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Questions about UFOs please help

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 04:13 PM
Exactly the kind of information im looking for FANTASTIC!

These are great concepts, I especially like avatar idea, it reminds me of a dean koontze book I read called (Dragon Tears).

In that scenario the villian was able to by means of psychokinesis to create avatars from the dust on the ground and torment the protagonist.

At any time these so called avatars could be returned to the debri from which they were formed.
They were holding the conscience of the villian and It makes sense that if you were intelligent or technologically advanced enough you could do this.

Actually it seems to me to be very akin to a more advanced version of remote viewing, where one can transmit their conscience out of body but in this case produce a creature to posess.

Thanks thats a great Idea.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by snowen20

That almost sounds like the villain you described is being used as a metaphor for 'man'. "Ashes to ashes, dust etc"; which is something I wouldn't put past Koontz.

Recently I've been pondering the 'prison planet' concept. That maybe we're all 'aliens', (or as suggested by many faiths, 'light beings'), serving a sentence in a realm designed to teach a lesson. "Go stand in the corner and think about what you've done." ...Or on a more positive note, maybe we didn't do anything, and this place is just a 'school' (not a 'prison') that we start out at (and maybe get flunked back into.)

I realize I'm digressing - I'll try to pull it back in with where I was going with this.

The 'nephilim' were supposedly hybrids between the 'sons of god' and the 'daughters of man'. 'God' wasn't pleased with this and hit the reset button, drowning just about everyone and then somehow making it impossible for 'angels' to materialize physical bodies in this realm, so as to prevent their further getting busy with the fairer members of his creation.

Not to put limitations on 'God', but this has always sounded like a metaphor for some kind of technology to me. I think the ancient texts, including the bible describe an ancient cosmic conflict and how it relates to humanity, but I believe these texts have been twisted and turned around into tools of fear-based control.

So this hints at the concept that an experiment or project is taking place on our planet, and that actions have been taken to prevent a perhaps disgruntled ex-contingent of the team from tampering with it.

I affectionately refer to this 'device' as the "meat-bag-materializer". And I think it was shut down, but through the 'ancients' use of 'telekinesis', 'possession' and incubus/succubus activity, they've gotten around this.
They have shared just enough of their knowledge about the universe with mankind through the ages to get us to help them create new bodies without the MBM, and are once again able to tamper with us.

I know this is just one of those 'modernized, sci-fi enthusiast, ancient-astronaut' re-tellings of scripture, but I also believe that 'scripture' was a modernized (at the time) re-telling of stories that were even older. And even scripture has been twisted and re-told many times since then to make it say whatever the Pope and his ilk wanted it to say.

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 07:45 PM

Originally posted by Bob Down Under

Originally posted by snowen20
Thanks, though I feel like that was a pitty post

But a post is a post never the less thanks.

Im looking for pure hypotheses based on eye witness account from abductees and simple video evidence.
From this I can extrapolate a base line idea of technology but I need peoples opinions in order to make this work.

That was not a pitty post from Internos

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Nice Avatar. Mine is a little better.

Thread response:
The Grays are here.
Their spacecraft crashed in New Mexico July 1947.
The Grays have an underground base in southwest Puerto Rico island.
The Reptilians are here. I think they have an underground base
near Peru.
The Atlantians are here. They are actually indigenous to Earth.
They look exactly like us. They have a large starfleet.
They are not aliens. The Grays helped them out 9,000 years ago.
The Atlantian capitol city is 400 feet underwater just north of the
Cayman Islands. American treasure hunters stumbled across it
while looking for sunken Spanish gold coins.
The Etherians have very advanced technology and look like us but
not exactly. They HAD an underground base near Dulce, New Mexico.
They were the ones responsible for the cattle mutilations out there.
The U.S. military kicked them out around December 29,1980.
The U.S. Navy now operates the Dulce base.

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:33 PM
i can help you a bit on this question. I have been researching this for years now after my run in with grays yes there here and have been since the dawn of time for this race however. to be correct there are about 10,000 or more races in the universes and they are all not bad. As far as there tech. goes they are far far advanced both in there tech. and in spirit tech. as well, we can get to that point if we learn how to live and not fight or create war. There is a big human race which is where we come from and some are trying to help us get to were we need to be. once you understand your mind and the power you hold, you can understand the point of life here on this planet and know that we are et's as well, not just them. so are animals. Dont some just look a little funny?

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