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Car Horror Stories.

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 01:31 PM
So i have not seen a thread yet about car horror stories, So i figure ill share the epic of my car, The Van Killer.

Take a trip with me, back in time, When i was still about 16. in high school. Ahh yes, nothing like the awkward antisocial younger me.

I should have known that something bad was going to happen. I woke up late, and was pretty much running everywhere as fast as i could to get ready for school. Its winter out so the first thing i do is run outside to my car and start it while im getting ready to go. Well dumb me forgot that when you start my car, the doors lock. So, i had to run back inside and search the bowls of the coffee can for my spare key. I find it, run outside, unlock the door, run back inside. Grab what i need and take off down the road.

But wait, what befalls me. Im not even a minute down the road when i noticed my car is clunking. Note im already late so i hop out of my car and run back around my car, almost falling down on the ice everywhere. And i find my back left tire is flat. Not my day. I rush home, and pump it up full with my fathers Air compressor.

I finally get to school, Late i might add, but my first teacher is awesome and understood. But my luck was not to last. After school, me and two of my friends go to the parking lot, ready to get the out of there. when one of my friends stops me and talks. After words, i get in my car and throw it into drive... or so i thought. I had actually thrown it into reverse. And i back up into a car parked behind me, and i hear something break. I get out of the car freaking out. I check out everything and was freaking out. NO DAMAGE. none. nothing was wrong. I thought it was my lucky day.

I was wrong. I jump in my car. begin to drive. I take a right, then another right to go down the road out of the school. And coming from the other direction comes a van.

And just my luck, The Van's wheel falls off... it falls off. Rolls on by and, as you can imagine, I get hit. And hits my car head on. I'm between a big old van and a guard rail. My car is take the beating from hell. I smack my head. And right after the accident. there is a three second pause.. then me and my friends burst out laughing. Funniest most ironic experience of my life.

The damage was bad. I had to replace my bumper, side panel, hood, lights, 2 tires, ect ect. Before the crash, it was a beautiful 1 color tan mercury mystic. Now its got a green hood, with a red side panel, a new bumper, which i might add is now cracked because i drove into a cement pole...different story, 2 different headlights, and a silver color mirror. the rest is tan. The back did not escape. one of my back tail lights was broken completely. and near the back where the van grounded against the guard rail, you can now see the giant gouge in the sides. And i have not even gotten to the best part yet.

That day my car was almost totaled. And not even 3 days before the day, my father took full coverage off my insurance.

And so began the epic of My van killer.

Since then i had to change out the engine, all 4 tires, replaced a tail light, and also drove into a cement pole, and almost into a river. ill tell those stories later.

That my car horror story and its all true. Tell me yours.

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