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It really doesn't matter , if you think it does you could be nuts

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 08:48 PM
Do you really think for one second that your choice for president makes any bit of difference ? Are you foolish enough to think that "your guy" will some how be able to "save the country" ?
It is that ridiculous train of thought that got the US into the problem in the first place .
Each side , Republican / Democrat have there own little issues that they and the media pretend separate them from one another and in some peoples minds make them different then one another , but the truth is its all smoke and mirrors and you are being coned .
When will people wake up and demand that the politicians stop all the BS. and political posturing and honer there oath to the constitution ? When will the people stop being coned by the talking heads who are bigger nut jobs then the politicians ?
If you didn't know I am here to tell you that the party that you support with the same dedication that some attribute to a sports team are being laughing by these same people , these very people that got all there money out of country months ago . Remember they don't think you could tie your shoes with out there help .

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