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All in one thread?

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posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 10:47 AM
Okay, I am fairly new to the whole "World is going to end in 3 months/years" idea. While I think it is a great idea to be prepared for anything, I believe some people are just looking too into many coincidences. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. So I sit scouring this forum writing notes, tips, and ideas down when I thought of an all-in-one thread discussing the main points of this forum. So far there are threads from farming to medical, all with thier pertinent points. But what if there was one thread for info for survival...what to do/make/store/etc? I am sure there are guides posted throughout a heafty google search, and probably some on here, but there is a lot of info to sort through when instead the info could be in one place for easy access, freeing up time in order to prepare your stockpiles for "what if".

I have read some good articles here about stuff to keep in emergency packs, food to farm, medical info...but there are a couple of them to sort through. I am also sure (without looking) that there are sites dedicated to this sort of thing, only swamped with advertisements to buy thier guides/equipment. Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to have a sticky posted for easy access to the threads that list good info? Perhaps someone knows of a few downloadable guides that are good for people without money to invest in tons of equipment/food storage. Just a thought...anyways back to making my list of stuff

P.S. This info is great guys!!!

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by Taledus

Here's a good " commonsense guide that has alot of good information. The one I'm reading now is " How to survive an economic collapses "

Common Sense Survival Guides

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by Taledus

ATS is as far as I've seen the largest survival community on the net. There are several other sites out there on survival. Not all of them blast you with advertisements and wanting you to purchase there items.

I myself run a survival site. The only reason I have any advertisements is because i'm not rich. In this day and age Survival sites are very busy and band width cost money. same reason our beloved ATS has site sponsors and advertisements. Unfortunately nothing is free. some body has to pay for it.

I thought your idea was a good one so I starred and flagged it. it is a huge under taking but I agree it needs to be done. how ever there is something to be said about doing the work for your own survival. So I guess it all depends on your point of view. some people can get away with crib notes so to speak and some like me have to do all the research. There are also those who just enjoy the community. I am in that group to.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 07:06 AM
@ Solarskye: Thanks for the link!

@ angryamerican: The sites I was referring to was the ones that come up as results in google and are nothing more than stores...just about every site now has to have links and advertisements just to pay for the bandwidth. But I have noticed now that anytime I do a google search for anything (generating electricity, storing/growing food, etc) I get so many results to sort through that are nothing more than someone trying to sell something.

I would help compile a list of stuff to list for a sticky (links to posts, short summeries, etc) but my knowledge of "survival" consists of Boy Scouts and living in the sticks where I do now and is limited since I rarely ever leave the house, much less ever leave my neck of the woods. I also wouldn't know what exactly to list since to everyone "survival" aspects mean very different things.

IMHO, "situation X" can be a number of things that would happen, but I would fall more towards preparing for events where you have to have your own food/supplies. I have been trying to compile a list of stuff that I will ever need, and making lists of food to dehydrate. I think having a guide you could post about plants would be good, but I am paranoid and think waaaay too much...what if it gets wet? Laminated sheets with pictures and descriptions would be good, and since I know how to work with photoshop I could compile something...and probably will. I just have to add it to the loooooong list of stuff to do that I never get to...but it will probably get done before anything else since I find it to be more important than programming right now. The problem is that making a guide for every plant type in the North American Union would take years, so I will probably just do one for my area but it would not benefit someone from say Washington state...thoughts on this anyone?

Perhaps a laminated guide on tent making would be on cooking wild game...the list could go on. But I am just one person and even though I work at home, I don't have a lot of time to invest. But okay, if there were guides that you could print off and laminate on survival stuff, what would you want it to be on? If nothing else I can compile a list of guides people think would be good, and maybe some people (cough
) would help make the guides...or atleast help compile the info that would be listed on each sheet.


posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 01:55 AM
As I have stated on other threads, the effort and expense expended on "survival" ought to be based on probability depending on your particular situation. If you live in a tropical or subtropical coastal area then plan for hurricanes as your first priority for disaster preparedness. If you live in a tectonically active area, then plan for earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions. In the north, plan for snow and ice storms.

In areas of multiple possibilities, plan for multiple possibilities accordingly.

As far as SitX, everyone has their own idea of what that might be....nuclear war, financial collapse, global warming, global cooling, alien invasion. Could be any, or none of the above.

"Be prepared"......for whatever YOU think is most likely in YOUR particular situation.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 07:32 AM
...and I was thinking about plants

Very true though! It would be pretty good to have a list for certain SitX's, but the problem is that there are so many to choose from. I would think maybe an all-in-one guide to living off the land, and maybe a list of stuff that would help with different regions/SitX's. But I am probably just wishfully thinking.

But I would still be willing to do something, I just am not sure exactly what. If there are all-in-one guides those would work...I am taking notes from my old Boy-scout books
, so I guess most of anything will work.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 11:23 AM
If you want to look at some very good debates, articles and reviews of various things such as EDC kit, Bug out Bags and their contents, Disaster supplies, bug out vehicles, etc without being hammered by adverts may I suggest you spend a little time on sites like Excellent owner originated reviews etc


Excellent debates, articles, discussions and lists

One point of note is bboth are heavily laden with top quality photos of the kit, clothing and supplies being discussed


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