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Ron Paul has inspired the American in me

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posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 04:22 AM
It's true, Ron Paul has spoke the truth longer than your dad can remember. And with economics, heh, let's just say he's brilliant.

Ron Paul reminds us of the saner side of politics, and only during this time of history in the making are people realizing that. He used to blend in with the likes of George Bush, but only now is it evident how precious his insight was and still is, compared to the competition. In a sea of nonsense, Ron Paul is our mermaid, alas, it is the shark that we, as a people, have reigned king.

However, Ron Paul is only as brilliant as the people he is communicating to, and by now this is fact. People in general vote persuasively. It has taken a record setting economic failure to bring Ron Paul even close to the lime light. His ideas are richer and more priceless than McCains and Obamas will ever be, yet their campaign money is worth more to America than Ron Pauls philosophy will ever be. Quantity->Quality. The fact that we are stuck with two such candidates, whilst there are candidates like Ron Paul out there, is proof to me that America drinks from the hole of quantity, not quality.

I stand proud, knowing that I share the ranks of Ron Paul as an AMERICAN, not a candidate or senator or governor, and realize that Ron Paul isn't the only guy that's been calling this out for years and years. I have too, and many of you here have as well.

I can't tell you how many times over the years I've gotten grief for telling anyone who would listen to stop taking it in the ass from the government. What I can say though, is that myself, and anyone else who has stuck up for their rights, including Ron Paul, are the real soldiers of this country.

I get nervous as hell around people who talk about loved ones fighting over seas as a hero, because I realize that these poor souls haven't a clue. Their beautiful creation is over there being shot at, all for a horribly demented cause that we are all familiar with.

At the same time, I take great pride in myself and others when I hear of real soldiers. The men and women on the REAL front lines: The people fighting in this country. No guns, no tanks, no spy planes. Only eyes and ears and a voice that calls out. That's what takes real courage, and that's what Ron Paul reminds us of. Little guy has a voice too.

Our country as a whole is in dire jeopardy; this is fact. A lot of us have not been around long enough to know how bad it is. A lot of people don't understand the significance of the challenges we face. Iraq is better off than we are!

The majority of soldiers are conscientious objectors, the people over there fighting! Why are they doing it then? It all boils down to the fact that for most, it was the only guarantee of a job. A house. A paycheck. I myself have thought about joining up, and you can guess how against it I am. Why? Because that's how bad the way of life has become. The state our economy is currently in, joining the service is one of the few options left for me. I'd have insurance, and housing, school. Talk about irony!

It wasn't like this 15 years ago, yet, Ron Paul called it out even then. I wasn't old enough then, but as soon as I was, I did too. Now, making almost minimum wage, the people that ostracized me are the people that are starting to lose it and get scared. I've even been called crazy, but now I'm not, and the people that accused me of such are eating it hard.

Lesson here, is always stand up for what you believe in and feel in your heart, regardless of who backs you up. The mistakes you make, learn from them. I hope to a higher power that the public realizes now, the bigger picture in a smaller box. We must embrace leadership when warranted as much as we must disgrace it when warranted.

From this we must learn never to be screwed like this again. More so, our children. Nixon has been out done.

Ron Paul, poor guy. For so long he was ostracized. Now suddenly, people are supporting him. Now that its money at stake.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 05:50 AM
If only everyone would actually support him even though they know he's right, unfortunately the sheeple will still vote for the people who have absolutely no say in the running of the American government. If Ron was in office he'd certainly shake the NWO to the very core!


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