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WEIRD Sasquatch Encounters - Tell me your personal experience

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 11:50 AM
Hi folks !! - I am on this forum to unearth some accounts of WEIRD Bigfoot encounters, first hand accounts of forum posters only. These are the accounts where you are just not comfortable telling anyone, your family, your friends, the BFRO. Or the BFRO rejected your account. If you post an encounter, please private message me so I am aware of it. Tks.

If I decide your story is valid, I would like your permission to post an account of it on my U-Tube channel - Canadian Sasquatch Tracker - where I have posted video accounts of a couple of my own personal weird encounters.

Sorry but I am NOT looking to hear about "I saw Bigfoot" or "I think Bigfoot ..." or "I saw Tracks" or "I Believe ... "

Thats pretty much it. I'm 2 years into Sasquatch research, and I only signed up for ATS to dig up accounts of WEIRD encounters. I am not here to discuss Bigfoots existence, that's well proven by footprints.

What is the essence of his elusivity and the characteristics of his seemingly para-terrestrial nature are the issues of Bigfoot I am looking into.

Sasquatch existence not a question of BELIEF, but whether or not you choose to ACCEPT the EVIDENCE which already exists.

So if you have had a WEIRD Sasquatch encounter, and choose to share it with me, I'll listen. I am very interested in any photographic evidence you may have to backup your story including the Latitude and Longitude. In fact Lat and Longs which I can plug into Google Earth, are mandatory, or I won't consider your account. If you got secrets to keep, thats fine, but location and photos are part of the verification process. So message me the co-ordinates.

Thanks for helping me out with my research, if you are able to. Also, don't kid yourself, Bigfoot is a dangerous creature, and humans are justified in being scared of him and keeping their distance. If you do ever see a Sasquatch, DO NOT approach it. Do not look it in the eye. Bigfoot is 100% percent in control of the situation, and its his choice if you are going to live or die. Also, it is highly probable there is more than one bigfoot in the area, so be careful

Oh and I want to mention, this forum is one fine piece of software development, this is coming from one old school software developer - KUDOS - to the people who write and maintain the code for this site !

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by midweekskier

Since you asked my story can be found here. You have my permission to use it anywhere you would like.

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 01:17 PM
Thanks and a great story about intimidation behavior !

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 07:16 AM
I have never told anyone about this before, in fact the only other time I had brought this up after the "incident" was with my friend who was with me along with my girlfriend that day.
He didn't want to talk about it, sort of buried it away and changed the subject about what had happened to us that day.
The three of us went out on a saturday afternoon fishing/outdoors hiking trip to a location a few miles from town. Somewhere I won't go back to again. Ever. I'll never forget us jumping in the car and driving away from that area as fast as we could, tires spinning on that gravel road.
Two things happened that day I can't explain.
We were fishing on a hot breezy saturday afternoon on the banks of this creek. The location of this area is dense and thick with confirs and lots of thick shrubs on the ground. Perfect for something to be watching us.
I soon got bored and grabbed a thick grass blade and placed it firmly between my thumbs and pressed it to my lips as to make a whistling sound. I have always done this as a kid and could produce a unusually loud sound from it.
Sounds like a rabbit dieing or something in deep distress.
We were sitting down about 8 feet below elevation on the creekbed.
Something came running up to us, we could hear the foot steps of this heavy animal running directly to us. Thump thump thump on the ground above us getting closer. All of us got up and looked...nothing. The area above us had a swath cut for electrical power line placement. We could easily have seen anything for about a few hundred yards.
All was quiet except for the wind blowing though the pines.
Then we heard a very deep throaty grunt DIRECTLY across the creek. I have heard moose and elk and deer and bear before, all akin to my area. Never heard nothing like this before.
It was like an instant fear of something watching you and coming directly at you. Heard a tree/branch break. Well that was it, we left our poles and tackle and left, never to return.

Well that's my strange encounter. Story is true, and although it could have been a moose or other large animal in the bush, I can't explain the disappearance of the thing that made these huge heavy footsteps that came running up to us.

I will message you the exact coordinates of the location.


posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 09:38 PM
Interesting post you put up and one of the few times I've seen someone mining for Bigfoot Reports in this manner. I'm sure your comments about how well this site is done are appreciated by the ATS crew. They're really good.

Please go to and look for the Desolation Wilderness Report. It actually happened to Researcher BB and I personally know him. There's a contact email on the site for him and only he can answer questions about the encounter or give you persmission to use the pictures or details of his encounter.

If you're polite and inquiring he's quite approachable but will cease communication at any time he feels his credibility is challenged. He's one of the most interesting people I've met in my nearly 60 years. Good luck and my best.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 02:10 AM
Thanks very much ... you didn't comment on my avatar, which is a very poor bigfoot face photo. A crop from a telephoto shot taken by a friend of mine.

I havent been logging into ats much so sorry it took a while to respond.

Any bigfoot story someone has tell, well I would be the last person to disbelieve them.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 02:20 AM

Your story correlates my invisible sasquatch video. I too have also heard footsteps and seen noting, more than once I migh add.

On top of that, in my shadow footage on my Utube site, I think it was one bigfoot that made me think there was two he moved between locations so fast ...

What I think is going on, is these beings are para-terrestial or trans dimensional. Which would enable them to perhaps shift locations in an instant.

Or step in and out of our time band, making it appear they have instantly moved to another spot.

The invisibility factor is often reported and always dissmissed by acredited bigfoot researchers. While out in the field we have observed thru gen III night vision, faint images of bigfoot at extremely close proximity. Inivisible to the naked eye, and almost, but not completely invisible thru the night vision. Unfortunately the best examples of this I have not been able to capture on video.

All I have been able to video of the invisible mode of bigfoot is his eyes.

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