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Obama and McCain agree and disagree! On everything...

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 02:05 PM
"Without integrity, a man is nothing."

Senator McCain

Barack Obama

It's beautiful how these people are making videos from both sides, so critical of opposing party and opposing candidate, but they're guy is doing the exact same thing.

You know why 50% of the nation is divided on the vote? Because these men agree and disagree with every issue.

There is no stance. There is just your perception.

Your vote means nothing. Quit the bickering.


Maverick? Change? Hope? Straight Talk?

What a pipe dream.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 08:49 AM
Brilliant point...
my only issue with the exposés ...
is that the one on mccain covered more deceptions
(on iraq improving, prioritizing katrina, understanding the economy)
then the one on obama (troops out vs in).

so here's another to add to Obama's pile of crapola...
less than two weeks after he gloated to AIPAC about his love for Israel, he unexpectedly admitted the truth while campaigning in Iowa... saying "...Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people... the Israeli government must make difficult concessions for the peace process to restart..." and ever since he has been back pedaling, in an attempt to reassure zionists that he is their candidate. I think his appoint of Biden as VP finally put their worries to rest.

These guys have a lot of campaign gurus whispering in their ears. They understand the rules of the game. Unfortunately truth is not a commodity at this stage of the game... it's a liability.

Case in point, your signature says it all...
one candidate among many others who were sidelined because they had the character and courage to tell it as it is.

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 05:32 PM
Hey dead flag, I though I would pay my respects...

Demand honest politics...Then it wouldnt be that political would it? Im not trying to be sarcastic, I agree with you 100% on that. But these guys represent what has been going on for ages(okay maybe not that long). I cant sit here and dictate how fair these two individual should be, I dont expect dead flowers to smell like roses. One thing I am very certain on is the fact , change on the civilian level must take place in order for our 'government' to change.

We can not always count on any system, the true fact resides in this statement, "the american dream can only exist while some of us our sleep." We dont have to vote, but we our and can be the difference. We must encourage a wake up.
I enjoyed discussing this subject with you
Peace and Love

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 05:38 PM
As I with you! You can't just give up though, man. We have to forge ahead. It's going to take courage, bravery, and crudely.. Balls. A lot, a lot of balls! Neither of these men are honest, neither of them deserve to lead our country. Simple as that. If we start DEMANDING their respect, they can do nothing but become a more truthful person.

Whether that means the flood of emails our representatives received, autonomous community organizers/organizations, or revolt. They can have it the easy way, or the hard way.

We cannot allow these people to garner any of our respect if showing none of us the same in return.

Personally, I believe we need to make it uglier for them, then for us.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 05:43 PM
If politics involved honesty they'd have to give it a new name..

I'm not sure there will be elections, with a financial 'crisis' giving Bush the right to suspend them, but if they are held I hope the majority of the Americans vote for the outsider.. indeed, like Ron Paul

And even then it's questionable wether or not the votings won't be manipulated anyway.. vote by computers = no paper trail.. but that's for another thread I guess

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by Phatcat

Make your demands and stick by them. The only people who are going to determine anything in this country are people like you and I. We're on the brink of a new era.

America could falter and continue it's current course.


America can take this country back one grease ball #bag at a time and show them who is really running this country!

No more indifference.
No more apathy.

Only action.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 11:03 PM
It's an information war ladies & gentlemen.
This is the true sadness at hand... if people really took the time to know what was really going on, there would be NO ROOM for these guys to play any games with our lives and money.

Keep up the good fight, and rescue as many minds from the blinders of ignorance as you can. Waking up one person at a time... might seem like a no-where and pointless ... but with our collective efforts a snow ball is inevitable. One person wakes up two people who wake up three who each wake up two and so on and so on.

Think of the little train that could?

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 08:34 PM

And people think I'm crazy when I say this.


You have no choice. Do something about it.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 08:56 PM
I would suggest that most ATS members are much more educated concerning the two major candidates than the vast majority of Americans. That is also why, in my opinion, so many of us supported, and still support Ron Paul. He was right 5 years ago, he was right when he ran in the primaries, and he is right today. Since most Americans still get their information from the MSM, and since the MSM ignored, or vilified Ron Paul, he never had a chance. Obama and McCain are two peas in a pod. Furthermore, Ron Paul knows more about our financial system and what is wrong with it, than those two know or will ever know.
What is really criminal is that there is no REAL discussion about the details of the issues, problems and proposed solutions of either candidate.
McCain wants to lower everyone one's taxes, but supposedly still has some new plans, and Obama wants to lower 95% of American's taxes(Real Facts say it is acutally 81%), and he has proposed a ton of new programs. Neither candidate has said WHICH of their programs will have to be scrapped, since with the Bailout PLANS(There are more to come), there is NO WAY to PAY FOR THEM. Obama was asked in the first debate, and he wouldn't give an real answer.
Both of them came down on the wrong side of the Bailout Bill, at least according to 90% of the American People, and according to the Dow. Ron Paul was right on, he said the bailout would make matters worse, yet the MSM still won't cover him. Obama and McCain don't need the help of the rigged electronic voting screens, the MSM has taken care of that for them!

Iv'e starred this thread.

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posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 02:47 AM
many pundits said there's no difference between Obama and Hillary, here's why:

All you Obama supporters need to tell 'your' candidate that he's off on this subject, along with Iran and Russia. Apeing John McCain is not the best policy.
Otherwise, the neo-con DLC centrists around Clinton will be telling Obama what to do ... which looks like what has happened. Clinton lost, but her polticis won. In fact, is there one advisor Obama has that doesn't advocate increasing spending in Afghanistan, Georgia and Israel? One?

Posted by ElyDog at 10/06/2008 @ 1:02pm | warn this person


Nader/Gonzalez 2008

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 06:04 PM
It is without a doubt an info war. Things will never change as long as democrat and republican remain the two towers of politics. If you support Ron Paul then vote who he endorsed, the constitution party. Vote for ANY party besides the two! What ever you do, if you are informed and you vote for either of them you are only playing into a corrupt system. Do not vote Democrat or Republican but make sure you vote!

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:09 AM
Great, yet another thread about how fed up we are or should be with the two main parties.

Are you guys gonna take the pledge and vote third party this year, or just keep perpetuating this horrible system?

Here's a link to a thread dealing with the third party movement and the positions they agree on.'

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 11:17 PM
Regardless of what the candidates are proposing now, the end result
passed by the House will be quite a bit different. Remember your
history from past Presidential elections. Campaigns promise the stars,
but what gets delivered is often very tame/lame.

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