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Multi-dimensional Beings CAN Exist and Time Travel in Theory.

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 01:20 PM
I posted this earlier on another thread, but it was quickly swallowed up because I happened to post it during an exchange between some members who were debating whether or not alien photos on the thread were real or not.
I will post it here, just to bounce this stuff off of other members more intelligent than myself (there are MANY) and see what you all think. If I have made any errors in my suppositions/geometry, please let me know, as these are the foundations on which I place a lot of my beliefs.

Visualize a pencil point moving a given distance in an unchanging direction as it traces a line. Move this line at right angles to itself and it blocks out a square or rectangle. Move this square at right angles to itself-up or down, that is- and it traces a cube.
Now, for a cube to move at right angles to all it's dimensions, a new region of space is needed- a 4th dimension. In such a higher space the cube would trace out a hypercube, or tesseract. A tessersect is a four dimensional figure bounded by 8 cubes, having 24 faces and 32 edges.

Hypothetically, since we are not in 4D space, some 4th dimensional being would find it as easy to understand a vehicle disappearing or the withdrawl of an orange without breaking the peel as it would be for us, as 3D beings, to see the possibility of taking up a pencil from the center of a drawn circle on a piece of paper and placing the point outside the circle, something that would "mystify" a being living in 2D space on the paper.

The moment our pencil leaves the paper, it enters 3D space. It literally "disappears" to someone living in 2D space, and would be considered "magic".

Correspondingly, a movement into 4D space from 3D space would appear as "magic" to us by the same principle.

This is why I believe interdimensional, extradimensional, or multi-dimensional beings can exist without any "physical" proof to our 3D minds. We simply can't comprehend what we don't (or can't ) see.

As hard as it would be to describe our world to a being living in a 2D world, so it would also be for a 4D being to describe their world to us.
This is what I believe, in a nutshell, and I hope it was in some way at least a plausible explanation for the POSSIBILITY of other dimensional beings.


Space-time travel for extra-terrestrials is based upon a similar principle, using what I would call a "shortcut" method we, as a race, do not have conscious knowledge of. ( At least, not officially.)

Another analogy, if I may:
Imagine there are 2 people living in 2 buildings that are back to back. Mr A. lives in the building that has it's entrance on 5th Ave. and Mr. B. lives in the building that faces 6th Ave. They both live on the 7th floor, and both of them have a living room wall at the back of their respective buildings.

This means that they phsically live only a few feet from each other.

However, if one wants to visit the other, they would have to leave their apartment, get in the elevator, go to the ground floor, go outside the building, walk a block, find the entrance to the other building, go inside, get on the elevator, go up to the other man's apartment, knock on the door, go inside and sit in his friend's living room, only a few feet from his own.

The way one neighbor would have to travel to see another is similar to how we view space travel- the actual physical crossing of enomous distances in 3D space.
But imagine if they could find a way to cross those few feet of space without damaging the walls or themselves, in a multidimensional vehicle perhaps, and the problem of time and distance are solved.
I wouldn't begin to know how this was possible, anymore than I would be able to tell you how 4D space functions, but perhaps a 4D being would have no trouble at all understanding this concept and practicing it.

These are my thoughts on the matter, and if anyone would care to share their opinion, for or against, I would like to hear them.
Thank You.

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 01:42 PM
It is actually called a "tesseract."

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 02:04 PM
I liked it and to me, at least, it made a lot of sense.

I'm just looking up a Tesseract on Wiki atm. Here's a picture

And it's pretty... LOL.

Edited to remove: Comment regarding correction of "Terrasect" by anon poster as they've removed the post.

I do believe the 4th Dimensional thing you mention is known as Tesseract though, not Terrasect.

Also to add... I honestly thought this was well thought out and nicely worded/written too. Lots of thought evidently went into this!

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 02:47 PM
so if i read correct

Originally posted by cmongo4
Visualize a pencil point moving a given distance in an unchanging direction as it traces a line.

this being 1D but since 1D 'does not exist' (second dimension being the thickness of the line) 2D

Move this line at right angles to itself and it blocks out a square or rectangle.

this is being 2D, with width and height

Move this square at right angles to itself-up or down, that is- and it traces a cube.

3D, added the length

Now, for a cube to move at right angles to all it's dimensions, a new region of space is needed- a 4th dimension. In such a higher space the cube would trace out a hypercube, or terrasect. A terrasect is a four dimensional figure bounded by 8 cubes, having 24 faces and 32 edges.

now if i understand this part correct, the cube is growing (or shrinking) with its edges still attached (if i look at the nice wireframe posted)
Wouldnt that be adjusting its own form within our 3D realm? its simply adjusting its own dimensions while attached to a 'copy' of itself. or is that the added 4th dimension modifying itself while its still its own copy.
(explaining how i feel about that would be like the quantum box)

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by A55A551N

And thank you for the typo fix, it is indeed a tesseract. I tried to fix it in edit, but it only let me fix one of them.
I've had a lot of time to think on these things, as old as I am, and I try to imagine any and all possibilities.
Thanks again!

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by Meganutter

In a 3D world, that is as close as I know how to explain 4D space. Of course it would have to be rendered in 3D in order for us to grasp the concept of it, just as a 2D person would have to represent height ( a non-existent dimension in his world) to his fellow 2D beings.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 02:10 PM
We all live together in one time the present.
Spirits and humans.
This multi space and time thing came about because of UFO saucer observations
trying to explain how fast they are.
In a twinkling of an eye the bright ship might go back and forth thinking it blinked.
The denial of the present is all in denial to the Tesla space ship because everyone
is afraid to offend the unknown.
People just do not know what Tesla invented.
Tesla said his ship went 300 miles per second.
I think it still does.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 02:22 AM
for me i currently believe that all dimensional creation exist in a in this area or universe but are not contained to this universe or world such as us i am still unsure as to whether a 1D are exist but do not deny it as for me i have had quite a bit of experience with spirits and would say that if a 4D creation existed it would be a in a spiritual for and with my beliefs in god that they can live here in our for if such permission is granted to them or if they take a risk to allow themselve to be know to other creations higher or lower then them because in my beliefs i have encountered a instance to with a 2D creation became a 3D creation to which it tried to kill me because of the type of thing that its was and belief that my attempts to probe into a world beyond our own has work especially since i have been able to be destructive to an inanimate object in our world through the use of the astral body and our spiritual body to which are connected in the spiritual sense or in other words "metaphysics" i have come into contact under some assumption with a different dimension to which i have not been entirely removed from my body in one instance but in another i was totally removed to a similar 3D zone to which was not our own through the use of astral projection as far as time travel is concerned i believe that is possible but not in the ways that movies have shown because of certain things that have happened in my life and have come to the conclusion that time travel of the physical body is not possible because having two identical bodys and spirits in the same minds set would cause some form of problem to which i have a few theorys as to what they would be but all the same time travel is not possibly in a physical sense or spiritual sense or in any sense really to which i am trying to get at is that nothing could go to the past except except your "present self" or in other words you would go to the past and would awaken yourself in a level basis of conciousness because of the action of actually time traveling to which you would change yourself but you would not change the "past/now present" and or future because they would go on the same paths as they would if you had not time traveled how is this possible because the action of goin in to the past would take an observation of the would around yourself and how they are connected and these things would be small and maybe insignificant to one person but could mean a bigger role than one would normally think. i have found such points to make a conclusion that time travel is possible but will not disclose in what way shape or for of how because of where you would go when you die physically and what area you would be trapped in until your spirit gets destroyed which has to happen to travel back in time in my thoery the only thing that i could think of that would be able to go back through time is you soul because of what in the sense that it is layered and/or frequency to which i have seen layers of it and some for of "portal" to which would keep such a person on a set path to go back to the future once again the main problem for some people to which they would reply then its not possible because that "portal" did not exist when that person was in their actually time and had not gone to the past this is true but there is an explanation to this and other problems that other will eventually think up and i have a significant tool to prove my theory which would be light and a prism but further research is needed on my part in specific areas to figure out a starting point and then an eventual end to which it could be possible to not have and end but would be significantly be different from out world because there would be something significantly different if a person were successful in creating an infinite loop for everlasting land continually life and time travel which i believe could also be possible but may be hard for someone to comprehend i have seen what i may be evidence to be able to perform this even but the fact is more research is needed on my part to create such and event and as well there would be something definitely different with such a zone or area because life or even concioussness could and most likely would be significantly enhanced but my conclusion in this exact point in time would be that it may be non-existent to and extent that one would need to be more self aware in some sense to actually have a conciousness i havent really thought about the conciousness or awareness part merely goin on a what my conclusion would be based on my experience with things that may be said to be "magic" and/or put on a "tall tale" shelf to be forgotten if any of this seems vague please forgive me im horrible at explaining but and better at showing a person by writing such thoughts down on paper to be better explained if any of you dont totally write this off as BS to which i would blame you for saying that about my theory to which it is a theory but to the other

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 02:38 AM
to the other parts which are really but may also seem unbelievable i could further explain if questions arise i am more of a that breaks things down and puts them back together to understand the logistics of things and as well expanding based upon similar such items and then better understanding their significance to which the "basics" of life are essential to understand and comprehend if a person would like to do such a thing as time travel as for other worldly contact you would have to go farther down the chain and perform the same action and then make an attempt to apply it to your equation or in other words the situation your in or the event your trying to perform not saying that time travel would need less understanding of the "basics" it would need more in fact sorry bout that but if there are questions that you may have if you like chewing on such a subject you can reply here but thing is i may forget about this reply after a while and not reply there for you can send any questions to if you would plz question my reply so that i may have others input to work out problems that i may not have thought of and alternatives to the problem i see to create such an event and one thing i believe i forgot to put in is that a person that has gone to the past would know that they have gone to the past eventually because of such a "portal" if they became aware of it or when they eventually recognize events that would have happened in their "past life/ past" as i said before im still tryin to figure out the problem but there seems to more problems that arise and to explain as time goes on and which im guessing would naturally occur when trying to reverse engineer something thank you for readin my reply if you were able to digest it all i hope i put it as simply as possible for such a complex subject.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 05:37 AM
It's as simple as this.

You are in a jail, the walls of which are made of the speed of light and an expanding universe.

You can run around your cell and bang your head off the walls as fast as you like, but you are still inside the cell and still bound by the speed of light.

I can't see any reason why you can't teleport yourself around the cell if you want, say be reducing your certainty in some way, but you are still in that cell at the end of the day.

You could work out how to break out your cell by manipulating dimensions which is prefectly valid, but you would still be limted by the speed of light and not because you now are limited by it, but because any movement faster than it would mean that all the interactions you and your "spacecraft" or whatever had in the past in order to get you to that point where you are exceeding the speed of light would start to break down because they would never have had existed.

Your body is made of of an assembly of atoms which is a maximum of 10 years old at any point in your life, so barrel out 10 light years in a couple of seconds and all interactions you had in the last 10 years are now null, so you're a paradox at best or if reality clamps down really hard you get "dispersed" for example, parts of you end up being back as part of the steak attached to a part of a cow that you had for dinner 8 years ago etc etc.

It's one thing being able to move freely around dimensions or 'porting yourself to the Moon or Mars or around the planet (sort of) instantaneously, but it's a completely different "saucer of aliens" thinking you can do that on a stellar scale with the same expectation or by using some warping or space bending dooda.

Lastly...I really hope I'm wrong.

Edit to clarify..yup I do know a light year is a measure of distance, but looking at the whole thing from a string perspective and in more than our 3 dimensions, you have to take time into account. Oh and regarding the "steak", that part probably ended up in someone else, but you can get the gist.
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