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... and how did it starts for me ...

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 11:43 AM

So, to be fair (as I just had posted a few words about it)
and as I do really feel this could be important to anybody

here you can find a short story, which had a place about 30 years ago

as a 7 years old boy I was not any believer (except god - however I always was just rather questioning his position and himself - as my family was going to church). I was not reading books about UFO's (however I could as I read some sci-fi books in this time in fact - however it was a long time ago and they were not like todays books). the place is also important - some country from EAST Europe, you know, EAST != west
it IS important as we had no informations about roswell and other incidents (all information was censored so it was not an "information chaos & diversity"). I was wise enough to know that we cannot kill other beings (like animals, bees etc) and just was going to go to the school - to the 1st class. just usual boy with happy (more or less) family, loving books, bike, playing football, in TOWN

OK. lets begin the story

I had a very strange dream at night. I was an old old man, I was driving a cart with a horse (you know, there were on villages carts with horses, no engines). so, I was an old old man, going to my house from somewhere, it was dark and it was rain, not so strong but wet. As I was not so far from my house, I was not afraid of anything - small village everybody knows everybody, my family is waiting for me everything is ok

After I decided to go with shorter way to my house (it was about 15 minutes faster way thru the trees), when I came from the trees to the glade (it was still dark, very early morning but still dark) I saw 2 people near the road.

when they saw me, one of them moved to the other side of the road. as you know, we "from the east" (where the siberian tigers are as usual as flies) are not so afraid of anybody who we do not know. just, they were "aliens" - but for this moment, aliens = not known people, just other people. however, they had strange "coats" from some metall (?) - they looked really strange. but I was going ahead and when I was passing them they gently jumped to my cart.

I thought myself - ok, there is rainy early morning, nothing strange just they want to get a ride as they want to go with me.
however, as I remember it so good, I can feel that from THIS moment they were just "looking at me" - and I could feel the strange feeling that they are NOT humans. BUT they were so positive, this was something really strange as I as a boy should be afraid in this dream, but I was not afraid.

They asked me to go to their "ship" which was not so far away from that place. then from this moment I do not remember so much to the moment when I was in the ship. it was really STRANGE
and imagine yourself, I was NOT afraid. they were grey, or maybe green-grey human-like, but they look like the grey aliens which are now presented on photos.

I will answer before you will ask - NO, I did not saw any photo, illustration etc of grey aliens before. it was EAST Europe and I was a small boy with mother and father, they do not believe in things like this and they never believed.

however, it was so strange as when they asked me to dress of - after this they made some "inspection" of my body. the tool used for this was "a long needle" with 2 discs from both sides of it. I do NOT remember - maybe the needle was injuring me, maybe not. it was not so pleasant part of the meeting, but as they wanted to do it and I was not against it - I do NOT blame them for this (I think now, we would do the same or even worst if we met some other being on other planet). After the "inspection" I was not hurt in any way, I was feeling well.

then, 1 of them (it was more them on the board, 4 or 5 maybe) asked me if I want to have a speech with him, if I want to ask any questions. I think, I do not have to explain why the contact was some kind of "telepathy", but it was just a speech (to be continued!!)

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 12:27 PM
the speech it means, it was just like I heard his questions in my head, could ask my own questions and like I would be able to thruly understand the answers of them

they were just somebody like a "front guard" - explorators, looking for other beings, wise and with full empathy looking for you, seeing you, your soul.

yes, I apologise, I know it is wasteful as anybody who knows how really looks telepathy will know that in fact it is something like a "connection of mind" and in fact it can be seemed like the "spiritual emotion" to have a contact like this.

they asked me about many things related to the life here, to our social and other related to live here questions, they were surprised with many things. however I had spoken with only one of them, I could feel the emotions of others in some little way so it was clear - they were a little bit surprised with many things

but OK, the story begins on this moment in fact. as I was so clever boy, I HAD, I just had a feel I MUST ask - where are you from...

then, he asked me to take a look on a big map, on which he "lighted" the image - the map of the sky. he gently showed me our sun, other solar systems, and also he asked me about if I want to know exactly from where are they. I answered - yes - and he showed me a "double sun" solar system, I remember one sun was smaller and the other was greater. Then it was some not so clear for me answers, many informations.

so, as I was not afraid - I asked them, what is exact reason of being them here. as I was feeling that they did not show me all answers, and as I known (I do not know from) that they WILL answer this question.

the answer, which came to me, was clear - to understand this, I have to "take a look" - but no in the meaning of "telepathic contact with me in MY head" - no, I had to take a look into HIS head

it mean, I was invited to HIS (THEM in fact) mind.

well, so from 30-years perspective still I do not know if I would do this again
(yes, I would but it was so strange)

I was in a one second inside the "deep lake" of a "joint consciousness"
there were THEM, all of them - thouse who had left the "life", all of them who are alive, like one huge organism, living together. sharing their minds, things, love. now I would call it "monadic consciousness" - but on that time, I did not know, what is it

All I know it was that I am inside "their community", I felt safe, very safe. I was a part of their "community". It was so strange to have for a moment possibility to feel all thouse emotions of Them, all of them, millions of years - all experience of the race from a long long time available, at a touch. it means, that in fact each of Them has ability to look inside the "lake of wisdom" and to choose the right solution (?) and - in fact, when I think about it right now, it seems the love which we know is really strange for them (or maybe not, this is something to investigate)

so, they told me in this my dream:

they have to move to the other direction with all race (because of their sun?) this was not so clear

probably we are under some danger, but not from them

probably they will arrive - on the moment which it was it had to take a place in deep future, not sooner they approx 30 years - and maybe later

we are important for them - but WE, not our planet, not anything related to the sources - we as a human race

then the feeling of "this something - danger, it was really dangerous" wa so strong so I left His/Their mind, and was "an old old man"

then I woke up at the morning, it was beautiful morning - with sun, flowers, birds. after a few days I started to remember myself the meeting, all details, talking to them, being close to them

what I have to say - this experience changed me
and, what I have to say - 7 years later I read about the meeting.

to be continued - please wait for 1 minute

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 12:35 PM
OK, this all could be just a "play of my mind"


1. I saw the small boy on the board of the ship

2. the relations which I had read was NOT talking about anybody except the old man, and almost nobody knows it right now that was a small boy on the ship (it was EAST Europe, this was a military case - as almost every real interesting ufo case)

3. I know about the small boy - as it is true, he was also there in their ship, from somebody who I met a few years ago. this person knows the boy personaly

So, after 30 years I am still concerned about this. I am able to answer the question of changing my mind, of many things. BUT a knowledge of presence - real phisycal presence of somebody, who is NOT listed anywhere - it looks too wired

it is the way I started to be interested in this area of knowledge, phenomena and why I am here

Hope so this was so interesting for you... not so boring

/ I've got to take some beer right now.

if you want to ask me any questions, feel freely to do that as now I will anwer with pleasure

on the other hand, I am not interested to lie, to build any illusions and make a "move around me" - my life is enough interesting even without this

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