as part of this reality, you'd essentially diverge from the rest of us dimensionally, but you would have still existed.

More then likely though, none of us would realize that happened and when your other dimensional body died maybe you'd snap back to this reality with the rest of us -shrugs-

reply to post by johnman

Hey John welcome to ATS & I'm honored that my thread could entice you here. The paranormal section sucked me into this whole "ATS" thing myself. Here's a book I highly highly recommend if you haven't checked it out already:
Lucid Dreaming : Stephen LaBerge PHd

Here's the author's website as well. with other books and information.

I understand where 0mega is coming from. Certain dreams & aspects of them can reveal very intimate details of someone and those around them. It seems like the thread wants to be more about "How to" and tips on what to do when you finally get to that lucid state though. But even still, if someone is comfortable and wants to use the forum to relate or share their view or experience by all means. As long as no terms of use policies of ATS are violated, rock on. It seems like everyone just wants to help.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

Hey Shakes, need some advice here on something I just can't seem to master.

Right lately I have been having dreams of things that are so obvious that they are dreams. So the dreaming is not a problem, I seem to have more control now of when I want to dream. Little meditation, focus and intention and "Wham" dreamland. I don't focus on where I want to go though, I like the whole surprise thing a whole lot more. I still waiting for something to kill me in my dreams so I can face it. You name it Spiders, Clowns, Chucky, death bring it on I aint scared.

However it always seems I am just the observer, never lucid so I can explore a little more. I would like to question a lot of what I see in my dreams by becoming lucid.



posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by psycho81

ah interesting. It sounds like you are starting to gain awareness of your dreams in general that's good. Okay now is time to use your imagination, this is where lucidity starts getting interesting to you personally. So you want to face fears? Well the way I would suggest doing that is an Intense Action Event Simulation. I'll give you a quick example of a universal "fear" one can face in dream land and do something cool...

Say I have a fear of walking on the side walk because I'm afraid that at any moment a car will veer off the road at me. So to over come this, I'm going to teach myself how to jump out of the way of the car. Or in the very least jump on the hood to avoid being squashed, or hell why not just show yourself what it would feel like to jackie chan flip out of the way...or all 3! That's the cool thing about dreams, even if you mess up, you can "rewind", and set different "rules" to suit your needs.

Anyways, here's how I suggest directly challenging your fears in your dream.
(using the car/squash example):

1. Think about a stretch of highway that would seem the absolute scariest scenario for your phobia (or you can start incrementally, the dream construction is the same). Try vividly build the scene in your mind, eyes open or closed, it doesn't matter. But feel and smell what it would be like. Think about any sounds you might hear while walking along the road, what time of day, things like that... Hold the image & other sensual information in your imagination as an observer only. Remember what it's like to even conceptually be able to "view" this scene as an "observer".

2. Now here's probably the scariest part of the experience when trying this for use on especially deep or strong phobias. However, as long as you can handle this with out freaking yourself out, you should be able to do so in your dream to. If not, no biggie, just keep trying. Fear isn't the isn't thing to control by any means. Anyways, think about what it would be like to watch the car barrel down on you and smash you in your imagination again. Watch the bumper draw closer and closer and finally start to morph your body into the surroundings. Now watch it from different angles! Like try that "observer" view for instance. THink, damn, if someone was standing over "there", they'd see one crazy sight...

You've just experienced the "worst case" scenario" congratulations

3. Now put yourself back into watching the bumper barreling down but this time imagine "slow motion" as you run up and over the car using the bumper as a "boost". And jumping gracefully onto the pavement, safe from danger. See it from different angles. If you want to potentially save yourself too gruesome of a sight, build the car as a run away car with no driver
Build as many "escape plans" as you can. Let your imagination go crazy.

You've just experienced transcending your fear...yay

4. Now imagine the street scene again from your "observer" view completely calm and empty. Know that thoughts are real, and you really just confronted your own fear. Feel satisfied & try to relax and calm yourself, knowing that you're going to get to "act" this out in your dream sometime for sure.

5. Now hold that satisfied feeling, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

You created some serious "intention" to dream and created a path for you to follow and recognize while you're dreaming. In essence you've created easily recognizable temporary "dream sign" to follow on this self-made adventure. This should aid in allowing you to wake up with direction and cause.

Remember when confronting fears with dreams
You are on an "adventure" not a having a "nightmare"

Empowerment is key. The "adventurer" comes out unscathed despite fear displaying courage, the person in the nightmare is a victim of fear.

While you're in dream land, you might wake up in the car crash, but this is your fear you need to confront. So remember if you think you're in a "nightmare" turn it into an "adventure" by any means necessary. You're in control and you can literally do anything there. Including rewind the scene from your "observer" position, and jump into action when you're ready

That's one technique, substitute the car-crash with anything you want, spiders, knives, guns, falling, plane crashes, etc. Build the construct around the fear you're trying to confront, but see both sides and transcend.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

Hey man that was a brilliant post and you made it sound so simple.

I am sure I can have a dam good go at that with true intention of facing my fears. Will let you all know how I get on thanks.


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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 05:45 AM
Hi shakesbeer

Thanks for providing the link to your thread, it looks a really good thread.
Im really interested in learning how to do this, and it seems you are the guy to talk to!! Im still on page 2 but it looks like youve got some really good contributions here, thanks.

You are a natural at this, but how much do you think the likes of me can actually learn not being a natural at it?

Thanks again this looks an excellent thread!

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

Hey MG, how can a non-natural attain wickedly fun astral skillz(with a "Z" even)? Well there's a few things I recommend. The 1st and most important is establishing a stable "data stream" from your conscious/subconscious while sleeping. AKA remember your dreams consistently. Here's a couple of tips.

First one again (I can't stress this enough) : Get yourself a journal of some kind to record the information you get in your dreams. Start seeing dreams that you don't "participate" in a full-lucidity sense as "information". Even if you can't remember anything, write down "I can't remember anything". Or if it's hazy, start listing out the noun, verbs, & adjectives that you can recall. Without some kind of hard record, it makes it harder to piece together pertinent information from your dreams as well as establish stability of "astral perception" (aka getting used to your own dream sign).

2nd - If you don't dream all the time, here's a tip that will start getting your conscious mind used to knowing when you where dreaming & when you're not. Try to remember the last thought in your head before you went to sleep. Even if that means you're looping something in your head over & over in order to know for a fact what the last thought was. Here's a positive example: I am relaxed

When you wake up, you might not remember a sequence of events (IE a dream) but you might have memories of thoughts that came after "I am relaxed" but before you woke up. In the very least this builds a construct in your mind about the perception of time while you're sleeping paving the way for a method of dream recall. Sometimes we can "pull out" information from our waking state if we can remember our last thought before sleeping, it allows for our logical mind to rebuild a sequence of events with the available information.

Not to mention sometimes looping a thought like that can give you an opportunity to become lucid as you might just recognize: "hey! I'm asleep right now and I'm stilling 'saying' this"

From there you can have yourself whatever lucid adventure you want.

I like to give advice that doesn't take hours of meditation before sleeping or some crap like that as we all do this naturally, we just tend to not remember it all. So with that in mind, to attain a more dependable level of lucidity starts with the belief that you already do this, now it's just up to you to understand the information you are receiving & remember it.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 02:03 PM
I'm reading "The Convoluted Universe" book trilogy. They are great reads if you can get them. Anyways, I thought I'd post this from book 1 for you. This book is full of information obtained from the subconscious of people during past-life regression therapy. Often other entities would come through, in this particular session, this energy was of a group collective, something that is purely energy and as they explained, their purpose would be something along the lines of making ripples in a pond, for example. That's the kind of existence they experience, and they evolve like us. Anyways, its a great book, here is a question someone asked these entities and the answer:

"Many times when I wake up from a deep sleep I feel like I'm vibrating, or my body is pulsating a high rate. What causes this?"

and the answer which I photographed because I didn't want to type it:

Hope that helps anyone. In my experience, it is easy to increase these vibrations, and once they are high enough, the projection /"escape" becomes easy.


posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 05:36 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Absolutely loved that quote from the book. I read it and it made perfect sense to me. When we are depressed our soul frequency is low and when we are elated it has risen. We are at the end of this all energy. Its working out how and what to do with this energy is the test we face in our bodies. I know I am another living in a body, I accept this and just try and work out ways of making it work until I realize the full truth. We should not try and make this too complicated , we just need to accept we are light , light of our souls within a physical body. We are a soul within a body, not a body with a soul.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

Though I find the error in my thought often is that we are not light within in a physical body..

we are light within light.

the soul is an energy form or focusing lens, and the body a vehicle of light. I try to remind myself that the astral plane and "physical plane" are very similar. This book talks about that alot ms green, where the lady would say "physical plane", and these entities would jump in and say.. to say this is physical.. and this is spirit would be innaccurate, for they are both spirit planes.. the astral plane and the physical plane are both spirit planes.

i know you know this, but I like you.. often forget..

If you treat your body like it is light/energy..and thus manipulated and guided by nature and will.. you can perform miracles of a sorts. I think it just takes a certain amount of energy...or rather knowledge, one in the same.. you ponder things and subconciously recieve thought therefore energy..therefore some sort of instruction as to how to do them...

like say.. walk through a wall... some people can do this in the astral plane... whos to say we can't do it in the physical?

I can mildly move items with my mind the physical, but in the astral I do it was more ease, depends on the level/plane.. its sometimes more or less...

but one thing that doesnt change is that I still don't have the feeling, or awareness of those items like i've seen in dreams of my future...where I could feel things..

so it says to me the only thing that has changed here is different interactions of energy.. which leaves more energy to get things done..

If you were being fed 100x the energy flow (not an amount, i'd say bandwidth / power vs quantity)... then your physical world would seem just like a dream, how could you ever know differently? It could be this freedom from limitation which truly allows you to do greater things with this energy.

I've been on some astral planes that have felt very physical, and I felt very powerless. Its just different ways of how the light interacts, the true mastery comes in understanding the flow and working with it I believe.

I have just gotten to that part in this book where they talk about energy control (450 pages later).. and they talk the light..or energy creating the human or energy form..which then sends energy back to the source of energy... its a send/recieve process... and the energy form, or human can send out energy of its own to create, but it wouldnt be as strong since its limited, it is not the source energy it is being fed.. so I think what they are implying is to learn to control the flow of source energy comming your way, and just redirecting it with your mind, rather then sending out small spurts of your own energy... its an interesting take anyway.

I think all things are complexly simple, if that makes sense.

Getting a little off topic here..

last night I had a dream I got shot 5 times in the head.. let me tell you, it sure felt physical.
.. All for telling this guy he was acting out of fear and ego, he lost it on me, he was my boss or something.. I felt my soul float up shortly after my "body" slumped down comfortably/numbingly and blacked out.. I really thought it was my conscious life at this point mind you.. i told myself as I floated (I was floating but I didn't see, i just felt it, kind of rising like steam)... I said I'm going to try and stay alive.. and sure enough something happened and I was walking around the street later, and that guy even saw me and you could tell he was like what the hell? He was mad and confused..

I told ya he was scared and egotistical.

cool dream. I can see why when people die that they don't fight it, i felt so free... so free, yet so much at a loss.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 04:28 PM

I think all things are complexly simple, if that makes sense.

No that makes perfect sense dude, good post caveman and you once again shakes.

I am at a pretty interesting point with this physical plane energy now, I believe we are as powerful here as we are on any other plane. It's about balance in mind/body and spirit

I have witness how that energy flows not just in us but around us, I have also witnessed how it can effect other peoples perceptions "In a positive way. It can bring out such positivity in many different situation, as you know we are like energy receivers. Our perceptions are the balance of that energy, we are the link linking formless to form.

I have even noticed that things in my dreams I would normally fear, I no longer fear. What's to fear other than fear it's self, fear is ego telling you "Your being" whats going to happen. Fear of death, loss or even things like Ghost, Aliens, the only fear is the ego, compulsive thinking running scenario after scenario trying to reach the end. Some say fear may save us, I think common sense and positive focus saves us every time, fear just gets in the way.

e.g. Your scared of heights, you come to a situation in your life where you find yourself facing that very fear. It's happening now there is no choice, the fear has now reached a new level. In fact it moved on to the next fear, the fear of slipping or falling. It will continue like this until the fear has nothing to attach itself to.

If we found our self in the same situation and didn't react to fear we would probs act in a more focused way and use common sense to get us out of that situation. Less panic, less distractions, = more focus

Anyway back onto the energy again....

Here is one to observe next time you are out driving walking (in a busy area) take note of what mood you are in. Positive or Negative mood, whatever mood you are in just observe it "Play the watcher" Drive/Walk as you would normally but in full awareness of your feeling.

If you are in a Negative mood you will notice how everything seems much more frustrating, if driving the road becomes more aggressive, it's every man for them self. Other road users may seem angry, sad, or just deep in thought. When walking it will feel like everyone is walking in the other direction to you.

If you are in a positive mood you will notice how everything flows smoothly. You even got more time to notice the beautiful scenery around you, people around you will seem happy, smiles will be sent and received.

However in both situation there will be temptation of negative and positive energy. e.g. In negativity, positivity may come in the form of. A smile or a song that comes on the radio you like... In Positivity, Negativity may come in the guy who gives you the finger for delaying his journey by a millisecond.

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