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A dream about a mother ship...???

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 07:21 AM
I'm not sure where to put this so MODS if this thread is in the wrong place please move it for me.

Last night I had the most vivid yet wacked out dream.

I was walking up a path in the country and came upon a fence, being the curious person I am I hopped over it cause there were no keep out signs or anything to say not to. When I got over it and headed over a small hill I came out on a valley. Lush green perfectly manicured and down in the valley between the small hills was what seemed to be a nasa or army base of some sort. there was a long huge landing strip larger than anything you'd ever seen before and on it was a huge hovering white...... thing I can only call a "Mothership".

Now this was not alien at all... it had USA and an american flag right on the back where there was a spinning propulsion system(or so im assuming I know nothing about science and stuff so this was wierd for me.)

the back end of the ship was very very large and circular it glowed blue inside the cylinder and it spun slowly. the body of the ship was square and it had what looked like extremely large jet engines two on each side . The body looked in the dream to be approximatley 2 football fields on each side. The front of the ship was conical like that of a regular jet plane only 10 times as large. there was massive landing gear each tire bigger than one regular jet itself.

THis craft did not "take off" it simply rose slowly into the air until it reached cloud level the glided smoothly in the sky. It was so large it cast a dark shadow on the ground for miles below it.

Peopl e wer crouched down in fear looking up as this craft slowly make "test flies"

people were talking and speculating yet I couldn't understand anything they were saying which doesn't make sense since the craft said USA why weren't they speaking english?

THere was just a total aura of evilness in this dream and it kinda creeped me out so I had to post it to you guys to see what you thought.

Over active imagination on my part or prophetic?

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 09:28 AM
Interesting, I dont like dreams that seem too real, This seemed like something that could have been backengineered from ET crafts.

*Shudder, i also had a ufo dream the other night,similar surroundings, but there was a group of us cornered,by a round "ship" with very bright lights, about 6 of us, had been running from it for a short while,and now it had us. With a Flash of light we where dragged kicking and screaming inside, by unseen figures.

After i had a waking dream , where i thought that i had just woken up from the nightmare, only to have a thick grey arm come out of the wall above my head.I grabbed it and Heard a peircing scream, as it tried to losen from my grip, ending in it escaping and me waking up again.

I couldnt sleep for ages.


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