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Lights over Phoenix - website update

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 06:13 PM
There is this website about the phoenix lights that i've been following for a few years. this one:
I was also wondering why it took so long to give the re.enactment of the event. I recently checked the site again and guess what?! They put on an update link to another website called "the appearance of a man". This is also the title of a new movie coming out somewhere in september. Now this leads in my opinion to one possible explanation: this site was the whole time intended to serve as some kind of promotion site for a movie about the phoenix lights. Probably the producers had to postpone it again and again in the past and let us think they didnt have the recources yet to construct the reenactment. Some silly excuses if u ask me. And now when the movie is finished they place an "update" on the main site that redirects u to another website . I suggest u go look at this:

On that other website they continue to be mysterious about the event. I think this can start a new discussion about this new site and about the movie. The movie and the site suggests that there is a 'man' involved in this event. Also an unknown box is part of the mistery. Fist of all is this a hoax, or is there some truth in the movie and want to explain it this way?Is it true or is it just made to make us excited for the movie?

Are there things we don't know?.. the interview about the priest on the site is this a creditable one? it also suggest there are some spiritual explanations to be found? It seems there is more to the story especially concerning the first part of the sightings back in 1997 when a big craft with lights hoovered over phoenix (but with very little evidence from photos or videos). There were also sightings afterwards (later that evening) and also recently in 2007 and this year. But for all we know that were just lights (probably flares) and not the craft that was seen back in 1997. So in fact the flares explanation could be true for all the lights sen this year, 2007, 2006, ... and offcourse the evening of 1997 AFTER the real event with the craft.

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 06:56 PM
Seems more on the hoax side than truth side to me..

I've seen this site before but never bothered to read all of it until now.
I'm remaining open minded but with all the flash/audio and over 8 years of waiting for them to release their "mind blowing" data or theory to what happened the night of March 13, 1997, I can't see any truth coming out of this.

The witness recounts aren't really that credible, its more or less just a story to grasp people, and now with this movie coming out, my take is its mainly just to get website hits / movie views in my opinion.



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