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10th Bay Area UFO Expo This Weekend

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 02:24 PM
I'm sure most of you have seen the banners on this site for the Bay Area UFO Expo coming up this weekend and I wanted to start a thread about some of the speakers. There are a number of well known names in the "industry" that will be speaking and I am having a hard time figuring out which lectures/workshops I will attend. Unfortunately, tickets for this event are not cheap and I think I will only be attending one of the two days and only one workshop.

So, if you have attended lectures/workshops or are avid readers of any of the following speakers, perhaps you can share your opinion/experience. Here is a list of the speakers:

David Icke
John B. Alexander
Steve Canada
Robert O. Dean
Preston Dennet
Jose Escamilla
Paola Harris
George Knapp
Roger Leir
Melinda Leslie
Brett Lueder
Dea Martin
Jaime Maussan
Jordan Maxwell
Sean David Morton
Robert Perala
Yvonne Smith
Clifford E. Stone
Whitley and Ann Strieber
Ruben Uriarte
Hillary Rose
And ATS' own Dave Rabbit and Johnny Anonymous!

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Bay Area UFO Expo Schedule

edit: gotta add the ATS boys to the list!

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 03:00 PM
I think Dave Rabbit and Johnny Anonymous are a must see.


posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 03:12 PM
Haha, how could I forget the ATS crew?!

Edit made

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by Springer

if you go, and you meet Johnny, is he still anonymous?

does he cover his face?

sorry, I couldn't resist.

Mark, say hello to Clifford for me.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 03:23 PM
wow...prices are a little steep....any chance of getting a loan from an alien bank or are they also emersed in "sub-prime". maybe the reticuli ATM can front me some money.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 03:26 PM
I'm very jealous. If there could be an event that would draw us back to the Bay Area, it would be this one. My darlin' and I actually talked about it. No family there, but many many friends. It finally boiled down to having already gotten over being homesick 14 years ago, don't wanna do that again. Sure as heck, some rat fink would shove fresh crab and morel mushrooms in my face and I'd have to get over not having them again.

Good luck you all...... I look forward to your report on the events. Bring us back a leather catalogue, okay?

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 03:36 PM
I'm thinking that Jose Escamilla, the Rods man is a must see, not just for his Rods stuff, but because he is also founder of the Borderlands TV Network, and will be talking about that too!..... so he should be by someone about his upcoming release of lots more Secret NASA Transmissions footage soon- exclusively from the Martyn Stubbs Archive- and what he means by the STS-75 "complete" footage announcement that he also mentions on his tbln TV home page ? Then post his info-please- here at ATS, for those of us, who only have ..'a view from the outside' ....

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 03:41 PM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 03:46 PM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by philjwolf
reply to post by philjwolf

Thanks for the heads up!

Looks like Escamilla and Maxwell are at the top of my list.

Anymore input would be appreciated!

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by kawz1

He is just copying and pasting from UFO hall of shame.

You should really put an external quote source when you just copy and paste someone elses work entirely.

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