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Bailout Puts US One Step Closer to Mark of the Beast

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posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 12:33 PM
The dollar is weak, billions are being wasted, our stock market is based on phony numbers, and Government wants to save us all. I for one see this crisis as a sign of the times. The mark of the beast is getting closer. This crisis is going to lead to further reform that will ultimately lead to the government controlling us even more. The government is getting too strong and it won't be long before they start using domestic terrorism laws to keep us quiet. Everything around us seem to be falling apart and Government is emphasizing that they are the only ones who can save us. Many people believe them because they desire the handouts government is willing to give them in exchange for their souls. Material things has taken over our lives and GOD is being abandoned. This country needs to bring GOD back before it is too late.

Here is an interesting article about the crisis leading to the mark of the beast.

In fact, I think it's part of a master plan – one pushing us inevitably, inexorably closer to a closed cashless global economic system of total control.

I predict the day is coming soon that all of us will be encouraged to accept the implantation of chips like this so we will no longer have to carry cards, driver's licenses, keys to start your car and open your locks at home. This is not science fiction. It's science fact. All that holds it back from use is the next crisis.


Are you ready to accept the mark or will you resist the everyday growing all mighty government?


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