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Q_balls Wack n Wierd Dream Log--

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 06:02 PM

This is Q_balls wack n wierd dream thread!

Last night i dreamed i was in germany at the Nuremburg track, i paid 5 dollars australian and then i crashed my car. Wierd enough there was no damage. Then I asked how to get to the film set of Van Dammes new movie and woke up!

What was your wack n wierd dream?


posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 06:31 PM

I have some REALLY strange dreams sometimes...(seriously I'm probably resonsible for GeneralElectric [GE] being in the night-light business).

My dreams are usually very vivid, and very real. They always seem to last sooo long, but then i walk through them again and they're like 1 minute.

This dream wasn't scary - just strange...and lots of running. I drive home to Alberta to see my parents quite often, and along the way is this clearing. On the side of the highway with some trees, and such surrounding it. Well I had this dream, that I was running in that field - away from someone. There was a whole group of them i was running from, me and another girl (who i totally don't know).

We were running through this clearing, towards the woods, and when we got into the woods, its like we entered this snow covered crazy forest. There was no snow before... Anyway we hid out in this car for a while, until i decided to start running again. And when I got out of the car, it was actually MY car? So how did MY car get there? I dont I didnt want to leave my car, and i tried to start it...but it was winter in this darn dream, and the car wouldn't start. So i started running again. I have no idea what happend to the other girl.

When I came to another clearning, the snow went away, and its like i was running through this rainforest... the weird part of the dream, is there was this puddle in the middle of the trail i was on... I tried to walk around it, but i couldnt. I couldn't walk through it. I couldn't jump it. So I stepped into it, and sunk to the bottom - it became this weird pond thing! And suddenly i was swimming in it... It was SOOO strange. I could see like fish and frogs, and algae, and was sooo neat... and i could breathe under water.

When I went to get out of the pond, i woke up.

The breathing under water was pretty cool.

- Carrot


posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 03:35 AM
That is so surreal! Its amazing how we can come up with such wierd thoughts when we dream! I think mine is a result of years of television and a few adventures in my younger days!

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 06:07 PM
OK i had the wierd dream again or at least feel like de ja vu.......

Im back at my old turkish school and im leaving. My mum picks me and up and she is in this old rusty car. My brothers gives me a computer and i put it in the boot and it wont lock! So I tie the bonnet down with a cable tie and then we drive off to buy a TV and the theme from the wonder years starts........and i wake up to my alarm clock!


Vivid dreams, especially in the warmer months!

[edit on 24-9-2008 by q_ball]

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 11:58 AM
My latest is actually a tad bit violent...just a warning to anyone reading!

My brothers and I cut off all ties with our mother years ago due to her alcoholism and abusive nature. Realizing she had noone left here, she moved from Canada to Mexico about 7 years ago...I haven't thought or dreamt about her forever...but I did Monday night and it left me quite spooked...but at the same time a little psychotically joyful!

The dream....for some reason my oldest brother was living on a boat, and him and his wife had recently separated. My sister in law said it was because he was acting weird lately so I went down to the boat to talk to him. He finally admitted that our mother had come back from Mexico and he felt sorry for her and let her move in. (this would never happen in a million years in real life) The dream was so vivid and real though that I was just floored and kept begging him to get her out before she did anymore damage to him. I was sobbing uncontrollably begging him to get away from her and he was so just so emotionally torn that you could see it in his face. I was yelling and screaming and trying to make him understand the dangers when suddenly from behind him came my mother. She had a sneer on her face and kept saying over and over "i told you I could con anyone" while laughing her evil laugh. She was right up in my face and I finally had it. I tried to push her away from me and she bit me. I threw her to the ground intending to pull out her dentures...reached into her mouth and ripped out what I thought were dentures but turned out to be real teeth .....UGH They were all gross and bloody and I just stood there in shock staring down at them in my hand. I then began smiling and then laughing right out loud. I woke abruptly at this point and couldn't shake the chill I had....I even went downstairs to check the door locks thinking maybe this was some sort of premonition that she was back.

I am so far from being a violent gory person...and would never even during the worst of her tirades have ever thought to throw her to the floor much less to pull her dentures out in real life!!! The whole dream was so real, I can still feel all the emotions. It was just terrible that I was happy about ripping out her teeth!

Hopefully this wasn't a premonition of her return, or of some sort of hidden "dark side" I have...maybe I've just always wanted to be a dentist... LOL

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