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Global Meltdown Forum needs a Market Data Graph

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 06:40 AM

In the light of the ongoing turmoil in the financial markets, those who are following events in the Global Meltdown forum clearly feel the need for up-to-the-minute market data. Just in the last two days we've had these 2 active threads:

Stock Markets on Monday

Tuesday Stock Market

These threads are actually very worthwhile when you look at them, but some posts necessarily simply consist of 'Here are the latest figures'. I feel confident all would benefit from the presence of some kind of chart/graph on the forum start-page showing the latest data from the key indices.

Surely no self-respecting economics forum should be without such a gizmo.

If we could have a pretty graph - all the better.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 06:49 AM


posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 06:56 AM
Reply to '___'eed

Nice work DM. The powers that be could get something up and running pretty soon by the look of it.

...Then blow our minds a few weeks later with the Mother of all financial charts - judging by what the 'stats' nerds achieve on their 'nothing escapes our notice' page (here).

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posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 01:25 PM
Look, I'm sorry to bump my own thread, but the GM forum is in DIRE need of a graph or two (IMHO). The fact that the markets have been going haywire today in an unprecedented way is a case in point.

If we could get something up & running many of the discussions would flow a lot better (& there would be no need for the hum-drum, but essential 'these are the latest figures' threads).

On the other hand, if SO & the other techies are too busy because of the site redesign, all is forgiven.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 01:31 PM
I'll second that. I just posted an update thread
But I felt like everyone kinda pushed the economy to the back burner because of all the UFO craziness. Sorry if that gets under peoples skin.. I didn't know

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 01:37 PM
I think a chart/graph is a great idea.

I've been dipping in and out of the different threads all day just to make sure I didn't miss anything or incase one thread had more up to date information than another.

A chart or graph giving us all the info would be great, if it's possible. This is such a crucial topic right now.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 02:52 PM
EXCELLENT idea, especially with the current Economic Situation.

Graphs always help to re-itterate facts, and clarify information.


- Carrot

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by pause4thought

I support your idea, although I can guarantee you the staff is very busy.

A simple fix might be for you to create an official thread which can easily be converted into a sticky.

Thread title ideas:

The Official "up-to-the-minute market data" thread

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 12:50 PM
What a good idea.
Keep in mind however that a lot of our members are not American or live here so perhaps a couple of international markets should be included.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 03:02 AM
A big thank-you to all who've expressed support!

Scramjet came up with a very workable solution & was very magnanimous in that he encouraged me to start the thread myself.

So here it is:

The Official "up-to-the-minute Market Data" Thread

Strangely enough economic data makes for fascinating reading these days, even before it is used for in-depth discussion.

reply to post by schrodingers dog

Are we to take it you & MS have tied the knot?

(Or are you an avatar thief in need of a visit from the SWAT team?)

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 03:08 AM
perhaps a pinned thread can go at the top of the global meltdown forum. you can just update the thread and it won't get lost then.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:18 PM
Sounds like a good idea, count me in.

This is not a one line post.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 07:17 PM
If i'm interested in current DOW activity...why would i need a ticker here on ATS...
as i already formulated an opinion/viewpoint... without any second-to-second update...
Or Else.... i can pretty much instantly go to a 'favorite' site---on another 'window' that i can temporiarily create/use-> instead of using the ATS site (as an exclusive source) for all my information and exchange of views/thoughts.

Nothing surfaces as positive or worthwhile in your suggestion....

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by St Udio

Does anything surface as positive about a "sticky" thread in the Global Meltdown Forum?

There are real time graphs all over the web as you indicated. However such a thread would eliminate unnecessary repitivity of "DOW goes up 500 on tuesday" and "Market loses 700 points on thursday."

You can support this idea by flagging this thread.

More input is welcome too! Suggestions? Opinions?


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