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Sarah Palin: The Conservative Liberals Love To Hate

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 12:15 PM
Sarah Palin; the Conservative Liberals Love To Hate

Never in the history of American Politics has a presidential race, taken so long, been so heated, and in the final analysis, become so controversial. And though it has been controversial since the very beginning, the race has become really hot since John McCain selected a relatively unknown governor named Sarah Palin as his running mate.
Conservatives were overjoyed, especially the evangelical and fundamentalist conservatives. They had been leaving John McCain behind because of his stand on various issues. His maverick reputation made it hard for them to believe that he was a true conservative. It seems he had crossed the isle too many times. But McCain had won enough delegates to secure the nomination, so the extreme right had a choice; they could vote for McCain, or sit out the election. Many of them had already chosen to sit out the election.
Obama looked like a shoo-in. The most liberal senator in the Senate, who had never authored a piece of legislation, nor voted on any controversial legislation, had won enough delegates to win the nomination from the one person everyone was sure would be the next president. Hillary Clinton had to release her delegates to Obama, in order to avoid a roll call vote that would split the party. (Yes, there was a roll call, but it was carefully orchestrated so that Hillary never had more votes that Obama. If you remember, California passed. Had the voted, it would have skewed the results and quite possibly lead to a floor fight.)
Obama promptly nominated the third most liberal senator, Joe Biden, as his vice president. Because of this most liberal of tickets, the democrats were overjoyed. (Well most of them anyway. Those who supported Hillary were talking about pulling out and voting republican.) The candidate for change looked as if he would be able to make all the changes he wanted, since McCain had all the usual suspects lined up for the v-p slot, something that would make a very boring ticket and an easy race for Obama and Biden to walk away with.
It seems the youngsters underestimated the old man. McCain had an ace up his sleeve, one that was going to turn a busted straight into a royal flush. It seems that the presumed nominee for the Republican Party knew of a young lady who was little known outside of her own state. She was just an average, everyday wife and mother of five, with a husband who ran his own business, while she ran the State of Alaska. Every republican in the country said “who?” when McCain announced his choice. Every journalist outside of Alaska yelled the same thing as they ran to their computers to Google Sarah Palin. They were on phone with contacts everywhere, trying to find out who this woman was. And find out, they did.
Sarah Palin made it plain from day one who she was, what she did, what she stood for and, and most importantly, what she stood against. She believed in fiscal responsibility, having fired the chef, sold the governor’s jet, and stopped the “bridge to nowhere” once she assumed the office. Prior to being elected governor, she had served on the city council, and then as mayor of Wasilla Alaska. Since her town and her state have term limits, she termed out as mayor.
Then she decided to run for governor, as a Republican, taking on the corrupt republican political machine of the state of Alaska and winning. She did this by practicing something that is rarely found any longer in politics. Integrity. She stood up to the big dogs, and showed them they couldn’t run with her, so they needed to get back on the porch and whine with the puppies.
When it came to light that she had five children, one with Down’s syndrome, liberals where aghast. How could she possible work and still have time for a family. Now remember, these are the same liberals who have been screaming for years that a woman should be able to work and have children. Mothers shouldn’t have to stay at home and raise children.
Do I sense a double standard here? Or just the usual liberal waffling.
She believes that life begins at conception, and that abortion for any reason was wrong. Thus, she chose to give birth to what some would refer to as a “defective” child, but one whom she calls “perfect.”
When it came to light that her oldest daughter was pregnant, there were subtle hints from the liberal side that, despite her Christian values, she hadn’t taught her daughter properly, and that the young lady should be allowed to get an abortion if she chose, even though she is a minor and would have to have her mother’s permission, something that most liberals decry as “interfering with a woman’s reproductive rights.”
When she gave her acceptance speech, she made it clear that she was not ashamed of her infant son, or her oldest daughter.
Palin’s son was due to be deployed to Iraq on September 11. She was very clear that she was proud of her son, although in a later speech, she also made it clear she was worried about him, and those of his unit, something that is normal for every parent, and especially, every mother. But she has placed her son in God’s hands, and prays that she, her family, and our country are doing God’s will, and that we are fulfilling a part of His much grander plan. (These statements brought heat from Bill Maher, Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg.)
I find it refreshing that a political candidate is willing to stand up and state her belief in God. Bill Maher thinks she’s an idiot, and not a little of that is because she believes in what he calls “the talking snake.” He has constantly belittled her and McCain since she was chosen.
Joy Behar, of the view, refers to her as “the vagina,” while Whoopi Goldberg and Rose Ann Barr constantly harp on the separation of church and state, a doctrine that does not exist in any federal legislation, but only in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists. I highly recommend every one Google it and read the letter for themselves.
There has been a storm of controversy regarding Palin’s lack of experience with foreign policy. Jimmy Carter the former governor of Georgia was elected president in 1976. What foreign policy experience did he have?
Ronald Reagan, a former actor, and governor of California, whom many consider the greatest president of the twentieth century, ended the cold war, and essentially oversaw the dismantling of the Soviet Union. Did he have foreign policy experience?
And what about that great embarrassment from my home state of Arkansas. Did Bill have foreign policy experience? And while were at it, what about Hillary?
Obama has been in politics for twelve years. But what kind of experience does he have?
The liberals need to get over it. They need to get down to the issues and honestly debate them with republicans. They quit the attack ads and the dirty politics and get down to the issues and what each side intends to do with the country.
Women now see that they will have an extremely vocal advocate in the White House should McCain and Palin be chosen to lead this country. And the conservatives will be back on track.

[edit on 23-9-2008 by kettlebellysmith]


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