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9/24/098 2:45 NY - Bush To Address Nation At 9: Said To Yield On Exec Pay Cuts

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 02:20 PM
9/24/098 2:45 NY - Bush To Address Nation At 9: Said To Yield On Exec Pay Cuts

WASHINGTON — President Bush readied a prime time speech to the nation and

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson accepted a major change in legislation for a $700 billion bailout
of the financial industry on Wednesday as the administration scrambled to prevent further deterioration in the economy.

Republican officials said that

Paulson had bowed to demands from critics in both parties to limit the pay packages of executives whose companies benefit from the proposed bailout.
They spoke on condition of anonymity because Paulson's decision had not been formally announced.

White House officials said Bush's speech would dwell on the financial crisis.

Press secretary Dana Perino said the president wants to tell the American people how the crisis affects them and help them understand the depth of the problem.

The developments came as the administration sought to overcome obstacles in Congress to speedy enactment of an unprecedented government bailout of the beleaguered financial industry.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress on Tuesday that

failure to act quickly could trigger deepening in the credit crisis that would lead to a recession, with rising unemployment and increased home foreclosures.

REMEMBER, THIS IS A THREAT of what they're ALREADY doing -- I wish the corporate media would drop dead.

Appearing before lawmakers for the second day in a row, he added on Wednesday that

global financial markets
are under "extraordinary stress."

Paulson, who with Bernanke heard withering criticism of the bailout plan on Tuesday, met for the second consecutive day with House Republicans, some of whom have announced their opposition to any federal bailout of the private financial markets that form the backbone of American capitalism.

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