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abduction and aliens

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by cmongo4

Intelligent is a big part of this abduction experience. The more intelligent you are, the more interesting stuff thier fairy tale would include. It is also important about the books, tv shows, and radio programs they have watched, read and heard. They will throw in a mix of those stories and will also put in the mix thier own details to try to make it unique, some won't even go that far...just copy a story right out and make it thier own. A believer in this once said, thier stories are so much alike there has to be something to this, I say they are alike because they have access to tv, computers, and libraries and can read about it and concoct thier own versions. It is all sleep paralysis, it starts out the same and ends the same, it also involves sleep walking and will sometimes include getting dressed. I have witnessed my six year old nephew sleep walk and get himself dressed, ( must include he put his shirt on inside out) when he awakend the next day he had no idea how he got dressed and told us of this strange dream he had. He said that people had come to take him to visit his grandmother and that he had to get dressed and ready for the trip, he said he was then flown out the window and into the waiting arms of his grandmother. kind of sound familiars..right..flown out the window..instead of's aliens. More to come, got to go somewhere. Oh yeah I included my nephew putting his shirt on inside out because of the people who use the fact that when they had awaken they had thier clothes out on backwards, inside out or just not right as proof of abduction.

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by Beamish

I would not begin to say with ANY certainty what an alien's purpose might be, I'm just throwing a theory out there based on what I've read.

Consider a dolphin. One group of people literally worship them, while another group of people, mainly Japanese, eat the poor sob's. What kind of signal would they glean from that?

And from the reports I've seen, there are way more than one species of aliens out there, each with their own potentially different agenda.

Their purpose could be intermixed between all the clap-trap you hear, or it could be something else altogether. Who says an alien can't lie?
Different factions could have very different purposes and/or reasons for misleading us, and yes, I would venture a guess that they would.
Even the ones who say they come to "save" us could be lying. We just aren't smart enough to know the truth. I suppose once we do ascertain their reasonings, it will be too late to act on that knowledge.

And all of this depends on whether or not you believe they even exist.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by riggs2099
reply to post by cmongo4

A believer in this once said, thier stories are so much alike there has to be something to this, I say they are alike because they have access to tv, computers, and libraries and can read about it and concoct thier own versions.
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Interesting supposition, but it doesn't take into account the many reports from antiquity of abduction experiences in the guise of angelic or demonic visits, reports of "little people" from all over the world, and the beliefs of primitive civilizations that we came from the stars and that that is where the "gods" live.
As for sleep paralysis, some accounts could be that, but what you describe from your nephew doesn't sound like sleep paralysis to me. I mean, how could he get dressed and move around if he was paralised?
None of us know the "real" answer to the question, and those that say they do, on either side of this fence, are most likely deluding themselves.

Those who believe they have been given the answers by aliens don't know for sure that what they experienced is 100% true, and whether what they were told by the aliens is actually true or a pack of lies intended to deceive.
Those who don't believe that ANY alien experience could be possible are closing their minds off to a multitude of possibilities in our infinite universe based solely on what they can comprehend in their own minds.
I believe there is more in this world of ours that we know so little about, more so than the other way around. Let alone what is out there in our galaxy.
We don't even know what is on the bottom of our own oceans,not to mention outer space!
I prefer to keep a very open mind, and whether or not there is an evil or benevolent bunch of entities out there vying for us remains to be seen for certain.
In the meantime, I am cautiously prepared mentally for any eventuality that might arise.
I am not so intelligent that I know all the answers.
Are you?

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by cmongo4

You may not be intelligent enough(nor am I) to know all the answers but you must be intelligent enough to put 2 and 2 together, by this I mean..all those stories sound alike and hardly any differ from the each other. The ones that do iffer always have another type of alien, the nordic version, who happens to be always a caucasion, why has there never been a black, red, or green alien. The greys are also the main theme in North America, where as in other countries you will get strange ones...such as brazil. Have the greys decided to only abduct americans and have left the other countries to other species? No...they are the main theme here because they are the ones that are shown in the media the most here...and are rarely depicted in other countries, Europes version have been mainly the nordic types..which are the ones mainly shown over there. So depending on where you live, your brain will concoct whatever the media fills your head with. The problem I really have with all these is the lack of proof, if thousands...who knows maybe millions...are experiencing this phenomenon, then why has not one single person shown any proof besides thier stories. Out of all those people, your telling me that not one has any sinlge shred of evidence to go with thier stories? The reason I brought up my nephew was not to show sleep paralysis, but to show that people walk and dress in thier sleep.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by riggs2099

"Those who don't believe that ANY alien experience could be possible are closing their minds off to a multitude of possibilities in our infinite universe based solely on what they can comprehend in their own minds."

We as a species, can only see a fraction of the light available. We hear only a small part of the sound spectrum, and of only these 2 senses, we are far behind other, less intelligent species right here on earth.
How can you unequivocally deny the existence of something because the evidence doesn't measure up to YOUR expectations of what evidence should be?
If you only believe in that which you can see, touch, smell or hear, does all the light we can't see not exist? Are the sounds we can't hear simply figments of imagination to those who say they can "measure" them? And why are the people who measure these things always telling the same story? Because they read it in a book or saw it on the internet? Don't they have the intelligence to make up something more original?
Saying something doesn't exist based solely on the premise that it doesn't add up for YOU is as inane as the people who say they do exist simply because they "feel" it's right.
Why aren't there black and blue aliens with pink spots? If there were reports of these type of beings, would that make the reports more or less credible to you?
As for physical evidence, if, and I said if, these beings are inter-dimensional, what kind of physical evidence would they leave? If they aren't anything but 3D, "flesh and blood" creatures with say, a couple of million years of experience ahead of us, could they not be smart enough not to leave any direct evidence behind, sort've a Star Trek, "Prime Directive" kind of scenario?

Like I said, my mind is open to any possibility. I cannot dismiss your theory out of hand, nor can I dismiss any believers theories, but if I were to choose, I would err on the side of the open mind and be willing to entertain the most outlandish idea rather than block myself off behind a wall of stiff necked, dogmatic disbelief in anything I can't measure with my five, feebly human senses.
Gotta go and tell my dog that the whistle I can't hear is a figment of his imagination. lol

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 11:52 PM

Originally posted by cmongo4
I would err on the side of the open mind and be willing to entertain the most outlandish idea rather than block myself off behind a wall of stiff necked, dogmatic disbelief in anything I can't measure with my five, feebly human senses.

It's one thing to have an open's another to believe blindly. Thats what believers of this phenomenon do...they believe proof needed, just as long as the person sounds genuine. That's not good enough for me...I need proof before I can say yeah..I believe...stories are not proof, if they were then how about believing those that tell us of seeing werewolves, hunt vampires....they all seem like they believe what they tell you. I have a open mind..I just don't see any evidence of these things happening besides the stories. I gave them a shot and in the all ends up to be one I take the word of someone I have never met or do I look at the evidence available. Since I chose the evidence part, there is not enough to support these tales, they just sound like new versions of old, succubus attacking people in thier bed. Since science has given a logical answer to the questions about abductions (sleep paralysis, vivid dreams, both combined or simply making it up) then why must people ignore this. Why is the extraordinary the only one they take take and refuse to look into other options. The saying goes the simpliest answer is always the right one. I choose not to believe blindly, and so have other intelligent people...we choose not to accept this on someones word and in nothing in life is taken this way ...why should this be any different. No one in thier right mind would take anothers word over common sense. Open mind does not equal losing common sense, it means giving something a fair chance and looking at every possible angle...and in the end making a logical decision. The logical answer to this is...nothing to it, but stories and people's vivid imaginations at hard work. You may blindly accept this is as truth...I chose to evaluate the evidence and then coming to a logical conclusion...sleep paralysis with a dose of vivid imagination. Without proof your only left with faith in people you have never met before and who give you no reason to take thier word for anything.

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 01:36 AM
this is a good paper on the phenomenon. I suggest people read it....don't just ignore these facts that are in the paper. They offer a different perspective and also give some helpful clues as to waht is really happening.
alien abduction + psychiatrics if you google that then you will get a paper about it. it is the first one on the list that google brings you. Don't ignore it because it goes against your firm beliefs...give it a might open your eyes. I have read almost every story when it comes to abductions because I looked into every theory there is to this. I did not come to my beliefs overnight.

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 02:56 PM

1) Dreams and/or sleep paralysis (hereafter referred to as SP) can't be seen by multiple individuals.

2) People who fall asleep while DRIVING don't usually wake up uninjured in an undamaged car with missing time, with or without strange "dreams."

3) SP/sleepwalking/dreams do not explain physical injuries and symptoms such as scratches, marks, burns, physiological illness, unexplained nosebleeds & other bleeding, foreign objects in the body (implants), etc.

4) Dreams and hallucinations don't generally show up in photographs or videos.

5) Dreams/SP/sleepwalking/hallucinations/etc. can not explain physical trace evidence, magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies, or phenomena such as plants not regrowing in the area or the unwillingness of animals to enter the area.

6) Few, if any, incidents of SP are reported to feel positive or "enlightening." Every SP account I personally have ever read was accompanied by fear and/or terror and was a very negative experience from which the only thing the person learned was that they didn't want to have that experience again.

7) Most people can not remember even their most terrifying or lucid dreams even a week after they happen. In fact, most people forget nearly all of their dreams within hours. Abductees/contactees often remember their experiences in detail years after the fact.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by Heike

You make an excellent case, and I applaud your effort my friend.

As far as intelligence being a key factor in recounting experiences described, the list runs the gamut from seriously intelligent people, scientists, police and clergy, to those two guys in Mississippi who went "fishin' and got taken away and examined". Strange how they all pretty much describe the same experiences, regardless of their I.Q.

I have a friend whose father is a rocket scientist. Yes, a real rocket scientist. One of the most intelligent people I have ever met. He told me once that all scientific evidence points to the possible existence of aliens and ufos, yet he refuses to believe in them because he is also a catholic, and the bible doesn't mention aliens specifically.
What's my point?
Dogmatic belief in something affects your ability to be open minded, no matter how intelligent you are.

I suppose if he were ever to be visited, he would account it to an angelic encounter.

A lot of people would even take physical evidence and say it was made up or fabricated, like those who believe we never went to the moon.
They just can't wrap their minds around things they can't easily explain, catergorize, or fit into their belief system.

Creationists deny the physical evidence of dinosaurs, pre-human ancestors and the like as tools of the devil, intent on deceiving mankind, rather than change their belief system to accomodate what they see with their own eyes.

There is a difference between intelligence and common sense, and I have experienced enough of life to know that the two have no common ground in the human mind.

Sherlock Holmes once said, and I paraphrase a bit, that when you eliminate all other possibilities, what's left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 07:00 AM

Originally posted by Badge01

My impression is that there are only two or three posters on the board now who would test over 130 I.Q.

I can count the number of posters who never post a grammatical or spelling error in their posts (a sure indication of I.Q. - attention to detail).

Again, my opinion but I'm not seeing evidence of all these claiming >131 I.Q. The content of the posts, lack of evidence of math and analytic skills, vocabulary, 99% of ATS posters are probably just average I.Q. Remember we only have between 9K and 10K active posters.

[edit on 23/9/2008 by Badge01]

Just being picky, you say an IQ over 130. And you write >131. That is over 131. It should be >130 or >=131.

just wanted to add that

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