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Bush: more houses than people

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 08:14 PM
well in the infanite wisdom of our glorious leader. Live on TV president bush just stated that the price of houses fell because there was too many houses out there and not enough people. how far did he fall through the rabbit hole, nothing is real at the bottom, come on not enough people there are people living under bridges in new orleons still because they wouldnt give them houses.

what is your take on this anybody else see it

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 08:33 PM
Thats like saying that there is enough houses in Northern Alberta to house everyone living there.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 08:33 PM
You will still find him averse to giving any of the homeless (remarkable numbers of whom are ex serving army heroes) any warmth under any house anywhere. By keeping the banks in control of the keys and with a supply of homeless, he can diddle supply and demand in favour of the rooved. Why does God bless anything, let alone that man?

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 01:36 AM
The only jobs were illegals doing house building with materials
from Home Depot and Lowe's for contractors.

Houses were built when the workforce had no income to buy the house.
Everyone played it safe.

Energy development has few prospects to put a dent in the economy.
Energy is used for rip offs and any thing useful is suppressed.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 01:41 AM
There are enough houses. The people living under bridges cannot afford to pay the cost to live in them though. I wish those with mortgages in trouble by the bank failures would have just gotten them paid off instead of the banks being bailed out. In America, it is always about the rich being taken care of as long as Republicans or Democrats hold power.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 01:46 AM
If there was more houses than people in the U.S. then why doesn't BUsh use that $700 billion to pay for giving everyone in the U.S. there own house instead of bailing out the Bankers?

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 01:50 AM
That is my whole point. The answer is because it will not benefit his rich friends.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by groingrinder

your right it won't benefit his rich friends.

Until the human race moves away from a monetary system the rich will get richer and the poor poorer

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 02:17 AM
The rabbit hole is deep, round, and just gets stranger by the day. By strange men saying strange things. Go ask Alice.

What kills me is the totality of the lies and deceit. Like we are too stupid to know better.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 01:59 PM
Credit won't exist unless until 700 Billion is payed out.

Explain this please.

Who needs this money and why.. let them get some collateral up.
Like a free energy factory.

We only lost tax income for 4 mos from 2 or 3 firms and
Bloomberg is in a New York City tizzy.

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