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I am tired of privatizing profits, and socializing losses

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 12:56 PM
I heard a caller on a local radio program yesterday say “I am tired of privatizing profits, and socializing losses”. Well with that in mind
I have a lot of questions about how the banks and insurance companies could possibly be failing. However I would like to first point out that the mortgage system is a complete fraud. I have documentation to prove every part of what I am going to post about the appraisal process, but I am sure no one will want to look at it because most of you will have similar experiences.
First, I have bought two houses, and sold one in my lifetime. In all three cases the house apprised for the exact amount we offered or were offered. I can not believe that I am that good at pricing houses. So what is really going on with that? First off the appraiser is told by the bank (who is by the way the only one who can order an appraisal on a property that hey will lend money on) what the house has to appraise for. That way the bank can not lend the borrower any more than what the bank decides, and they can charge things like mortgage interest, or other made up fees because the borrower owes more than 80% on the property. It also allows the bank to decide market prices in a given area.
Second, my grandfather paid on a mortgage till the day he died. The house he lived in was built in 1925 and he bought it in 1965 and died in 1981, the house had always had a mortgage on it since the day it was built. The house still has a mortgage on it because my uncle sold it after my grandpa died, and the couple who bought it was young and are still paying for it. This house was built for around $3,000. My uncle sold it for $110,000. Now I am not a banker but this one house has earned the banking system several times what it is worth or was ever worth. And it has cost the banks lending this money, literally nothing. Now we have this one house as an example multiply that times all the houses in the country.
I would love to see the government bail out the individuals who are struggling to pay their mortgage and let the banks fail.

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