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Theoretically Speaking...

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 03:29 AM
I ended up writing this in a very strange way, basically you should read it all, the ideas get simpler as you go along.

Yes, Theoretically speaking, It is possible that all of the geopolitical and social events that have occured in the world for the last century or so have come about at the behest of a group of people, likely an illuminati-scale secret society or shadow government with the express purpose of changing our receptiveness to certain things

My theory, based on the way I see events shaping up (according to claims made by those allegedly in the 'know' about UFOs and ET) Is that our mental states have been 'bent' In order to create or enhance a receptiveness that Humans would have toward "First Contact" with ET.

Let me explain.

Psychologically, humans have historically been fearful of forces percieved as external or alien, the Microcosms of which can still be seen in our world from the beginning of history up to today. Our borders are thinning and our cultures meld, but we have still an inarguably strong grasp on our very tribalist natures.

But were ET to arrive in a unifying manner, whether coming in complete peace and harmony or not, there would be one predominant reaction worldwide. Panic. Try to visualize an ET landing in your street, and a completely alien looking being stepping out of the saucer. The majority of people would be terrified, but it seems to me that the social trend is headed in the other direction.

For the major part of the last century, The world, and America in particular has experienced a metamorphosis of outlook. Not in all things, but in certain pre-determined areas selected to promote an innate acceptance of Extraterrestrial life. With the alleged "Flyovers" coming this October, it seems that ET thinks we are nearly ready. By ready, I of course mean that we have reached a level of acceptance that they would feel comfortable 'reconnecting' with us, for I believe they have been here before.

Some examples of what I mean:

1. Extraterrestrials have become a pop culture item. Most people are closet believers, and everyone has an opinion on the matter, meaning that nearly everyone is aware of the phenomenon and the possibility of ET life.

2. Since the Roswell crash we have experienced an explosion of technology that has yet to plateau. This is perhaps a disjointed comparison but the causality of the boom we have enjoyed is otherwise inexplicable to me personally.

3. Social Policies have reflected the concept of enforcing change to the people. By and large, people are unhappy with their lot in life, or at the very least, yearn for much more. Most if not all people who feel this way would view such an event with excitement and curiosity.

4. Secular governments all over the world have been dissolved by war and other means for years now. Iran, Any Communist country, Chile, Argentina, the list goes on. All secular nations who have fallen or been attacked by agents of either the US government, or something larger, in order to place in power a religious form of governance. Religion is likely very important to the ETs, for one of two reasons:

4a. The ETs themselves are the Divinites that man has worshipped for countless years, under countless names, the great ones who live above. They perhaps gave us religion, or inspired us to it.

4b. They are not themselves the creator, but they do also believe in a creator, and let's face it, their information is much more likely to be accurate, if not proveable. An alien civilization would either know the truth, or at the very least they would know that which is false about our divine beliefs.

5. I think, and this is just my opinion, that inquisitiveness is one of the keys to the situation. Perhaps this is not true the world over but in my experience, humans are in general at their most inquisitive at this point in history. So much is uncertain, so much information is available. The internet is the greatest tool ever developed for communication, and such communication is breaking down borders every day. Children are, and always have been inquisitive and the internet is like the world's largest library. Only about 3 billion times more popular.

When you take a long look at where we stood as a society in 1946, immediately following WWII, and where we are now, you will see that much of the shinyness of our world has been wiped away, so to speak. The Baby Boom was the launching point for the 'new world'. It seems to me that there are those out there who want to destroy our naivete, and there are those out there who wish to perpetuate it. The bright luster of victory, the American Dream, the certain something that we once had has burned out, or at very least, has been dimmed.

However, I submit that this is not a bad thing, necessarily. No, the political maneuvering, however minute, has brought us to where we are today, ready to make contact? Perhaps, but we shall see this next month just how ready we really are. But it clicks to me, the whole picture. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I have the ability to see the relationships between seemingly disparate events and ideas, so for some this will not make any sense whatstoever. But do feel free to add your thoughts or opinions.

Don't flame, it's just speculation. See the flag?

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 08:59 AM
can you post a summery, in bulletin form for people short of time?

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 09:01 AM
We should be invading the secret societies and secret installations, and TAKING the evidence and EXPOSE all of this, instead of just talking about it. John F. Kennedy would bless us all from Heaven, if we could pull it off.


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