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Why Terrorists?!? To choke off a possible 2nd Revolution!

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 11:50 AM
When I read the recent thread about the Second American Revolution, something caught my eye:

People want to start "something", and when they speak it out, others warn them to "watch their wording", because "Guantanamo is lovely this time in the year" and pointing to the threat of being accused as a terrorist when talking about something.

So you can see here, the anti-terrorism laws spread a great fear amongst US citizens, we're at a point where they don't only think anymore to may be personally affected by these laws, they start to actually accept that thought and warn others because of these fears. And those fears deal with a worst-case scenario now, not anymore with "man, they can intercept my phone now and check out which books i rent", but with "watch your wording, you could be brought to Guantanamo".

Just check this quotes from above linked thread:

Originally posted by otto2294

Originally posted by flyingwoody
I, personally, think that before it's all over we're going to have to resort to violence. The PTB aren't going to give up their power so easily. I think we should start peaceful for awhile but if still nothing changes we should use our powers of citizen's arrest and administer justice.

I would gladly be a martyr for the cause but unfortunately I don't know enough about all the important topics just yet. That, and people tend to not look up to someone who is younger than they are.

i hear guantanamo bay is lovely at this time of year. seriously the way youve worded this could easily been seen as a terrorist making a threat and we all know the US governments attitude when it comes to suspected terrorists. shoot first ask questions never. so yeah id probably just watch how you word your posts


Be careful how you answer in

threads like this. Big Brother

has ears, you know!

So, may the chose of terrorists as "Americas Greatest Enemy" and the laws to fight those "enemies" (Patriot Act, i.e.) be part of a greater plan?

Part of the final stages of a longtime master-plan to takeover the country?

Think about it. When things go ugly, the puppetmasters would previously have known they probably have to fight a revolution of the American people.

The easiest solution to this "threat"? Declare everyone trying to start or being part of such a revolution a "conspiring terrorist".

In the post-9/11 America with "terrorists", "patriotism" and all that other crap all over the media the sheeple fear those evil terrorists (as per the governments definition) and the regime/administration/insert-term-of-your-choice will probably be celebrated for locking those evil terrorists away.

So may the real purpose of the Patriot Act and other post-9/11 anti-terrorism laws be to nip a Second American Revolution in the bud?

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 12:04 PM
Yes it is. One will start anyways. But this legislature will ensure it won't last long enough to do too much damage to the NWO's operations.

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 02:16 PM
I came over from the other post and I too found the comment made at the bottom of the first page VERY troubling.

Ive all too often heard the term 'fear mongering" lately and at one point had wondered whether or not it was just the new catchphrase touted by the conspiracy folk just as "black helicopters" and such were its predecessors. As I started to look into it here and other places I realized that the fear that is being instilled in Americans is real (whether or not the subject of it is real or made up). Its scary to me that media and government created keywords can affect so many people to the point where we forget that we do have the right of free speech of both philosophical and ideological topics especially when it comes down to our approval of the federal government. But to actually hear/read that fear posted in a thread concerning the basis of American being, Revolution for the betterment of our society, is absolutely appalling to me! Its damn near impossible for me to fathom how effective the government has been in creating a fearful society of citizens (and I use that term loosely; perhaps subjects is a better term) I guess I too live in fear. I am not living in fear of my government or terrorism or economic meltdown. Im living in fear of my fellow subjects. The government may be the machine that drives us to a potential downfall but we the people jumped out of the drivers seat long ago to bask in the glory of all 7 deadly sins.

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