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An Untold History - Part I

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posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 06:04 PM
The accumulation of what I deem to be the 'most likely' set of
theories, in a vast historical outlook, follows thus. Firstly,
though, I would like to note that I don't necessarily believe
this overall theory, I simply am bringing together those pieces
that occur in numerous different groups' visions, statements,
claims of history, channelings, etc. I have also, obviously,
added some of my own personal theory to help fill in the blanks.

"Untold History - Part I"

Life on Earth consisted of animals. Man had not existed, but
was still ape. A group of beings not originating here on this
planet came and scientifically altered Ape, causing a jump in
evolution and started us on our road to intelligence.

*This first race of being that visited this planet is claimed
by atleast 2 groups to be The Elohim. It is also claimed that
this race of beings created man as slave labor to dig for and
refine gold, which it is believed by some that they needed to
repair a protective shield around their home planet.

These beings were followed, some time later, by another race of
ET, those who were The Reptilians (or the Draconians).
The Elohim helped empower man, bringing him into a position to
help himself-- they chose two sects of man to be the wielders of
these gifts; those who would be known to us today as Atlanteans
and Egyptians.

The Atlanteans succeeded in bringing the Reptilians under their
control, atleast for a while. The Elohim, wherever known in the
Universe, have been known for keeping an un-involved stance to war
and fighting-- allowed The Egyptians to be ruled by yet another
race of E.T., The Kamagol, who were more peaceful and
focused on attempting to save their own race. They showed the
Egyptian people the truth about the rest of the Universe-- helping
them to build The Pyramids, which are multi-purpose structures.

The Pyramids were built, initially, to house a massive section of
Universal Records, those which tell of the entire history of the
Universe and all beings that were known to The Kamagol and The
Elohim. The Pyramids were supposedly built to transmit the contents
of these records to the entire planet, at the time that the Pyramids
aligned with certain stars.

The Pyramids are/did align with the stars at around the year 2000,
but the Hall of Records had been removed by whatever gov't agency has
been in charge of concealing ancient artifacts and discovery.

On the continent of Atlantis, the people kept those Reptilians they'd
captured inside of a massive pit, and in accordance with their beliefs,
they eliminated the weak in their society by tossing them into the pit.
Over the years, those captured Reptilians were contacted (or saved) by
their brethren from their home (in the Fourth Dimension?), and learned
how to mask themselves, making them appear human. This entailed the
consumption of human blood, which contained remnants of the human soul.
This was in no way difficult, with Atlanteans sacrificing their weak.
So, eventually, the Reptilians created a plot and made their way above
ground, and shortly thereafter caused the sinking of that continent.

*Either through a ploy of tricking an Atlantean to recover a
'sacrificed' Atlantean brother who claimed he'd survived the Reptilians
in the pit, bringing him up and realizing he was, in fact, a disguised
reptilian, OR possibly, the Reptilians spent so much time down there
that they'd dug so many caves and dwellings that the continent lost
its bouyancy.

Within the years after the fall of Atlantis, The Reptilians scattered
across the Earth and began their quest for world domination. Apparently,
it was a plan they'd implemented on numerous planets in the past. It
was a simple plan: they brought 'logic' to the masses, replacing the old
barter system ('I have some wheat, you have some rice, lets trade') with
a monetary system ('money is only worth the belief you put in it') in
which they created a method of control by lending man his own money, in
a sense.

--- Part II Coming as soon as I can finish writing it ---


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