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Can you read my Palm? [Pics included]

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:30 AM
To predict the future you need to post the image of the other side of the hand and that too image of the right hand is enough.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 12:05 PM
it's not predictions

but analyze and I might be very wrong but here it goes

1- You use you're left handed

2- You are Helpful to the community

3- You have deep sadness in you

4- Hard worker, you enjoy indoors more than out

5- Something about you is wanting help... and you are in pain

6- You are of an Asian roots or Mexican not sure

7- You are stressed

8- You are 32-36 years old

9-You are often enthusiastic, and talk a lot

10-You like Japanese girls

11- You like spicy food and Italian food.

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 01:06 PM
Thats interesting how both your hands look similar. Mine are completely different. My left is a mess, looks like old man hands.

It looks like your hand is the fire shape. You are pretty active physicaly, even your calists give that away. Looks like from weight lifting.l

Your like me in some ways, your lifeline joins your headline. I think this basically shows how your mind and body are one, or rather..perhaps you think too much while you're physically active.

I can't tell if that middle line is the fate one or fame one, its kind of angled.

You got some faint lines that have meaning but I'm not sure if it makes much of a difference since they are barely visible.

Without checking some websites I couldnt make any more guesses.

I'm just passing on information, i don't really know.

posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 01:27 AM
Amazing reads folks. I wish to lay it out there so here goes. I don't know much bbcode, but to make it easy I will answer to the best of my ability with names before comments:

Trexter Ziam:

#1. I am screwed there, short fingers makes tasks more difficult. I definately won't co-star in a Jenna Jameson film.

#2, would love to hear more on that
#3, correct, crazy thinker, happy outside and in,
#4, 16 years old? I can't even remember when I was that young. Well I know what I looked like then.
I am 36. I do 4 wheel, and when I was younger loved to ride paddles in the desert. Good call.

Monkeybus: I don't believe my wife can get pregnant anymore. She has hypopituitary disease.

Rapacity: Bummer on marriage. I hope your reading isn't a foreshadow. I have been married for 5 years, with the same fine lady for 13 years.

#1, I Never jump before thought. Would never be here if I did that on common occasion. Intellectual? I doubt it. Correct.
#2, Sales never. I am a network engineer have been for years.
#3, I don't know what a mystic M is, but yes, I am a very lucky man.
#4, My dad was a tight wad, I am the opposite. Whats mine is yours.
#5, I tend to talk to people unknown, but when bored will just walk off without thought.
#6, As a youngster, I had asthma. Correct. It still creeps up, other than that am fine as far as I know.
#7, Adventure? LOL. Lets see. Hiked the John Muir Trail North to south, logged over 2000 miles in the Sierra's "alone". Rode a motorcycle across the US - Anaheim to Tampa and back, prefers to blow stuff up rather than to create, 4 wheel drive every 3 weeks in the so-cal desert, reloads his own shells, duck hunts, and has killed many a deer in washington, fishes every chance he can get in the colorado river. I guess I need to get out more.

#8, I hope I regress to the little boy!
#9, Time will tell, but I am straight as far as I know.
#10. Correct, 3rd generation Italian.


#1, Had my first boy at 31. Awesome. I would kill for anyone in my family.
#2.5, Correct, family is always first. Dual life? It is hard to fathom that one, have always ben straight forward and never lie. I guess I can equate that to simple man at the "office", to regular dad/guy at home.

Loyal: I hope so but doubt it. IQ 148. Least when I was younger, think I fried that along the way.

chpater29: Still here my friend,


#1, I am married, it is my wedding ring. Correct 36 years old.
#2, always nervous, I don't trust many people. Blood pressure is controlled by zestoretic.
#3, Indeed. OJ is my prefrence.
#4, I do my share of hard work. Used to be very athletic, but I do work on my own cars, and fix what I F!@k up on my jeep on while 4 wheeling. Even if that means riping out an axle or trans.
#5, I 100% enjoy the outdoors. Correct,
#6, Didn't realize the watch was to tight. My Bad.
#7, I always groom my own lawn. Every 2 weeks. If that is what you are getting at.
#8. I am right handed.


#1, Negative. Right handed.
#2, I try to be, but trying and am are to two different beasts,
#3, Not that I know of,
#4, hard worker I am, no sadness here,
#5, I am old, knees are shot, not mental pain.
#6, Negative. Italian,
#7, always, its the life of being on call 24 hours a day and rasing a family.
#8, correct. 36 years old,
#9, always enthusiastic, talk alot for sure. 100% correct,
#10, I do, but am married to a nice lady not of that origin. I did have a japanese GF many years ago.
#11, Yes I LOVE spicy food and like italian. Grew up on italian food, hard to go wrong with that.


#1, Active physically yes. I haven't lifted weights in 15 years. I should start again.

Wow, I think I rambled on way to much here. In any case, thanks all for reading and "the reading". Always fun. Cheers,

[edit on 10/3/2008 by Stockburn]

posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 09:53 PM

Originally posted by Stockburn

#1, Had my first boy at 31. Awesome. I would kill for anyone in my family.
#2.5, Correct, family is always first. Dual life? It is hard to fathom that one, have always ben straight forward and never lie. I guess I can equate that to simple man at the "office", to regular dad/guy at home.

WOW i'm actually very surprised that i was that accurate in regards to your son and when he was conceived . . . i haven't read a palm in 8 years . . .

i wasn't too sure about the dual identity thing either. I wasn't inclining that you are dishonest. Just that you have to act differently at times. Out of character so to speak. If you have an office job. That makes a lot of sense.

thanks for the opportunity.

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