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(Yellow) Hidden Power

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posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 07:50 PM
The Secretary glanced around the room. Everything was in place, moderately lighted and comfortable. He knew that his visitor didn't care for aesthitics, but it was a gesture of respect. He relaxed for a moment contemplating the meeting that would take place shortly. He was not totally sure what would come out of this but he knew that it was of no small import. His moment was disturbed by a low-pitched hum. His visitor was here. He walked to the bar, drew two chilled glasses, poured three fingers of whiskey in each and dropped in a couple of ice cubes. He left the bar and placed the drinks on a coffee table surrounded by three plush black leather chairs. There would be no desk to seperate the two. There came a knock and the Secretary walked to the door and opened opened it.
"Good evening, sir, and welcome to the White House."
The man walked through the door,scanned the room and let his gaze rest on its occupant. He nodded with a slight smile, "Thank you for the invitation, Mr. Secretary."
The Secretary could barely stiffle a smile. This man went where he chose, invitations were not a neccessity to him. He realized that he was trying to do was put him at ease, as he thought about it, it had worked.
"You are most welcome, sir." The Secretary motioned to the table and they walked to it and sat down, the government man being sure to allow his visitor to choose his seat.The Secretary then sat down took his drink, sipped and returned it to the table.
"Sir, the President would like to know if it is possible?"
The visitors blue eyes peered at the Secretary from under his grey/white hair. "You are to relay this information to him." It was not a question. "Are you prepared to answer questions?"
"Yes, sir."
The Secretary took another drink, noting that the older man had yet to touch his even though it was his spirit of choice. "Does he realize that something like this hasn't been attempted in 40 years, and that it's faliure was at a cost of much power?"
"He does, sir. He feels that the political climate being much less volitile now than it was then there is an exellent chance for success."
The visitor peered down, appearing to look at his drink. The moments passed and the Secretary was pondering whether he should speak or be calm. Flipping a mental coin he asked, "Is it possible, sir?" This was not a question asking for input. What he was doing was asking pemission, on behalf of the president.
The older man reached forward with gauged pupose, took his drink, leaned back and said, "It is possible, but it will have to be done soon. The election will be on us soon and for this to work we will need as much time as possible for the public to get used to the replacement." The Secretary relaxed, knowing that history yet to be written was now beyond planning. He noticed that only now did the other man tip his drink.

"This is Peter Grant reporting for CNN from the press room at the White House where we are awaiting the President for, what he calls 'a momentous announcement.' There has been speculation thatthere is to be a shakeup in the White House staff, but the picture isn't......... The president is aproaching the podium now."
"My fellow Americans, the past year has been one of challenges, both at home and abroad, that this government has addressed with vigor. Our continued dilligence on the war on terrorism, the rebuilding of Iraq and the hard fought election against Senetor Kerry has been in the news of late. What hasn't been of public record until now is that the vice-president has borne the brunt of these challenges. On the direction of his medical advisors he has tendered his resignation, effective immediately, which I was relluctant to accept, however we as a nation can ask no more of him. He has served his country and the American people well. In the interests of the country, and to have a totally staffed administration in place I would like to present to you the new vice-president of the United States. He has served his constituants admirably in his state, and now his country is calling him to help guide the nation in the days ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, the Vice-President of the United States, Jeb Bush."
"....Wha..uh, there is a strange atmosphere in the air here as the new vice-president?, uh, yes, makes his way to the podium. The media, and myself included I must say, are in shock. Wait wait, it seems as if J.B. is going to speak."
"I would like to thank the President for offering me this opportunity to serve the people of this, the greatest nation on Earth. I will attempt to continue the fine work of my predesseor. I do not wish to upstage the President,(mild chuckles), so if there are any questions......"
"Yes, you"
"Gail Messom, Washington Post. Is this some kind of joke?"
"No Gail, I assure you that this is completely sincere. I was asked and I feel that I can contribute greatly in these tumultuous times."
"A follow-up Mr. Vice-President. I have no problem with you as a person, but being the Presidents brother don't you see this as a problem?"
"Well, the only problem I see right off is that the President and I will not be able to travel together to Thanksgiving dinners(mild laughter). I think I know what you mean though. A conflict of interest. However, these are difficult times and if anything untoward were to happen to either of us, we are in total concord, and the government will be able to continue without disruption. This is not without precident. The 60's were a time of great unrest. The threat of international communism was bringing the world closer to global war. John and Bobby Kennedy worked hard together to maintain Americas place in the world. It shall be the goal of this administration to continue to keep America in the forefront as we look at problems aimed at us from the threat of terrorism."
"Well, this is Peter Grant, we will send you back to the studio where I sure there will be much commentary."

July 17,2007
An envelope was delivered to the White House, the only ones to see it's contents were the President and the Vice-President. The seal was broken by the senior brother. He looked at it and passed it over. In his Texan drawl he said, "I guess your running mate is chosen."

The old man turned on the T.V.. The final polls should be rolling in for the 2016 election. It was confirmed what the old man already knew. Mitchel Stevens was the next president of the country. He turned up the volume, "Thanks to the hard work of many,many supporters this campaign has brought us SUCCESS. I will continue to work for the American people as your president as hard as I did as vice-president these past 8 years. Our platform will stand. We will seek a peace treaty with China, we will continue our poilcy of curbed immigration, we will keep America STRONG. We will..." The old man turned the T.V. off. He leaned back in his chair, a satisfied smile on his face that reached his still blue eyes. Mitchel Stevens was blood, not his own as he had no children himself, but he was family and he was bright. He wondered if historians or future political scientist would ever be able to put together what he had accomplished. He had held the string of the greatest nation on the planet for 12 years, with at least 4 to go. He wouldn't see how well Matti would do, but he was a fine student. Maybe the seeds he planted those 12 years ago would last 20 years, 25years, further. He allowed himself an unaccustomed laugh. He had never served in public office but he had pulled strings that were felt by everyone on the planet. He wondered if anyone would ever know

posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 07:56 PM
great writing, excellent story

posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 07:59 PM
Very well written...kind of chilling, omae. Excellent work.


posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 08:46 PM

It makes me want to know whose pulling the strings

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